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DFW: Only CBS affiliate reports on Ron Paul's visit

I applaud Channel 11 KTVT-CBS for at least reporting the story. WFAA-ABC Channel 8 and KXAS-NBC Channel 5 only carried the AP story. I could find nothing on KDFW Fox 4.


This reporter is still an MSM parrot with assertions like "Even though he won’t win the nomination..."

decent article from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

and even coverage from the Dallas Morning News
Note subscription required

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NBC's worst nightmare: Ron Paul beating Obama by 2!!

Real polls show Paul ahead of Obama by 2!!

Fox News tries to report truth

Obama down by 2 already against Ron Paul

They reported Ron Paul's Texas A&M visit all the way in Austin

And Austin is 110 miles from College Station.
Dallas is so different from the rest of the state. It's like it's own state. If they knew he met with evangelical leaders afterwards, they would have reported it. Tons of churches up there. In the Hurst and Colleyville area, you see a church on almost every street corner.


That is me and the wife. 1st people they show. I had a blast today!