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"Paul has scaled back his campaign-trail appearances? " - Nonsense!

What absolute BS from Josh Lederman of www.thehill.com

"A fundraising solicitation sent by Ron Paul on Wednesday painted a frank picture of the future of his campaign: Donate now, or he may have to call it quits.

Paul has retreated from the public spotlight in recent weeks as Mitt Romney's hold over the Republican presidential nomination has grown tighter and tighter. He has scaled back his campaign-trail appearances and television interviews."


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LOL Yeah, Dr. Paul sure DID RETREAT...

into the arms of 10,000+ ARDENT, FERVENT, ADORING R3VOLutionaries from the bastion of 'Conservatism,' you know, like UC Berkeley? Sure, a place that EVERY Republican 'retreats' to.


I curse the MSM whores with a thousand generational plagues! puh, puh. (virtual spitting on the ground. Any Wicca here? Is that how one would curse your NWO Wall St. Bankster sycophantic turd MSM scribes, for eternity? lol)

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul


I'm watching a police state being erected all around me and I get busted for typing WTF? I can't beleive I even wasted my time writing this comment...

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Lol Sorry go,

Yeah, you (and a couple others) got de-WTF'ed. We had a few too many of them floating around in titles today.

Any more and we'd have to change the site name to The Daily WTF to match the theme.

No problem...I didn't know about the title etiqutte

But then again...I never read the posting rules. No big deal. I can monitor myself better...especially since I love this crowd!

Garbage journalism

The spotlight is running away from Ron Paul because those who are aiming it DO NOT WANT the American People to know and understand truth, honesty, humility and the RULE OF LAW. But in darkness the truth becomes its own light on the path to freedom! Ron Paul 2012!


yes, scaling back from 10k in Berkeley to 3k in Dallas


One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

stop using "wtf?" to get thread views...

...it's adolescent more than contemporary!!!


and it reflects poorly for this site.

Ron Paul is My President

it's a lot better than some of the elementary school level

misspells i've seen around here recently to be frank

Why I don't agree

Dyslexia was not a term anyone knew when I was growing up. My father was proud of all the spelling bees he had won when he was growing up. He edited every newspaper, magazine, and book he ever read, always having a red or blue pencil handy. I didn't know I had dyslexia until I was almost finished with high school, and dropped out. I knew I wore glasses since I was four, but it pained me greatly to not be able to spell, and this was besides the fact I received weekly beatings, and was called "ignorant" and "stupid", and for many Christmas' I received a, "Learn to spell", book, and nothing else. My baby brother was actually diagnosed with dyslexia when he was in the 4TH grade. Spelling has always been my weakest link. It is embarrassing, but what is worse, is how it brings out "The Nazi word police". Like my Father, these people are CRUEL.

Today, dyslexia has categories, and there is one for typing. So for me, I do not judge people based on spelling. Many people have dyslexia and errors are too easy to make. Spell check does not work for dyslexics.

I used to pray to God to heal me, "make me smart", make me a good speller like my Father. Instead it seems God's reply is, "Don't worry about the spelling. People with good hearts will get over it, and understand you, forgive you. CRUEL SOBs won't. I gave you dyslexia and a cruel Father so you would KNOW who is CRUEL and you can avoid them. They are not better then you because they can spell, they are lesser than you because they are CRUEL, HATEFILLED, Blamers, who seek reasons to look down on others."

It's easy to attack someone who has dyslexia. You even have a built in excuse to not understand them. But it really doesn't make you smarter.

I did wind up going to college and hired an editor to help me with my papers, which is how dyslexic me wound up on the National Dean's list. Dyslexics are not dumb, and it's not that we don't care about spelling, it's that we can't see the words.

I agree with the original post about the accronym in headlines: WTF? Employing "WTF?" doesn't make a better headline, rather it weakens it.

well it was impolite of me not respond to such a personal post

i visited dp for sporadic periods for about two weeks. i was a wild kid growing up and got in a lot of trouble, coming from a single mother family, i didn't know much restraint, so i can relate somewhat to how people look at you when you don't perform at a level others expect you to, but how you eventually turn out is all that matters, i have to say. i carry very little past with me, unless they make me better at the goals i currently pursue, and i take a more practical approach with my past--i might dislike something because of what i experienced, but if i can understand the logic behind it and it improves me, i will gradually adapt and the goal is to eventually surpass and even be able to maneuver it in reverse

I appreciate that and I respect you

I usually don't respond to those who I don't respect.

When I see your name, I see Stellar Jay and I think of the "punk rock" birds of NorCal and Lake Tahoe.

Granger, your father was

Granger, your father was cruel, for sure, but somehow it meant something to you because there was not a spelling error in your entire post. That tells me that you respect the Daily Paul, and put a LOT of effort into your PUBLIC post, and that makes me really happy. To me, WTF in a headline does not show respect, nor do ALL the (indeed) elementary school spelling errors that have been rampant on this site. They offend me as much as they did your father, although I would have realized something was wrong with my kid, and not treated her nearly like you were. When posting in public it is indeed important to spell correctly, to me. I have ALWAYS enjoyed your posts and you (being NOT lazy nor stupid) took the time to overcome your problem and know the meaning of words whether spoken or written, which I think is exemplary.

Aw Crickett

You are a genuinely nice person and from the bottom of my heart, I THANK YOU. I think my Dad didn't want kids. He made all our lives Hell on Earth. My Mom was awesome, fun, funny, a very special lady. When she passed away, my world grew dark. My father passed away two months ago and I felt relief. My world became brighter. Isn't that something?

I don't think I've overcome dyslexia... sometimes I look at my posts and they pain me. It actually pains me to see misspellings, when I see them and they are mine; some are whoppers. I care. So do you.


You made me laugh, Granger. I

You made me laugh, Granger. I was appalled at myself that when my pet rat died I cried like a baby, and never shed a tear when my father met that fate several years before..ah, well. I suppose they thought they were doing their best, but I know my father wanted a boy, big time.

Same here

Dad wanted a son... got three, but only wanted one, and so the oldest boy got everything...(I'm fighting it, not that I wanted to, but my Dad mispelled my name and his attorney never posted probate... so why not? My friend is a judge and is filing the claim for me.

speaking of real rats.. I had the great honor of caring for a rat.. "Wilson". He was a good boy. I wore burping pads so Wilson could wet when and where he needed LOL

rats do make great pets.

Now I've got chickens... and this week, I'm going to make them all Ron Paul tank tops. Hopefully I'll get a video,, have them running around my easment to the property... should be called Ron Paul Lane with all the Ron Paul signs... just got to get some music to back it.. I'm not a computer person or a video person.. but I'm sure my girls are all "movie stars", so it should be good. hopefully.

I heard...

If Romney doesn't start getting more people to attend his rallies he will call it quits also. Didn't you hear that?



Tweet these bastids!

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

I know it is incredibly frustrating,

but don't bother posting this kind of garbage reporting here. You are giving the piece far more traffic than it deserves.

I ask the campaign

to call Mitt Romney out on a one on one debate with Rmoney and President Ron Paul!This wiil surely open the eyes of the American people!

Romney will not do it

would you?

"It does not take a majority to prevail but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."

--Samuel Adams

great comments

the writer of that piece is getting trashed by the rEVOLution...great responses - a few negative Fred's but they are the minority. Liberty speaks out in full force..

Working to free the hemp seed - Thanks to Congressman Paul's efforts HR 1831. Peace

Then lets give them a money

Then lets give them a money bomb they will never forget. The media will pounce on this if we don't reach that goal of $2.5 million.

Dig deep people. I'm skipping the grocery store this week, I'll tap into shtf pantry. I'm in for $150!!!

Liberty or Death

Dig deep or become part of the local campaign.

Helping John Dennis, Karen K., Justin Amash and the others win a place in Congress while promoting Ron Paul's message might be an option for some.

Free includes debt-free!

He takes

a fundraising letter, which are always phrased to seem that funds are urgent, and tries to spin it.

He's nothing more than a propagandist.

The good part about this is that they are all outing themselves, and we can deal with them later.

scaled back is PROPAGANDA TV speak for

We intend to block covverage of his winning the primary elections.
The MSM is saying that they do not intend to cover Ron Paul any more. But its a joke for they have lied and cheated so far it would only be a great favor to our country if they stop mentioning him. Its better than their propaganda lies. NWO is scaling back the MSM media is scaling back but Ron Paul is not scaling back.


Yes Ron's crowds are now only 50 times larger that Romney's.

Paul's crowds in California last week were 75 times larger than Romney's.


Scaled back ???

Guess no one in the media wants to do a youtube or google search
too much work for them ?

maybe take 5 minutes on the Daily Paul

What a joke