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Free service offers users anonymous IP address, encrypted Internet history

A new app seeks to protect user privacy while surfing the Internet, providing a free market solution to growing consumer privacy concerns.

Read more: http://thedc.com/HuSkLv

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This is really interesting...

Has anyone used it yet? Does it work well? Does it interfere with Ad Block?

It reminds of the privacy search engine, Startpage.com. This however, is an entire web browser!

Btw, I would file this under Science & Tech rather than Current Events. This could be a nice gem to anyone browsing through the archives of Sci&Tech.

Hide my ass

I use Hide My Ass VPN service. It's not free but I have been extremely happy with it. Best thing is I can set the spoof IP address from locations from around the world so I get around country based restricted content since I can choose to appear like I am using an ISP in that country. Not that cheap but I got a deal fior 6 months at $6 bucks a month - worth every penny, no more ISP warnings, letters, etc.


Also Comodo offers a free email security certificate to encrypt you emails;


New plugin for Firefox - Do Not Track Plus;

I am trying, so far I like it, blocks and shows you who is tracking you (companies, social networks, the media, etc) and blocks them;


HMA keeps logs and..

had provided user info on request.

Free Software Foundation GNU -- High Integrity and Credentials

A question answered:

This sounds great, but why should I trust my information to Cocoon? What do you know about the people behind the company or its backers?

@omems thanks for asking. As for the people behind the company Brian Fox is the CTO and co-founder. Brian was employee #1 of the Free Software Foundation GNU, and wrote the BASH shell that runs on virtually every Mac and Linux machine out there.

As for trusting us, keep in mind our business is to protect your privacy and security - if we don't do that we don't have a business - so we take it seriously. Please read our privacy policy, we're kind of proud of it!

Also, you don't have to store your info on Cocoon, you can elect to delete all info on log out. And lastly, there isn't much really for alternatives, that's why we built it, because we didn't like the situation as it was. Thanks again. Kris

Thank you Kris,More need to look at this!

Do you have a direct link to a website for this development? I am very interested in following and supporting this project.

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Coccon itself is not part of FSF

But one of the principles has been heavily involved with FSF. I got my info in the comments of this blog post: http://www.extremetech.com/internet/89840-cocoon-goes-free-t...


Does it block your ISP from seeing the websites you visit?

How is Cocoon different from the project Nicholas Merrill at The Calyx Institute is attempting to start on his recently posted IndieGoGo site: