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Need help converting older voter

I've been challenged by my ex-step-father to provide some reference information on Ron Paul. He doesn't dismiss him as a nut any more, and I've almost swung him over. His challenge is as follows:

"Could you direct me to some site that has researched the +/- of his stand on the broad range of issues and how, if he were elected, he would be able to form the coalition of support in congress needed to implement any of his proposals?"

I sent the below response, but I want to A) get some confirmation about these points, and B) direct him to reference information that has independently researched RP policies (ie not Dailypaul or other Ron Paul supporter sites). Anyone have suggestions?

My response:

Well, there is quite a bit of debate about how effective he would be at getting congress to cooperate. I won't doubt that a Paul admin would be met with a lot of resistance on that front in regards to a lot of the current issues that congress bickers about. I think he sees that as a good thing. He has echoed our founders in that the default action of government when in disagreement should be inaction, rather than the steamroll of legislation that has passed with little resistance in recent years.

With regards to his policies that require Congressional action, I think he would probably try to rally Republicans for things they already support like repealing Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, and Sarbanes-Oxley.

I'm not 100% on these next ones, but I believe that many of his policies do not necessarily look to Congress for solutions. If he can't get Congress on board to completely get rid of the Depts of Education, Energy, Interior, HUD, and Commerce, then he would likely appoint people to them who would strip them of their regulations, employees, funding and/or effectiveness. He would also not need congressional approval to bring troops home and close military bases overseas, and would likely get a lot of public support for putting more military resources towards defending our borders and ending foreign aid.

I think I've heard him say that just about the only thing he would use Executive Orders for would be to repeal previous executive orders that were unconstitutional. I also think his cabinet appointments would help to implement his policies in DOJ and the Treasury, among other places. There's also something to be said for the power of a bully pulpit. I think he would use it to educate Americans about what our founders feared if the government was given too much power.

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for broad coverage of his positions,

Jon's website http://libertydefined.org/ is helpful. It covers Paul's book of the same title.