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[=NEW VIDEO=] The Ron Paul Rabble: Political Pioneers

The three major political movements of the day are Occupy Wall St, Anonymous and the Tea Party. As you all should know, the concepts and imagery in all of these movements were pioneered by Ron Paul Supporters in his 2007-2008 campaign. My new video documents that …


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Great Video

I believe Paul needs to vocally and bombastically reclaim the Tea Party Movement as his own. Kick the impostors out.

I went to a Tea Party event today. It was very well organized and inspirational etc. But there were many people there, and many speakers that seemed no different than whom we might call garden variety conservatives. There were the right to life people everywhere. There was a woman hustling Israel propaganda. There were several people running for office as Reagan Conservatives. Lots of NRA people and gun toters. Lots of very old people. And frankly, a lot of fairly crazy-looking people. But then there were some visionary libertarians and liberty-minded Republicans. Somehow we want to call all of these people part of the liberty movement.

So, I found myself thinking that the Tea Party Movement has become very different than what Paul stands for.

For this reason I would like to see Paul run as an Independent and further a brand that is distinct from these garden variety Identity Conservatives. They seem like old news.

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The correct answer is Libertarians

"Who was the first group to use V masks to protest the establishment?"

Occupy = 2011

Anonymous = 2008

Ron Paul supporters = 2007

Michael Badnarik supporters = 2006

So the correct answer is the Libertarian Party of Texas.

Badnariks campaign for Congress that year also featured the first publicly transparent fund-raising "live donation ticker" on a campaign website, as well as the first money bomb - though "money bomb" wasn't the term used to describe such an event at the time. It was a single day internet fund-raising campaign that reached it's goal of $50,000 in 24 hours.

I know it's hard to believe with all the Libertarian hating on RP i'net forums nowadays, but the r3volution all started at the 2004 Lp convention with a small group of young Libertarians who set out to prove internet social media could be used to make the word "libertarian", the philosophy, and the party, more mainstream and more organized. Back then in the i'net dark-ages of yahoo/AOL groups the suggestion was often scoffed at by the elder members as unwise use of limited resources.

So what is the Teas Party doing for President Ron Paul?


fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate


So tired of Palin, Armey etc. claiming to be founders of the Tea Party. They corrupted it!

RE-POST to all local Occupy Facebook Sites / Pages...

Use this text and embed the video... lets bring some of these people over to our side....

‎"The three major political movements of the day are Occupy Wall St, Anonymous and the Tea Party. It might be hard to believe but the concepts and imagery in all of these movements were pioneered by Ron Paul Supporters in his 2007-2008 campaign. Ron Paul supporters use of the movie V For Vendetta and the Tea Party concept in particular, pre-date Occupy, Anonymous and the current Tea Party. These ideas were then taken by the establishment and split up, to cater to the fake left-right political paradigm." -Dan Warwick (https://www.facebook.com/dandanthetileman)


I remember...

2007 is when I woke up....this video is spot on! The only thing that disappointed me was I thought that all Tea partiers, OWS, and Anonymous would fully support Dr. Paul!! I mean who doesn't acknowledge where it all began...it all points to Dr. Paul and in my opinion the movie "America: Freedom to Facism" ....and of course the Internet is the big factor, because as we know Dr. Paul has had the same message for 30+ years!! I'm sure many of them support him now! In 2007 you could see how bad it was and for sure it has become much worse since then! The internet has been the most important resource for this message getting out there and waking people up.

May the message of Freedom and Liberty crush all those that stand in it's path and lay waste to "politics as usual"

Fear knocked on my door and Faith answered!

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Forgive me

we need more videos like this

a general frontal assault. on all of them.

C'mon Aussie!

Good on ya, mate!

It's us liberty lovers that

It's us liberty lovers that are the real political pioneers.

It's a shame the Ron Paul campaign doesn't embrace the creative minds of our movement instead of the marketing companies they've been hiring to make their TV ads.


Love it

The Tea Party

If the GOP doesn't give Ron the nod... I've been saying it for a while now... we should start a REAL Tea Party - Based on the constitution.

What better platform for a political party could Liberty lovers want?

Do you want to be the "Grand Old Party" (Key word is "old") or do you want to be REAL Tea Party?

If RP supporters - after Tampa (hopefully we get the nomination and this is a mute issue...) If we UNITE and TAKE BACK the TEA PARTY we can win as a third party... the ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT party... the PARTY of the PEOPLE - there are already many "Tea Party" politicians serving in office.


I WANT TO WIN (BY "I" I MEAN "one of We the People" ->>> PLEASE FEEL ME HERE? Can you feel me? We need to SHOCK THE WORLD! Let's DO IT!


do you want to be REAL Tea Party?. with a new whizbang name...

we need to drop the name TEA PARTY as it is now
worthless in mass promos
like other buzzwords have become
racist, anti- ?

people here contribute a new name to use to
convey newness and resurrection
old AND new
best of all past and future
what we are and are BECOMING in Americas future.



All I know is that We The

All I know is that We The People Organization held a serious demonstration years ago and sold the costumes for $55.00 and it was a full costume and I still have mine, but never wore it. I had a picture, though of about 100 or so people in full costume, demonstrating in DC. It got no press.


viral time for this video!!!!

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

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Two shorten the road.

The roots of Anonymous and the mask

You are correct that we were the first to use it in public protest as the Anonymous Project Chanology protest of Scientology wasn't until January of 08.

However the Fawkes mask has been around for longer than that in Anonymous. There's a comic character called Epic Fail Guy, who for many years had a face, then one day in a thread on their image board 4chan, he stuck his face in a trash and the mask became stuck to his face after that point the stick figure with the mask was known as Epic Fail Guy, who would fail so hard it would be "win" IE: funny epic whatever.

Awesome video

Thank you.

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You know, I've been hearing so much about these....

....I've been hearing so much about these new fangled groups like National Tea Party, Tea Party Patriots & Occupy Wall Street.

They're all really funny to watch, because these degenerate non-grassroots efforts all have similar things in common.

A- No idea what they're doing.
B- Liberal outreach programs.
C- No support of Mainstream Newscasters like Napolitano.

Plus, they're not conservative.

Why is it so obvious?
Because we are the Tea Party, the official Tea Party who was started by the great father of conservative school.

Doctor Ron Paul.

I think you mean

I think you mean ...


Yeah !

Yeah !





Ah, memories

Nice video

+ Follow the Cooperative principle
+ Civility first
+ Constructive comments

Doesn't seem that long ago.

Doesn't seem that long ago. Feels strange that 4 years have passed.

Ah Benny Hill...

Great piece. Thanks mate.

Free includes debt-free!

Good on ya, mate!

Love it, thanks!