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Still no charges almost one year after Gibson raid - video

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CEO of Gibson Guitar a Republican donor

CEO of Gibson Guitar a Republican donor; Democrat competitor uses same wood.

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Charge them or give their stuff back. I swear,

if this isn't enough to get Americans in the street, I don't know what will. Due process of law? Not with the fascists in charge. Scary.

Undo what Wilson did

It's the way an evil government works.

And please, let me take this opportunity to call Obama and his administration worthless gutter trash.

They are saving the world from those horrible musical instruments!

Meanwhile, the Nobel Peace Prize toting serial murderer runs free, running roughshod over humanity like a one-man wrecking ball, and claiming any opposition to his global destruction campaign is a "terrorist".


The government is cruel and evil.

They play with people's lives as if they were capricious gods.

I was so happy to see the Gibson CEO stand up to them, but it's aggravating that the whole company is in limbo like this.

Fox didn't do a very good job of reminding us about the original injustices, but I'm glad they calendared it for follow-up because it's a reminder that the company is still suffering.

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I agree, it is really

I agree, it is really horrible. What they are doing to Gibson is equivalent of unlimited detention of an individual without charges. They have not proven Gibson guilty of anything, yet won't give them their property back and let them get back to normal.

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