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Patricia Sachs posted in North Dakota for Ron Paul 2012
QUINNIPIAC POLL - Just came out now TEXAS Paul...
Patricia Sachs 9:09pm Apr 11
QUINNIPIAC POLL - Just came out now
Paul 38%
Gingrich 30%
Romney 27%
rest undecided

Ron Paul just took ALL 152 delegates in Missouri

we're leading in
South Dakota
New Mexico
New Jersey

Oklahoma goes our way

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We're going to need sources

We're going to need sources to back up all these claims.

No, that 152 delegates was

No, that 152 delegates was for one county. They go to the state convention and then have to pick national delegates from there. Missouri only has 49 unbound delegates + 3 bound delegates.

These delegate counts are not too accurate

But hey, none are! It is all guesswork until the state conventions are done. Much can change between now and then.

The "news" obviously will try to push the banker's candidates. After all, who doesn't want to be in a bazillion dollar bankers pocket? You kind of have to be in order to run a 200 billion dollar network.

So the battle is not over yet. On our side, we have truth and justice. On their side, they have a box in most American homes to attempt to brainwash people with.

Have faith, becuse throughout history, truth prevails in the end. Keep pushing those truths. The national news is becoming more and more bold in their outright deception to the public. This is like a dam building to hold the truth. When it breaks....look out, their whole game will be awash. Keep chipping away at that mighty truth blocking dam of theirs, and together we can rejoice when their dam breaks.