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RJ Harris Running for Congress Again

Those of you who remember and supported RJ Harris from the 2010 campaign will be happy to know that he's running again this time around. He just announced his intentions today.

I was honored to serve as his campaign manager in 2010 and I currently run his web management through my web business. I've been pushing him to run for this Congressional seat again ever since he decided to take on the Libertarian Party race. Now, he's on board! We really need more Ron Paul Congressman and RJ's platform is identical. Please spread this message around.

Official Announcement

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Best Wishes to RJ Harris

I supported RJ in his Libertarian Party Presidential nomination campaign. I wish him the best as runs for Congress again in Oklahoma.

I won't support him again.

I met R.J. a little over 3 yrs ago when he announced his run for congress. I liked him. But when he decided to try to run 3rd party against Ron Paul I lost all respect for him. I do wish him luck.

Formerly rprevolutionist

Thank you

I will help get the word out.

Will help with Money Bomb etc.


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As always, thank you Legalize

As always, thank you Legalize Liberty!

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