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Time To Step Up For Ron Paul

With Rick Santorum (faux conservative-Pa.) officially “suspending” his campaign and Newt Gingrich (corporatist adulterer-Ga.) fading to inconsequentialness, now is the time for all those “anybody-but-Mitt Romney” Republicans to get behind the only true conservative in the race: Congressman Ron Paul.

Unlike Mitt the Flip, who never held a position he couldn’t change in an instant, Paul has been a consistent and rock-solid conservative his whole career.

He has run his campaign the same way. While other candidates have soared to the top of the polls only to flame out like a New Year’s sparkler, Paul’s campaign has plodded along, amassing delegates along the way. (Don’t believe the media’s delegate count. Paul’s people are working behind the scenes to capture uncommitted delegates and take over local Republican Party offices, much to the dismay of the Republican establishment.)

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