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More Fraud in Georgia

Tonight I will be going in front of a five member panel that will be responsible for nominating a slate to the District Delegate Convention this Saturday. The GOP here has done everything they can to prevent us from being involved and have added additional costs and requirements that never existed before. We were told by a reliable source that the GOP State Chairman, Sue Everhart, said that "no Ron Paul supporter will make it the National Convention."

One of the new requirements is to obtain 2 recommendations from elected officials prior to the nominating committee. I contacted Rich Golick, GA Representative 34th district, and he provided it immediately. Vote for him. I then contacted Sam Teasley, GA Represenative District 38, and he refused. The way I see it, we the people elect him and it is his responsibility to work for us. Therefore, I will do anything I can to make sure that he is not elected for another term here and I plan on being involved.

If you live in Georgia, please take warning. Also, if there is anyone from Georgia that is reading this and knows an elected official that would help, I have about another hour to make this happen.

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If a 3rd Party bid for Ron

If a 3rd Party bid for Ron Paul was inevitable , then the GOP has NO ONE to blame but themselves. This 2012 primary/caucus season has seen many states up to now , misrepresenting the vote of their state's peoples.

Vote counts being held in secret ,
votes tallies being mis-counted ,
votes tallies being altered ,
votes tallies being rejected ,
votes tallies being lost ...

Heck ! American Idol has a better voting system for their contestants then does the state's GOP's primaries and caucuses .

People like Georgia's GOP State Chairman Sue Everhart should be brought up on fedreal charges of Electional Fraud . Maybe if one goes down , others will straigthen up and play by the rules.

I wouldn't call it fraud

You can still be nominated from the floor without jumping all the hurdles. The requirements that they are requesting are for you to be considered by the nominating committee when they decide their slate of delegates. I am fairly certain that their candidates weren't selected without meeting the criteria. I didn't see any point in going before the nominating committe as we didn't have the numbers this time around. Maybe next time.

Congratulations CD3.

GA GOP 3rd District

The Ga GOP 3rd District Convention lasted until 6:45pm yesterday and the results were outstanding! 4 out of the 6 slots on the nominating committee's slates were overturned! We sent 1 RP Delegate, 1 Tea Party Delegate and 2 RP Alternates to the National Convention!

So Sorry Sue!

Just show up,

get a majority at the convention and their slate is toast.

contact your sheriff

Or mayor, secretary etc. . .They ate elected.

The National GOP is giving directions on how to

change the State party rules to so that a pre-selected slate of convention delegates will be ensured. When the Ron Paul team realizes that the GOP is their WORST enemy, they will have to bolt and run 3rd party. Wouldn't be necessary if the GOP played fair, but that's far from the case. Ron Paul's team needs to do professional documentation of GOP cheating and bust them out big time when he announces a 3rd party affiliation to detail his reason. The GOP is scum, and they need to go down in flames. Now is the time. If not now, when?

alan laney

Bump, for visibility.

Bump, for visibility.

Try to Communicate The Situation To The Campaign

If the campaign would give some insight into whether or not it is legal, I would chip in for legal funding. But, doesnt this prove to you people that we need to take over the Libertarian Party and let the GOP die?

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The GOP is dying a slow and painful death...

...but I am hoping ASAFP.

Please keep documenting as much as you can.

Looks like age discrimination if nothing else

The requirement of "5 years of service to the Republican Party" could be interpreted as age discrimination since not many 13 year olds are politically active.

The prescription for America,

Good point

Only problem is that it isn't state action. If we can figure out a way to get around that we are golden, plenty of evidence to make the case.

This is borderline illegal, may be able to file a law suit.

Federal law protects the right to vote as a fundamental right which cannot be denied to a citizen by a state. Most cases typically deal with state's enacting certain tests to suppress the vote in specific demographics. For example, New York was not permitted to require citizens to pass a test in order to vote because it unfairly discriminated against minorities. This case would be tougher since it is only a primary, however the argument could be made that the GA GOP (or the GOP in general) is intentionally prejudicing the nomination process, and because our presidential elections rely heavily on the two-party system for a candidate, they are prejudicing the general election. They are clearly unlawfully interfering with the citizens fundamental right to elect their public officials, protected by the 14th Amendment. We need to file some sort of law suit, this stuff is getting absurd.

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Bump Important

Bump Important

*Wisconsin Constitution* Article I, Section 25 "The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security,defense,hunting,recreation or any other law-abiding purpose"


Please update us on the outcome of this! This is ludicrous, just shameful!


BUMP for attention!

Please Help!!!!

Please help if you can, quickly, not alot of time!

Here's a thought - try an elected Democrat or Libertarian

Perhaps they would be more amenable to providing a recommendation.

Georgia's Elected Libertarians

Karen Richardson
Johns Creek City Council, Georgia

Douglas Odom
Bluffton City Council, Georgia

Would have been a good suggestion but here are the rules

"Requirements: Five copies of your political resume outlining your years of service in the Republican Party as well as two letters of recommendation from two different Republican elected officials or Republican candidates for elected office (five copies of each)."

Their delegates

I'll bet that their selected delegates won't have to follow these same guidelines. Is there any way (sunshine law?) that you can make them disclose the applications for the other delegates?

It would be awesome to throw their own 'rules' back in their face and have them disqualified.

That is unbeleivable...............

These "requirements" should immediately be sent to Ben Swann so he can tear the Georgia GOP a new a$hole on national television. Along with the names of the people responsible for creating them.

Do they have to be in

Do they have to be in Georgia?

I understand that the Republican Party is a private club

and they can set their own rules but why do the higher-ups in the party
get to decide who the next President is.I thought "we the people"
were supposed to elect him/her.Why even bother having elections.

My thoughts exactly.

My thoughts exactly.



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