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RNC Delegate Counts (Google Doc)

Google Doc found here.

I only intended for this to be an absolute count of the delegates going to the RNC in Tampa, but have included "bound" delegates from Primaries in a separate table.

I am only including states/territories that have 100% completed the process in the "Absolute RNC Count". These numbers are still not to be taken as accurate, as the rules about Santorum's delegates impacts the count. That being said, it should have the most accurate numbers of the actual, 100% decided, delegates. This means the "Absolute RNC Count" on my spreadsheet is the closest you can get to a non-projected delegate count.

I am not a statistician. I also do not have sources beyond what I stole from Wikipedia on 04/11/2012. I used the date for the State At Large delegates as the definitive date for the state's delegate selection.

The "bound" count is the "Absolute RNC Count" + all Primary states that are proportional or winner-take-all. These may also change after each state completes its convention process, as the rules regarding bound and unbound delegates can be changed at the state's convention (IIRC).

If I got anything wrong, especially when it comes to the "bound" count or any alternate sources with different counts for the completed states, please don't hesitate to say something.