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MORE foreign aid, when our own economy is in the dump?

Over and over and over again, I hear and read about our American Economy being in dire straights. As Ron Paul says, we are running out of money. If this is soooooo painfully obvious, then why do various members of the government AND Obama himself continue to send millions and billions to other countries?
The latest example is in an artcile as posted at The Drudge Report today, which staes, " A State Department official said that the letter was delivered on Tuesday to key members of Congress informing them of (Hillary) Clinton's decision to move forward with the $147 million package of the fiscal year 2011 economic support funds for the Palestinian people".
If America is in such BAD shape, when WHY on earth does Mrs. Clinton send THIS level of money to Palestine? If there is a sensible justification for this, then so be it. But wouldn't that money be far better invested back into America? I see these stories over & over again.....our public officials giving HUGE amounts of money to "help" other countries. I just don't get it.

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Why send billions to Israel?

That's the question.

They hate America and Non Muslims

we shouldn't be funding them or anybody for the matter.

It's free money

Fresh off the printing press. This money doesn't come from the taxpayers, it's just Federal Reserve Notes. Note my sarcasm...

"Insert wise comment here."