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Jim Grant Eviscerates the Fed in his speech... at the NY Fed!

Yes, it's a month old and I'm not sure if it may have already been posted here, but this an absolute MUST READ. From the one and only Jim Grant who has been kind enough to publish for free his speech at the NY Fed last month, he proceeds to absolutely demolish current Fed policy with a kind shout out to Ron Paul at the end.

Even if there was nothing else on Paul's platform that I could endorse, he would get my vote solely on his appointment of Grant as Fed Chairman. I only wish I could have been down there at the NY Fed to see the looks on the audience's faces as the institution that pays their salaries gets a thorough smackdown of epic proportions. Read and enjoy.


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The men who crafted...

the Federal Reserve on Jekyll Island did not have high minded ideals for this country.

Minnesota Mary