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Why wait until Sunday, donate now.

Since I will be going away this weekend with no access to the Internet I figured I would kick off the money bomb a little early. I just bought 10 pocket constitutions for those who I have been trying to convert to Ron Paul supporters. I don't know how anyone could read the quote on the inside of the back cover and not be moved. I also bought a stack of 100 "protect gun rights" palm cards for those I haven't had a chance to talk to yet, and a couple of "constitution" t shirts for those who I have already convinced to join the Ron Paul Revolution. You don't have to wait until Sunday to donate, just make sure you do. With that said let me remind you of a great quote on keeping hope alive. "The role of people is to keep ideas alive until a crisis occurs. It wasn't my talking that caused people to embrace these ideas, just as the rooster doesn't make the sunrise. Collectivism was an impossible way to run an economy. What brought the change is reality, fact, - and what Marx called the inevitable forces of history." Milton Friedman Our country is in crisis, people are embracing our ideas, and I'll be damned if I let someone tell me that this movement is not a force of history like never seen before. Ron Paul 2012!

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Because it's not easy to raise $2.5 million from wee the people

Wee the people really don't have allot of money/ cash on hand. We have to plan for these money bombs (and we don't even earn credit for our efforts).

First we pledge what we will contribute, and then make our contributions on the day of the money bomb, which becomes an exciting event for everyone who participates, waiting to see you name/ if you choose to have your name published.

I have a friend who just asked me this same question last night. If you have money to give now and the money bomb, that's even better, but what we really want to do is beat our goal, so if you can help us, not as a collective, but as a TEAM, because we are all individuals here, it's like a sport, and we are trying to beat our goal.

If you can't participate in the money bomb, I know all of us individuals who support Ron Paul's campaign sincerely appreciate whatever your contributions, money bomb or not. THANK YOU!!!!