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Why Is the Left Slice of the Democrats Getting Crushed?

This may be a bit long winded for many, but it worth scrolling down for the comments. One even says he is voting Romney because he will destroy the economy the fastest!

"At this point, even Moveon members won’t vote for self-proclaimed progressive candidates. And labor and DC liberals can’t deliver votes, but money can. Those are the lessons that insiders are drawing from two important but little noted Congressional primaries that happened late last month, one in Illinois and one in Maryland.

Politics is a game of proxy fights. In contested political conventions, for instance, the question of the party platform is often used to test political strength, so various factions know their strength when it comes to a later contest on party nominations. Party primaries are not political conventions, but the stakes are high. They are about which faction in the party is going to take the governing reigns. They are usually low-turnout affairs where only the party faithful shows up. They are hard to poll, because the voting universe is unpredictable, but in many ways, primaries are far more important elections than general elections. A primary can also be a proxy fight, something that other politicians watch to see if they have to watch their left or right flank when making policy."


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Makes my Head hurt absolutely, just to study this crap.....

See, here's the problem in what they're saying....

'that will do something like: a) repeal Citizens United b) ban Super PACs and in general cap political donations at a reasonable level c) bar federal officials from lobbying for 10 years after leaving office d) replace one-party gerrymandering with a neutral way to apportion districts e) the hardest part, but in the end the most significant – some form of public or hybrid public-private financing that will level the playing field for candidates enough so that they don’t need financial backing from one of the major parties in order top have a decent chance.'

Folks need to wake up and get their heads out of the sand. Their encouragement of Obama makes things even worse.

Folks, there isn't any policy reform.
The Democratic Party is corrupt from the top down, & can never be reformed!

It has always been a liberal, deceitful & lying madhouse on taxes.

Sean Hannity is a Democrat.(Sadly)
The Democrats are the party of Foreign Invasion and Corporate Socialism for Israel. Nothing about this is wrong or right, its just how it is.

They have always been this, its etched in stone on their platform. FDR is and always has been progressive, but if you knew what that means you'd toss the label since its fascist.

The Republicans of course, will always be the limited government party and for a Republic. Unfortunately, they have always been co-opted by Democrats going dozens of years back in order to fall in line with the great harlot.

However, there will come a reckoning where the last liars are flat kicked out, so you see Arlen Specter, Bush & Flip Flop happily rejoin the Democrats.

Before/when that happens, *TEAR UP* your registration card & leave the Democrats as soon as you're even able to. Far as I'm concerned *THAT* is the beast, & within it are many deceivers "ordering you" to register Republican in order to promote the progressive agenda - thus *help* socialist Bankers.

Folks, here's the bottom line: Join the Independent party as that's where you'll get your freedom platform fairly aired. In every state we elected at least one independent. Get the independent ballots placed nationwide and then we'll see complete dismissal of corporate socialism, *NOT* SuperPACs because this is about policy. And this is policy that works. Register Republican if you need to vote for Liberty Republicans only, and pass assembly law to allow for more Independents to run for office & governor.
*DO NOT* stay in the completely corrupt Democrats party, as that thing will probably crash & burn.

Best comment

"Romney is a unique politician, unskilled in the primary attribute of his profession: lying convincingly. On a regular basis he says exactly what he believes — you know, “I don’t care about the poor” or “hardly any of my income is from speaking engagements– its actually less than 400k.” He makes a much clearer target than the slimy Goldman Sachs front man now occupying the White House, and is backed by a faction of the Kleptocrat Party that is certifiably insane. So I conclude that he is likely to send us down the road to final collapse at a faster rate than Obummer. On that basis he gets my vote. And I also like the fact that he believes his magic underwear allows him to fly. Maybe he’ll put it to the test at an appropriate moment in his presidency."