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New Daily Paul Banner Sucks

At least compared to the previous one. It's too small, it's not centered, the text separate from the banner and with different justifications has a cluttered look, and it's not as bold and professional looking as the previous one.

It's not an improvement and it diminishes the established DP branding.

Original brand featured on NBC: http://i.imgur.com/6f0TQ.jpg
New: http://i.imgur.com/mkM0U.jpg

Could ads not be placed above the original banner?

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Even though I'm not a huge

Even though I'm not a huge fan of the banner, as a web developer reading this topic I'm obliged to downvote and say, "fuck you".

I won't go so far as to say

I won't go so far as to say it "sucks", but I don't really prefer it. Not a fan of the dated font, nor of the animation. Are you accepting submissions?

Do you understand why it was

Do you understand why it was changed? To avoid possible legal complications after Ron's people went after RonPaul.com.

And another try


That's nice and clean, but

That's nice and clean, but you must avoid explicitly advertising the name "Paul".

Nice. I like the incorporation of 'truth'

I think we should run with something like that.

Got to be honest; I am not a fan of the new flashing banner.

It needs to stretch across

It needs to stretch across the entirety of the page and be in a more newspapery font. I liked the original best back in the day

Here's the image link.


I can't figure out how to place an image;)


Clean & Simple

Here's my take. I tried to stay as close to the original banner as I could while just cleaning it up and simplifying it.

I did like how the P AU L was used to link "Peace Gold and Love" but I feel that gold is just a representation of the idea of value. So, I first used the word "Value", then "Prosperity", then thought about the essence of the site, which is knowledge and truth seeking. So, I settled on "Truth". Peace. Love. Truth.

I also see how the old original banner took up the whole width of the site. Now, 80% is advertising, so the DP banner is much shorter. A simple tweak to site design could bring back the wide banner, and have room for advertising. I might just take a stab at that, and post later.

This image is Royalty-Free;) so feel free to use it.


Needs "tweeking". Can you slow it down... a lot.

The constant flashing makes me feel like I'm in a cheap motel room with a neon sign flashing non-stop in my face.

A much slower pace that isn't constant, would be better. In fact, random flashing could be fun. Just think of the tools who lurk here trying to figure out the "coded message" they would think is being sent.

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Being a graphic designer

Being a graphic designer seeing that logo makes me get a headache. I could do a better one on a bad day.

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Finally got around to making a new one

I wonder if people will like this one better.


He's the man.
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To be honest

it reminds me of a 70's type poster, similar to this image: http://image.shutterstock.com/display_pic_with_logo/95135/11...

To me the flashing is distracting/irritating. Just my opinion.

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.


What are we, 5 year olds? We need flashing, changing words to get our attention?

This is just dorky.

No ...

... the rotation does not look good.

More importantly, the rotation dilutes your brand.

If it were me, I would follow the adage: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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The 'LOVE' is a little off center

But otherwise, it is pretty good. The black drop shadow really makes the words pop. And I like the choice of font, Cooper Black. It is rounder and fatter, which makes it look a little friendlier. Created in 1921 - I bet you didn't know it was that old, did you?

-- No, I didn't. I used to think it was a fairly modern creation, dating back to when I first saw it, in the late 90's. I thought it was a creation of the dot.com era. Then someone told me it was invented in the Great Depression, and that sounded about right. But I didn't know it was from 1921 until I read that Wikipedia entry. It is a nice font.

Good job, Nystrom.

He's the man.
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Good Job Nystrom

Keep up the good work.

It does look friendlier and softer around the edges.

You must be rich with all the love in your heart that turns into gold.


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LOVE usually IS a little "off center."

Yeah, good job Nystrom - the man with a heart of gold...


When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir


..would like to vote on posts again, thanks!

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New banner- no voting

I lost my left margin to vote on posts- any clue how to get it back?

With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.

It's on the right side of the post for me...


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yeah revert vote

bg/colors looks like it would be for religious website about the apocalypse coming soon

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Is anyone

having problems with the active topics showing up at the very bottom right of the page? I don't mind the "ads" but having to scroll all the way to the bottom to view active topics is a bit awkward. I probably have my settings incorrect.

Trying to get to the classic view. Any help would be appreciated.

(using Google chrome)


I always liked the quote on the original banner, "Dedicated to restoring..." I think it helped keep things in perspective, reminding us all that Dr. Paul isn't the end but the means to an end. I'm not a big fan of all of the cheer-leading going on here anymore. Honest criticism is often met with insults and calls to "shut up and donate." We used to have great debates here where everyone learned something. Now, I get insulted by people to whom I would first have to explain... Eh, I'm going back to work.

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

Yeah - the squelching of debate started about 3 months ago...

Folks that would post references to negative articles, for the purpose of rallying the troops, would get beat up. I don't think that helped. We used to flood a negative article with rebuttals in force. No more. People are afraid to post such things anymore. Someone started an attitude that 'we won't read such articles anymore.' - Like, if we don't read it, it doesn't exist.

And now you have to really think before posting any idea that might be dumb... you'll be ridiculed and called a troll. The first thing some guys do is check your profile - how long have they been here? "Not long? Must be a troll!" I've seen a lot of new people make 'bad' posts get beat up as a troll and such... I wonder if they are still around?

I've posted much less in the past few months for these reasons.

I much preferred the red, white and blue primary color scheme.

And the full page-wide aspect ratio.

But I think the way they broke down the name "PAUL" to Peace Gold and Liberty is VERY cool!

My 2/100ths of an FRN. :)

The new banner sucks. It

The new banner sucks. It looks like some divine, spiritual crap. No offense Michael, but you do have an image to protect and changing your header changes that. I have long had issues with this site. Not the content, but the lack of support for Ron Paul. Hear me out. We have money bombs yet no big sticky, we have phone from home, which is one of the best ways we could help Dr. Paul gain support and all you provide is a little tiny link to the right. I appreciate your time effort and cost, but it just doesn't look good when your ads are bigger than any link that would ACTUALLY HELP RON PAUL.

Oh and I will keep my ad blocker and NO SCRIPT ON. I see no use in giving advertisers or google more information about me or my surfing habits, thank you very much!

Yikes I just noticed this after I saw this post

I guess I scroll down really fast :) Anyway I would like to see a cross over of both these logos if anything...
Also I'm looking for somebody to create something for my new page that I already posted here the other day.

I wanted to have a funny/informational webpage, but that's before I knew Tom Woods was going to have something to kick ass. I'll be linking to him, as well as others for sure! Anyway if you have art talent skills, please help a brother out! I'm already neck deep in figuring out how to get the site up with coding it. (much less having time to write decent articles right now)