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UnConstitutional DHS' own WhitePaper infers a coming Federal Green Police Division!

The Crazies are at it again.

I cannot recall a single day (give or take a few) in the last decade plus in which, we WEREN'T bombarded with some govt terrorists' shenanigans or some publicly and/or covertly stated tyrannical statist agenda to rationalize it all.

But now, unlike a professional criminal, they don't even have the courtesy to hide their agenda anymore!

Behold, "DHS Environmental Justice Strategy"


DHS = Govt Terrorists + The Stasi + The Gestapo + TSA Pedophile Guild + The Eco Nazis combined. Welcome to a Brave New World Order.

Green Police? DHS Launches ‘Environmental Justice’ Units

Homeland Security commits to fight climate change and “melting Arctic ice”

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Audi’s 2010 ‘Green Police’ spoof commercial may not be far off becoming reality with the announcement that the Department of Homeland Security is creating new “environmental justice” units that will be empowered to oversee regulations in conjunction with local government.

In its Environmental Justice Strategy document, the DHS says the idea is to “include environmental justice practices in our larger mission efforts involving federal law enforcement and emergency response activities” and to incorporate environmental justice in “securing the homeland”.

The DHS sees its role in promoting “environmental justice” as not just limited to overseeing reviews of its own operations, but also “through regulatory permitting activities” in conjunction with state, local and tribal governments.

“It will take not one, but two DHS units to “ensure the success” of the environmental justice strategy,” reports Power Line. “But wait, there’s more! “Four other headquarters offices provide critical support for . . . successfully implementing this strategy.” But if you’re a lowly TSA agent not under one of those six offices, not to worry—you’re considered an eco-warrior, too: “Every Component of the Department has a role, some larger, some smaller, in ensuring that environmental justice has been considered in securing the homeland without placing disproportionate burdens on the health and environment of low income populations and minority populations.”

The framework for the DHS’ ‘Environmental Justice Working Group includes eleven federal government bodies, including the TSA, the Secret Service and FEMA.

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Take one and pass them down.



I've had just about all of

I've had just about all of the insanity I can stand. These people are totally out of control. This is a rogue force gone live. If our military really wants something to do, stopping the DHS is a great mission for them.

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