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Jon Stewart tonite

...no mention of RP. Towed the line like he is supposed to.

Obama and Romney match up in full swing on the Daily Show.

Just wanted to let the Stewart fans know.

P.s. Jon did have time to spend a segment on masturbation though.

Typical Stewart.

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Why anyone cares

what these sycophants think or have to say about anyone is beyond me. Good lord people, they're irrelevant in the grand scheme of things; wouldn't you agree?

If you're waiting for them to validate your beliefs, your're going to be disappointed as they will eventually do what they do best and that is serve up reasons for why we should hate each other by pointing out our differences and keep us from uniting.

Don't allow yourself to be a victim of their predictive, divisive agenda.
Keep your focus on the real enemy: the state.

"The problem is not those in power, the problem is right between your ears." ~Larken Rose


Oh, and when other candidates on the right want to DO something

about institutionalized racial disparities, like the harmful effect of drug laws (i.e. crack v. cocaine distinctions), the harmful effects of monopoly public school systems in minority-majority neighborhoods that benefit teachers' unions and fail their children, then maybe their concern will look genuine, and not smack of political correct grandstanding!

That connects to another great point Dr. Paul made in Fort Worth: The more the government is involved in economic matters, the more it will regulate your lifestyle, and the more dangerous its decisions can be. RevolutionPAC has an ad about how a clinic appeared to be apathetic toward a white woman's pregnancy complications when her black spouse brought her in to Freeport, Texas. In came Dr. Paul to uphold the Hippocratic Oath as steady as he upholds his Constitutional Oath.

I expressed my dissatisfaction on

his facebook page segment with Santorum & no mention of Ron Paul - Jon - c ome on - ...comedian or no...respect the 13th floor of this political nightmare we are trying to get out of...

Working to free the hemp seed - Thanks to Congressman Paul's efforts HR 1831. Peace

I've Watched Jon Stewart for Years

I stopped after the last interview with the Judge. He asked Stewart what he thought of Ron Paul running and he just mumbled something like, "I couldn't support him after those newsletters came out." Well I can't support you after you write-off a candidate for something he didn't even write more than 20 years ago.

Publisher =/= Editor

To me, that's the clearest defense there is. An editor is responsible for quality control. Dr. Paul was not the editor.

Plus, Ben Swann already identified who the likely writer is, and it's not Dr. Paul.

Finally, some of what people are claiming is racist isn't. I'm not saying nothing bad got slipped through editorial rigor, but when they say that the comment about dependency finally calming the LA Riots is racist, that's their inference. The quote doesn't say anything about one race being more susceptible to the Leviathan's lull into the complacent sleep of dependency. Neighbors have ethnic concentrations, and that particular neighborhood had a lot of poor African Americans. Have the readers not found what heavy neighborhood blight does, and do they not realize that in a poor, heavily dependent white neighborhood, you'd similarly see checks bringing people into compliance quite swiftly?

That's just people not wanting to discuss touchy subjects. I was watching a documentary off BBC about the '80s Tory rise, and it described how Keith Joseph's career hit a wall when he said women having out-of-wedlock births into poverty threatened Britain's "human stock". They said it "smacked of eugenics". He didn't mean because they're an inferior breed, though, he meant the social conditions - bad neighborhoods with concentrations of children whose parents can't afford them, spend time with them, or show them examples of work - is what is a threat to the British society. Britain was relatively more homogeneous, though, so clearly he wasn't being racist.

I see what you're saying but at the same time see things from

his perspective. He's a comedian. That whole bit was about how Romney sucks and Newt is crazy. He couldn't really break character and interject with "But seriously folks, Ron Paul is still in it and he's the only rational choice." ... well I guess he could but he'd get fired.

So yeah, I'd like Jon to give Ron some props or at least throw that in at the end... at the same time I recognize that he's not tearing him down like newt and mittens and respect him for that. Hopefully he'll do a bit in the next few days that focuses on Ron... you know, take his own advice and not treat Ron like the 13th floor in a hotel.

You hit the nail on the head. He is a comedian above all else.

If he's doing a bit on how ridiculous the Republicans are when it comes to Iran, it would diminish the humor element if he brought up Ron Paul. Is that sleezy and dishonest? Absolutely. He's a paid entertainer, like lady gaga or a circus clown. He isn't some paragon of political wisdom and honesty, he's a trained actor telling jokes for money.

He's every bit as guilty as Fox when it comes to deliberately distorting the truth to push an agenda. He's a hypocrite and coward. The sad part is, millions of Americans watch him every night and believe every word he says. I know many people who get their news from him and nowhere else. He isn't just a performer to most people. They think he is a journalist or someone of integrity, which is a very dangerous thing.

Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito

Bad time

Bad timing for pushing the Legal Crime Agenda, as many people have yet to receive what they are supposed to think about Santorum pulling out.

What am I supposed to think now boss?

Hold on.

I'm a ship lost at sea with no rudder, please tell me what I need to think, come on boss.

OK, here is the deal, Santorum hates the evil Romney, of course, that is how his story was during the debates, but, everyone has to get on board now, you know, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, all is forgotten, the past never existed, don't dwell on spilled milk, all steam ahead, all in with the one, the only, the single, Obama.

Ahh, boss, we are republicans, remember.

Oh yea, hold on.

No rudder, lost, haven't got a clue, give me something, hurry, this is uncomfortable.

Hold on.

It's getting dark, scary, I need a fix, come on.

Here it is, ahhh, hold on.

Give me something, anything.

Here, here, the one, the only, the single, the real deal, the new deal, its, its...

New Deal, we are Republicans, Republicans, no New Deal, Republicans...

Yea, yea, got it, the one, the only, the single, the true, the Romney who cares about you!

Forget it, I think Nancy Grace is on, I'll check back later.

OK, hold that thought.

What thought?

Never mind.

Can't be filling up the vacuum with competitive and inventive ideas you know.


Jon has been more than fair

Jon has been more than fair towards Dr.Paul, I'd cut him a break.

Paid actor just like the

Paid actor just like the other 99.9% of people that you see on TV.

Stewart like Beck. How you might ask?

6 months prior to, and 6 months after presidential elections, or so history has shown, both Stewart and Beck suddenly read from the same script. All of the 'in between' years they give credence to objectivity in journalism and respect opposing, alternative points of view. There must be some algorithm they follow that maps our behavior and traffic patterns on the television and internet in 'off' years and 'on' years. Is it conspiracy? Uh, maybe. Is it just another group of celebrity commentators that play the tune that people pay attention to? Higher ratings are higher ratings after all. I'm sure there would be some nuance to the equation. But the equation could be- at this point- likely....

i agree

it wouldnt be conspiratorial to say that the media is up its own anus in corruption

Give the man a break

he's a comedian. He attacked Bill O'Reilly for Fox's ignoring of Ron. It's supposed to be THEIR job to offer the public "fair and balanced" information about all the candidates, Stewart just tries to make people laugh. Of course he does show news, but he has no journalistic responsibility, only a comedian's responsibility to make people laugh.

Does he have a moral

Does he have a moral responsibility of being brave when truth is scarce?

I know that he does not talk

I know that he does not talk about RP like he used to, but we have no idea what is going on behind the scenes. He may not be allowed to talk about or voice support for Dr. Paul. Even Mr. Stewart has a boss that must answer to. He has given more to this campaign than any other person on nationwide television.

Larry in North Carolina
The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to not support Ron Paul!

John Stewart

....you don't know what he is up to behind his public facade.Give the guy a chance.

John has crossed to the other side...

I just watched it. They mentioned Obama, Romney, and Gingrich; but no Ron Paul... Sad..

Hes a funny guy

But, obviously he is controlled by something. I dont want to say he is a big democratic socialist but thats what he is. Three times Rand and Ron have demolished him in arguments, but he keeps on with the Zionist agenda.

His take on Ron Paul's campaign thus far, "I like Ron Paul, but i didnt like the way he handled the Newsletters(calling him racist, typical sneaky zion)" Also, he did stick up for us in New Hampshire, but that was in January.

Someone must have told him to shut up or else he is just a socialist/zion. I dont want to call him a zion, but why would you bring up the newsletters. Ron Paul is clearly not a racist, He is way too nice of a guy to be a racist. Its just stupid.

Edit: Also he said that he believed him when he said he read an Economics Textbook at night. If somebody reads an economics textbook at night for fun, they deserve to be president(i dont do that--the best i do is End The Fed)

Judge,Drudge, now Jon: Who will be next?

Just when you think some of these guys are starting to like and understand Ron Paul someone pulls the plug. I have not seen the Doctor on any of the Sunday morning shows lately. I doubt if he will get even this little bit of exposure again now that Santorum is out and Paul's gaining ground. The last one I saw was on Cavuto but that may change. I have not seen anything lately from the other three like we used to such as with Maddow, Lou Dobbs, Wolfe Blitzer,etc. I wonder if Jay Leno would be allowed to have him on again?


They all really respect RP

but they also want to keep their jobs. Judge has more leeway since his show was about freedom for gods sake. Drudge idk, they just like to stir the pot. and somebody told stewart that making fun of the media is one thing, but totally calling out all of our blatant disregard for Ron Paul is another

Oh Jon