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Ron Paul should issue a debate Challenge at his next event

The challenge could be made at his next mega event and the video tape of him issuing the challenge sent to the media and to romneys campaign

This would grab attention and maybe the media and romney would show up for the debate
it may seem that Romney would have nothing to gain showing up for a Ron Paul sponsored debate but at least he would have the pleasure of speaking in front of a crowd for a change!

Also re the campaign
I think their video ads have been good to date but have focused on the deficiencies of his competitors
By now any semi conscious republicsn is aware of the defects of the remaining candidates -mitt romeny and newt Gingrich

The campaign should do one that focuses on the defects of Obama -except they probably don't have the budget for a three hour film!

Then they should start highlighting selective liberty issues and have Ron Paul issue challenges
-my plan cuts $1 trillion- how much mr president will you cut?
-I will bring the troops home-when mr president will you.
-I will work towards the elimiation of the IRS and foreign aid

And so on
This might gain media attention-Ron Paul still in the race and issuing challenges
ESP if he issues them to Romney and Obama

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make some news now, else the media will consider the race done and over with.
Challenge to a debate !!
get out a new ad showing Romney is Obama and wont change anything,
showing Romney cannot win, because he cant get the independents, only Dr.Paul can !
show the crowds from recent rallies !!

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

Ron needs to call out mittens

And challenge him

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Challenge mittens on the fed

On Ndaa
On spending
On Afghanistan

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Perhaps the G.O.P. could break...

...another one of their own rules & invite Obama to join in the debate!!!!


The message of liberty wouldmsound great in contrast to the message of flip flopping

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He could also

Use the Youtube of the video tape challenge to highlight that he made the challenge in front of 10000 people and 0 journalists!

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A one on one debate with mittens

Would tilt things in rons favor

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Time to go on the offensive

And issue debate challenges
In his public forum crowds

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Bring the debate to Romney

Perhaps if Romney refused to come to a debate, Ron Paul could bring the debate to Romney. He could just show up at one of Romney's "rallies" and start debating him. It would be such a unique tactic it would at least garner some attention. The campaign could release an email urging supporters to attend. Surely security wouldn't dare try to remove Ron... Especially if he is being cordial. If Romney cancels the event, it would show his cowardice. If handled correctly, it could be a real game changer.

The only problem with that is

No one would hear it as no one would be there and the media would cut the video of Ron Paul even being there :-(

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Just a bump so you don't have

Just a bump so you don't have to. I think that's a great idea!

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