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Video Update: Ron Paul On Fox Business w/ John Stossel - 4-12-12 9pm ET

There will be a "Special Edition" of Stossel with Sarah Palin and Ron Paul, THURSDAY, APRIL 12, 2012: 6 PM [Foundation for Economic] ... Ron Paul are on the show, to talk about why free people-pursuing our own ...
Government Fails, But Individuals Succeed (TONIGHT at 9pm on FBN)

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and David Boaz from the Cato Institute will be here to discuss (okay, I'm a narcissist) my book.

We should throw more incumbents out, say Mark Meckler and Leo Linbeck, who started the super PAC Campaign for Primary Accountability. They fund challengers.

Then, Ron Paul joins us from the campaign trail.

A perfect example of government inefficiency takes place right in the nation's capital, which can't keep it's escalators working. Reason TV's Nick Gillespie and Kennedy join us to discuss how escalators were broken more often under government control after private contractors were replaced...


Read more: http://www.foxbusiness.co...

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video auto plays (ad) on every DP page load, plz take off home

Mod: This video loudly auto plays (a car ad) on every DP home page load/refresh/comment, plz take it off the home page or maybe get a youtube vid instead that doesnt have this problem. after hearing that car ad so many times the last couple days i have it memorized, for this reason i downvoted it and posted this. thx!


The interview looked highly edited to me, but as usual Ron Paul is a boss.

I've Had Exercise - Aholics tell me they feel better when they

go outside and start running or walking fast..Ronald Reagan said the same. He never felt quit right if he didn't get outside once or twice a day..

Now I'm grouchy too!

I don't understand this at all. First of all, he was in Berkeley last week, so why is this airing now?

Second of all, I saw this RIDICULOUS article in Washington Post...Ron Paul gets grumpy when he doesn't exercise. That's it!!! Two paragraphs on his throwaway comment about exercise.

You can believe I emailed the Post about my opinion. This might have not effect at all, but it makes me feel better, like I've tried. I also contacted Patrick Pexton, apparently the ombudsman for the Post. Who knows if it will do any good, but I have learned from Dr Paul to do everything I can!!!!

Show taped in advance

My obvious answer to your question is that Stossel apparently tapes his show in advance. At the time of this taping, Dr. Paul was in Berkeley, CA.

Not one of Stossel's better efforts, but still interesting.

At least Stossel was honest in letting us know that he was shilling for his new book.

The line comparing the 30 year budget plan to...

the Soviet 5 year plans was hilarious!

Rand Paul / Justin Amash 2016
Continue the Ron Paul R3VOLUTION

Dr. Paul Grouchy?

Lol i dont think that could ever happen.

What i admire most about Dr. Paul is that he has been right the last thirty years about everything, but he keeps his humility that Bill O'Reilly or Obama could never even imitate.

Great interview

Laser like focus on the questions. Excellent.

Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest. - Ben Franklin

Too friendly It's better when

Too friendly

It's better when he's challenged... then he demonstrates his brilliance

Slam Dunk Awesome

But Stossel seemed to imply that only students go to see Paul. He maybe needs to move a meeting off a campus in a major city to show that isnt true

Best Quality Here:


Runs on YouTube platform without skipping.



Watch this dry yet astonishing Dr. Robert Beck cancer treatment lecture on Google Video - search "Suppressed Medical Discovery" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkiX0jJJozk

Stream Unavailable

Just tried to watch the interview and the media player responded that the stream was unavailable. Tried it on both explorer and Google Chrome. Did Fox pull the interview???

Would not surprise me.

peace + liberty = prosperity

If You Scrolll Through, There's A Piece On Competing Currencies


"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

I really like Stossel. The

I really like Stossel. The 'Illegal Everything' special he did a month or two ago was great.

Dr Paul looks great!

But Stossel's interviews always seem oddly edited. And what's up with the 2 laugh tracks? The one at the end where he jokes about being grumpy without exercise wasn't too bad but the other one after he commented on the GOP budget being 30 years out, that was a really weird and oddly placed canned laughter more suitable for a cartoon or a sitcom than an interview with the future President of the United States.

He has audience but the cut above seems heavily edited

as if rp said some sentences more each time.


There was an attempt to try to make this 'flow'....

But I think the edit was a failure.

The host was certainly cordial, but the edit was nearly comical; almost disrespectful.

Freedom is the answer !!
What's the question ?
-Jack Blood-

It wasn't a laugh track.

It wasn't a laugh track. Stossel always has a live audience...like Jon Stewart.

liberty lover in Nor Cal!

Only goods things occur

when Stossel and Paul are combined.

PS That George Soros Progressive babe needs to be introduced to the Sun.

"The problem is not those in power, the problem is right between your ears." ~Larken Rose


Cannot see video

I am not too savvy on the internet. The only video I see is from when he was in Berkeley. Apparently several other readers are having the same trouble.

If anyone knows another way to see this, please let me know.


Got it!

Thanks Guys...


The interview sounded like it was heavily edited. Also - Berkeley? The interview was done some days ago.

Just came across a little strange.

they had a 5min time slot for him

not too unusual, they likely interviewed him for more like 10 mins then edited out a highlight reel. It was really nice to see him give a shout out for his giant crowds and to diss the MSM! We need more of that! :D





They have the video on his main page

No youtube...waiting a long time for it...


I apologize For The Wrong Link Folks...I Need Some Rest here!

Hopefully I can get a youtube later..Thanks for the criticism. Appreciate the heads up..

In Liberty,


Should be a good show....

Because they'll all be speaking about this, and should come out formally endorsing Dr. Paul.

However, Fox News is still going to back Romney.

There's only one way to get our grip over Fox News & get them to flat expose Romney as a Democrat socialist, mail as many letters as you can to their station showing this poll.

Ron Paul is polling much higher than Obama, over & over by 2 points again, and literal fake Romney is more than 10 points behind.
Spread the polls everywhere, this is the time!

Thanks for the heads up!

I would have missed it, since I stopped watching Fox Business when the Judge was gone. I don't watch Fox News at all and the rest of them, well, seldom to never.

Not happy about Stossel's repeated saying that RP is coming up next before each commercial break. Hope he comes on this time.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox