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The Real Mitt Romney

The Real Mitt Romney

Published by Charleston Voice, 4.12.2012

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Romney’s Advisors Are Leftist Elites
Written by Bob Adelmann
Monday, 10 October 2011 15:02

Late last week GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney released the names of his foreign policy and national security advisors just in time for his Friday address on America’s foreign policy. He effused over his selection:

I am deeply honored to have the counsel of this extraordinary group of diplomats, experts and statesmen. Their remarkable experience, wisdom and depth of knowledge will be critical to ensuring that the 21st Century is another American Century.

His campaign continues to be plagued with an increasing chorus of doubters about his conservative posture. His claim to have balanced the budget of Massachusetts without raising taxes was found to be false. In a widely-seen interview with Tim Russert on NBC’s Meet the Press in 2008, Russert nailed Romney:

Russert: The head of the Bay State Council of the Blind said that your name was “Fee-Fee”; that you raised fee after fee after fee. That’s a tax … a fee’s not a tax?

Romney: A fee — well, a fee — if it were a tax, it’d be called — it’d be called a tax. But…

Russert: Governor, that’s…that’s a gimmick
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