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Proof! Gov't Agencies/Officials/Police are PRIVATE entities!

All you folks slamming on that thread that got shut down about whether or not the police have the lawful authority to pull you over; harass you; write you a ticket; take you to jail, etc.

Did you already forget this thread?


You might want to read this again:


This issue is NOT whether they can pull you over; write you a ticket; take you to jail, etc. The ISSUE is by what authority are they performing these acts?

The police are PRIVATE CONTRACTORS with NO authority to pull you over; write you a ticket; take you to jail; harass you, etc. They are not government officials; they are private entities; you can't sue them as gov't officials, they are NOT government officials; you can't hold them accountable through government/constitution; they are not who you've always thought they were.

They are private entities, they do not answer to the people, get it?

North Carolina Judge Ridgeway rules that: Government Agencies and Officials are Private Entities.

Now they can be sued in their private capacity without protection from the state government, get it?

Just like you can sue and IRS agent in their private personal capacity, you can sue a police officer in their private personal capacity.

So if they're private entities (like security guards at Wal-Mart), what authority do they have to pull you over and write you a ticket or take you to jail?

Also, how did your tail light being out, or not using your seat belt harm them in anyway shape or form?

How did they personally suffer any damage from your tail light being out? The state can't claim you harmed them, because the STATE is a fictitious entity, that cannot suffer harm from your actions; it's a corporation that can't do business with a living person, only other corporations.

Who's going to show up for court when you say I want to meet my accuser? Is it going to be the state capitol? Is it going to be 100,000 state employees? Is it going to be the state bird, flower?

I mean the witness stand only has room for one person, am I missing something here?

Who is the STATE? The state can't fog a mirror; the state can't take the witness stand; the STATE can't suffer from anything you do, unless you burn the whole damn state down with a cigarette lighter, then I guess it's possible all the people of the state could bring a suit against you ... LOL

So if the STATE can't bring charges against you, then who does that leave? I guess the police officer, right? Well, if he's bringing charges against you, where is his authority to do so? How did your action of having a tail light out cause him PERSONAL harm?

I guess he could complain that it made him mad, but is that really personal harm? There cannot be a charge unless there is an INJURED PARTY, and you didn't injure him, get it?

You also didn't injure the STATE with your tail light, did you? I mean if I'm wrong, someone correct me, please.

Could this be the reason the STATE is hiring out sub contractors (police officers) to pull you over and do their dirty work? Because the STATE can't be an injured party, so they've got to have someone like a living breathing human being to take the fall?

If I bring charges against you, don't you have the right to file a counter claim against me? Don't you have the right to face your accuser?

Now besides the above made points, again I'll ask:

What gives them that authority? Is it in the Constitution? The only law enforcement officer I've seen in there is the County Sheriff, you?

Can a Wal-Mart security guard who's NOT a government official pull you over and take you to jail?

Think this ruling is joke? You damn well better read it again!

Rod forced the court into a corner, they had to finally admit it, there was no way out for them. As a matter of fact, the first judge that ruled in favor of the state ended up recusing himself from the case.

Do yourself a favor (and everyone else who may eventually read this thread) and go back and study the case.

It's an Administrative Court Ruling, case closed!

Now that you understand the LAW, don't fight with a police officer; don't be rude; don't get involved in a conflict, just sign the ticket and drive away.

Then if you feel so inclined, start drawing up your criminal case. If he took you to jail, you can file criminal kid napping charges against him in his private-personal capacity.

I heard Rod Class say that himself "live on the air", and he's the one who brought this decision forth, by the court, who had no where else to go, but rule in his favor.

You can't do that to a county Sheriff though; he's elected by the people; he has the legal constitutional authority, the sub contractors do not from what I understand.

Always be nice; do what the officer says; mind your manners; sign the ticket, and smile all the way down the road thinking up all the civil rights violations he just committed against you.

And now they can't hide behind the STATE, they've admitted he's a private contractor, and immune from state/government liabilities.

If he's a private entity/contractor that's immune from liability of/for, or by the state, what does that tell you?

I have a lot of friends who are LEO and I'm trying to warn them about this decision so they don't get themselves in a real bind by stepping on someone's rights out there.

I'm not giving people legal advise; I'm just posting what's already been decided in an Administrative Court. Do with the information what you please.

Don't be rude to these people; they don't know; they are just doing what their told. The only difference now is: "Doing what I'm told" or "Following Orders" might end up costing them out of their personal bank account.

If the information about this case I'm passing along is wrong, or has been struck down by another court and I haven't heard about it, please post it here and correct me.

I do not want anyone getting in trouble, I just want the truth either way.

I listen to Rod's shows a lot, and I've not heard him say any decision has been reversed by anyone to date.

Keep the thread respectful. No one is picking on law enforcement, but an Administrative Court Decision DOES hold some weight "Nationwide" from my understanding.

Correct if I'm wrong, I'm all ears here. Don't kill the messenger, It's not my court case.

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The Law is the Law, and if WE THE PEOPLE don't

hold these out of control foreign agencies accountable and make them follow the law, then who's fault is it if they run us into the ground?

I'm all for the law; the law is great; but if we're going to have laws to follow; shouldn't we all have to abide by the same laws?

I mean we're not grading or following the law on a sliding scale now are we?

You folks are to read this http://www.teamlaw.net

If they are using bullshit statutes/codes/regulations and tricking us into believing they are law, who's fault is that?

Then you folks who want to REALLY know what's happening in this country are to take the time to read this:

http://teamlaw.net/warn.htm it's teamlaws newsletter. You can find it on the left side bar of their site.

We are being taken over by foreign corporations. They are now trying to do away with the County Sheriff, so YOU don't have any legal/lawful law enforcement officer to protect you from THEM.

That's the last hope folks; the County Sheriff, get behind yours!