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Why has my post been moved to OFF TOPIC? IRS: Do We Have A Labor Dispute?

I edited this post to be show up in the Liberty Forum, so that it would show up on the right side column for ALL to see, and again, it is moved to off topic, why?


Is this really OFF TOPIC?

I mean this is the Liberty Forum, right?

What's more Liberating than discovering the IRS is putting people in prison for "Failure To File" when the TRUTH of the matter is:

They are labeling us as Government Employees; assuming we owe a tax; and they are NOT paying us for the job/position/employment, they claim, or presume we are fulfilling.

Am I missing something here?

I don't understand why this post is being hidden in the OFF TOPIC section of this forum.

Why is this being hidden in a forum that is not showing up on the right side panel?

I made a mistake by posting it in the Off Topic, it REALLY needs to be in the Liberty Forum, so EVERYONE can see it, and EVERYONE who is currently fighting these criminals can finally see that all this arguing about case law; do I owe the tax; is this Constitutional, etc. can be put to rest.

Is this REALLY Off Topic, or should this subject be posted in a place that EVERYONE who visits this forum/site can see it on the right hand side bar, who's NOT familiar with the forum and/or how to view it until they've been here awhile?

If I'm out of line, then by all means, keep it in the hidden/out of main site-public view "Off Topic" forum.

Forgive me for trying to post the most IMPORTANT IRS information that's ever been brought up to the public's attention.

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I hate typing in all caps, but I feel like it's the only way to get through to you. Your posts are a disgrace to every person who has legitimately fought the IRS.

Give it a break already, jeez. Quit wasting everyone's time!

Eric Hoffer

Maybe because you were

Maybe because you were debunked in the traffic ticket thread and you scrambled and disappeared after I made you look foolish..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

I just seen this comment you left and have to ask:

Was it the one that got shut down about contracting with the police when signing a ticket that someone else started, that seemed to be getting out of hand?

Yeah, I remember that thread, and I also remember all the BS Dis-Info agents like yourself running your mouth, even though you had no idea of what in he*l what you were talking about.

After that thread finally got shut down, I started another thread that you were nowhere to be found in? What happened to you bro? I mean you sure were active in that other thread, but as soon as I posted this one below .... "POOF" you were gone like the wind.

Perhaps this thread I started made "YOU" scramble and disappear, slithering off into the shadows like a slimy belly snake, because now you're the one that looks like a fool?


Where did you go Brian Middleton? Perhaps you can debunk me again and jump into this thread and tell me and everyone else here just how smart you are when it comes to the topic at hand.

Educate me, I'll be waiting for your so called "debunking" of my link.

Here you go.... tic tic tic

Here you go.... tic tic tic toc....


If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

You Have No IDea What's Actually Going On.

And there is not enough room in this thread to explain it. Lots of things in the works right, but too soon to pull the curtain open.

There are a few things going on behind the scenes right now, that are going to blow the lid off this whole "perception" of so called reality, that the police/highway patrol, etc. are working for the people we think they are working for, unbeknownst to themselves or most of us for that matter.

Your comment proved nothing but the fact you've been hoodwinked into believing something all your life (like most of us) was real; that most of our lives we were living the "American Dream", all the whilst doing the dirty bidding of our own demise and captivity. It's not any single one of our faults; we just got outsmarted in a game of chess that started many years ago.

This whole thing is a lie; the codes; the rules; the statutes; the courts; the "perception" of Patriotism, period!

America is still alive, but she's barely breathing, and our own brothers and sisters are helping drive the last nail in the coffin, and they don't even know it.

The Master Plan; the BIG picture; what's been hidden from us all our lives, may soon be revealed, and it will be a HUGE wake up call for each and every one of us.

Especially those of us who've spent our timed debunking the "so called" truth with codes, statutes, regulations, and case law.

We're destroying each other under the "perception" we're doing the "Patriotic" thing; under the "perception" we're keeping society safe; under the "perception" we're actually free.

There's something besides the Federal Reserve Bank and Goldman Sach's that's destroying us and it's happening in broad day light.

From birth, we've been "managed" and "groomed" by our own people for the end game of our own captivity and overthrow, and the sad part is: our own brothers and sisters had no idea they were part of our own demise; and those brothers and sisters I'm talking about are soon going to feel a lot of shame and hurt in their hearts and souls, but they will wake up very quickly once the truth is revealed and join in on the fight for REAL liberty and freedom.

Satin's greatest trick was convincing us he didn't exist.

I'll tell you this much: Dr. Paul can't do this alone; even if he gets in the White House, he'll need our help from the bottom up. But the help we all think he's going to need, isn't the "help" that's going to "help", it's something else; something we never imagined.

The elections don't matter near as much as the truth that's been hidden from us all our lives, but at least if we can get him in there, it will be nice having the help from the "top-down", but we will have to work fast from both ends of the candle to make it happen; there won't be much time, but we can do it, because "Knowledge Is Power" and "Freedom is about to get Popular Again".


I figured you wouldn't

I figured you wouldn't respond... because.... you just got REALITY CHECKED!!! At least RPvGoldmansachs had the gall to admit he was wrong...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Nope, not wrong at all, and the proof to back it up.

I'll let you gloat in your "perceived" defeat right now; but you won't be "gloating" for long.

When things start to unravel, you'll see just how "right" you thought you were.


Why dont you do us all a

Why dont you do us all a favor and show us your "proof" LOL Ans then reply to each point where I REFUTED your so-called proof.

Here is your "proof" and evidence.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maefvKBM0wM

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...