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Video Update: Ron Paul On Fox Business w/ John Stossel - 4-12-12 9pm ET

There will be a "Special Edition" of Stossel with Sarah Palin and Ron Paul, THURSDAY, APRIL 12, 2012: 6 PM [Foundation for Economic] ... Ron Paul are on the show, to talk about why free people-pursuing our own ...
Government Fails, But Individuals Succeed (TONIGHT at 9pm on FBN)

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and David Boaz from the Cato Institute will be here to discuss (okay, I'm a narcissist) my book.

We should throw more incumbents out, say Mark Meckler and Leo Linbeck, who started the super PAC Campaign for Primary Accountability. They fund challengers.

Then, Ron Paul joins us from the campaign trail.

A perfect example of government inefficiency takes place right in the nation's capital, which can't keep it's escalators working. Reason TV's Nick Gillespie and Kennedy join us to discuss how escalators were broken more often under government control after private contractors were replaced...


Read more: http://www.foxbusiness.co...

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That's not livestreaming

that link is for videos from past shows. Any one have a live link?

Same here

That link is not a live stream. It is a replay from last week. I tried other links unsuccessfully so I guess that Fox Business does not want net streams?

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I remember when...

Judge Napolitano started his show Freedom Watch, he was going to have Rand Paul, Ron Paul, and Sarah Palin all discussing Tea Party politics. It was really, really awesome. I'm a little less enthusiastic about Paul and Palin on the same show now because it's been done and because I'm more libertarian (less of a fan of Palin) now.
None the less, it should still be worth seeing!!

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Love Stossel!

He's like a cross between Ben Swann and Judge Napolitano!

Here's hoping the Faux biznews network allows him to give lots of coverage to the Paul campaign and missing press coverage thereof.


Sarah Palin

The first time, ever, I heard of Sarah Palin, was right here on the DP when a Ron Paul supporter from Alaska suggested her as Ron Paul's running mate.

Months later, John McCain stole the idea.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Maybe thats why

She supported Rand Paul and she secretly supports Dr. Paul

But it would surprise me for Ron to choose her because I doubt she even knows about the Federal Reserve.

Palin and her husband...

have some "anti-government" tendencies (the left dug alot of it up in 2008). she has always given dr. paul his due. i bet she'd be right with us if she didnt make so much money off all the beck, hannity, and limbaugh listeners. endorsing a creature like the Newt was definitely a disappointment, whereas DeMint's non-endorsement of the others said alot!

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Yes way before anyone heard of her

Yes way before anyone heard of her

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Stossel, great!

Thanks for the post!