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Colorado District and State Conventions - April 12-14

Tomorrow, Colorado will begin selecting national delegates. On Thursday, the 7th congressional district will select three national delegates, followed by districts 1-6 which will each select 3 national delegates on Friday. On Saturday, the State Convention will select the remaining 12 national delegates.

Here are the straw poll results on the day of the caucus on February 7:

Rick Santorum: 40.31%
Mitt Romney: 34.85%
Newt Gingrich: 12.79%
Ron Paul: 11.75%

With Rick Santorum out of the race, our main competition in the caucus states is gone, but we still have to worry about the establishment railroading the proceedings like in North Dakota. I hope that our presence will be strong enough to not let that happen.

There will probably be a million threads on this subject, so let's make this the post where we keep track of all the results:


Delegates: 1 Santorum, 2 unpledged
Alternates: 1 Paul, 2 unpledged


Delegates: 1 Santorum, 2 unpledged
Alternates: 2 Romney, 1 unpledged


Delegates: 1 Romney, 2 unpledged
Alternates: 3 Romney


Delegates: 1 Santorum, 2 unpledged
Alternates: 1 Romney, 2 unpledged


Delegates: 2 Santorum, 1 Romney
Alternates: 2 Paul, 1 Romney


Delegates: 2 Romney, 1 Unpledged
Alternates: 3 Romney


Delegates: 1 Santorum, 1 Romney, 1 unpledged
Alternates: 1 Paul, 2 unpledged

Source: http://www.cologop.org/colorado-gop-announces-congressional-...

I'll make sure everything is as up-to-date as I can make it, and I'll be following the results on Twitter and of course, the Daily Paul.


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Even if the numbers, as they

Even if the numbers, as they add up right now (16 for Romney, 14 for Paul, and 6 Santorum) that equals out to 39% of the new vote for Paul , where as he got under 12% in the popular vote on Feb 7th. Since Gingrich didn't get any, this will help us solidify our status as the anti-Romney vote going into the future primaries.

it doesn't look good. I'm

it doesn't look good. I'm hearing that Romney took 8 of 12 at-large today and 6 of 12 alternates.

but this is so confusing

but this is so confusing anyway. Do the undeclared delegates stay that way until the RNC in Tampa? Or will they be able to come out and show who they support before that without risk to the Paul campaign?

Un-Pledged Delegates

have until a couple of weeks before the national convention to pledge, I believe. I was a delegate at the Colorado Assemblies and most (if not all) unpledged delegate are for Ron Paul. I think some are planning on pledging to RP within the next week or so.

Hopefully this clears up some of the confusion.

Colorado was a good win, folks.

We also put a great many good solid Constitutionalists on the ballot for folks to vote for in local and state wide elections.

Additionally, we scored some key positions within the state party leadership.

I could go on, but take heart my friends. Things are going well.

is there a twitter feed that

is there a twitter feed that will say how the voting went for the delegates today?

Will the undeclared delegates

Will the undeclared delegates actually come out and say who they're for after the at large ones are voted for or do they stay undeclared all the way to the RNC?


13 Mitt
06 Rick

Total delegates = 36.
36 - 13 - 6 = 17 left

It all depends on how many of those 17 go to Mitt.

If he gets 3+ of those 17 unpledged then he has a plurality.
If he gets 2, Ron needs all 15 left to TIE.
If he gets 1, Ron needs 15 out of the 16 left to WIN;
If he gets 0, Ron needs 14 out of 17 to WIN.

Pretty tough =[

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When running the numbers

be sure to remember that there are 3 other delegates to account for. They are the GOP state chairman, National Committeeman and National Committeewoman.

To have a plurality of delegates in Colorado we will need 19 delegates out of the 36 going the national convention in Tampa. I surely do hope we have some stealth delegates in the Santorum and Romney numbers plus all those uncommitted delegates.

Plurality is not equal to Majority

Yes, there are a total of 36 delegates, but we need a PLURALITY, not a MAJORITY.


Plurality, not majority

...if Romney has 13, and we grant him all 3 of the party hacks, then he has 16. That means we need 17. That is a plurality.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

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You're right

Romney has 13 committed. Santorum has 6 committed. All the rest are unbound. Considering the party hacks are probably Romney, we would need at least 17. We only have a possible 14. Now if Santy releases his delegates.....?

If Romney gets 16 then he has a plurality

16 romney + 6 santorum = 22
36 - 22 = 14 -> can't beat 16 =[


Here's an AP story that just ran...:

"After three days choosing delegates to the Republican National Convention, Colorado's GOP has chosen 13 Romney delegates and six Santorum delegates. The remaining 17 delegates are unpledged, meaning they are free to choose any Republican candidate for president.

Colorado's caucuses are nonbinding, and the actual delegates weren't assigned until the state Republican assemblies, which concluded Saturday."


That jives with what's been said here...

13 Romney, 6 Santy, 17 unpledged (3 party, 1 truly uncommitted, 13 Paul).

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

So, if I have this right...


Could it be that the 'Unpledged' delegates are Ron Paul delegates?
If so, would that not mean that Ron Paul in fact wins Colorado?
If they pledged Romney or Santorum, can those pledged delegates switch to anyone else?

10 Unpledged + Santorum's 6 Pledged = 16 for Ron Paul? (Yes, I can dream.)

Can the unpledged delegates still vote for whoever they'd like at the National Convention? Can the pledged votes change their minds at the State or National Conventions?


The Ron Paul delegates at the state convention that I just got back from were listed as "unpledged" on the ballot and printed slate. All the Romney people pledged themselves so if you see a delegate listed as "unpledged" it usually means they are a Ron Paul supporter. A few may be Santorum supporters who don't want to support Romney.

In CO if you are unpledged then you can vote for whoever you want at National.

Our delegates received a

Our delegates received a plurality. I went through the delegate list and enough of them were ours.


You're certain?

...I want to be sure before I start telling people Paul won CO.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."


Unpledged are mostly rp people

Speaking of Santorum supporters...

This is an excellent piece written by a former Santorum supporter. We may not want all of the same things, but there is definitely common ground there. We all just want our country back.


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Ok so if we got 4 of 12 at

Ok so if we got 4 of 12 at the state convention the colorado delegate results would probally be:

Ron Paul 13

Romney 13

Santorum 6

Uncommited 1

So after the uncommited and the Santorum delegates Ron Paul will likely win the state of Colorado!

I'm thinking at least

4 of those Santorum delegates will vote for whoever the party tells them to vote for.

Can anyone confirm if the 4 unpledged are Paul delegates?

It seems the party gave Romney the 8 delegates in order to give HIM a plurality, while at the same time shutting up the "Paul people" by awarding 4 unpledged delegates, who are probably Romney delegates as well.

Never assume the GOP is playing fair.

Ron Paul actually has a

Ron Paul actually has a couple more delegates than that, so he will have a plurality. Still a win though and great considering a 4th place straw poll vote.


Good thanks for the info

Good thanks for the info

Reports say Romney got 8 and

Reports say Romney got 8 and 4 are unpledged (probably Paul). Can anyone confirm this?


4 out of 12 is still good (if

4 out of 12 is still good (if confirmed)... and anyway we did pretty well in the congressional districts


Are they releasing the vote tallies? We should know the number of our state delegates, right?


what I've heard, yes, that's correct, but we also got 6 alternates.

So would it be safe to say

So would it be safe to say that we got 4 delegates & 6 alternates.