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Newt Gingrich: ‘CNN is less biased than Fox News’

LOL, they're ALL Biased Newt!

Here is the article on Yahoo:


And I'm sorry, but I do not feel sorry for him at all since Ron Paul has been blacked out by ALL MSM since the beginning!

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On a big news nights...

I frequently have to flip back and forth between the major news networks. One will tick me off, so I go to the next one. Repeat another 3-4 times. Then I change to sports/movie and pull up the DP on my iPad.

CNN is slightly more tolerable than Fox, only because Fox pretends to be the voice of conservatives. At least CNN doesnt act like its on the same side as Dr. Paul.

"CNN is less biased than FOX.

"CNN is less biased than FOX. Hire me, the Newt, and I'll fix that problem immediately."

Note to Newt, thats what you get when you

Call for an audit of the Fed and promise to fire Ben Bernake, I just thought I would clue you in. Oh BTW, your a smart guy, its time you and Ron Paul have a press conference. You and Dr Paul need to go public and out Fox news and the Republican party for the bias and election fraud that going on. At the Republican convention throw what ever support you have behind RP and lets do the right thing.

At least Newt still gets

At least Newt still gets blasted and insulted by the media. Now Americans are under the impression that Ron packed it up and left.

Ted Bundy killed fewer people than John Wayne Gacy

but that's not really a glowing recommendation.

Newt's looking for his next job - needs to cover some campaign debts and at least one bounced check.