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Guess what is hanging in the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport!

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Rathbone. I am an artist and a huge Ron Paul
supporter. I decided to combine my two passions this election season
in hopes of spreading consciousness of the liberty movement. Earlier
this year I "live" painted a 4' x4' Ron Paul portrait at different
music shows to spread awareness and spark interest in the movement.
After completing the painting, I thought long and hard about where to
hang it. I definitely wanted it to be in a public location but could
not think of where...

Because my studio is in a large artist compound in Austin, TX, a
couple of weeks ago, my studio director informed all the painters that
he was working with the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport Art
Director and each of us could submit one painting to showcase for the
next several months. I was ecstatic! I freaked at this opportunity
and instantly chose to show my Ron Paul painting. What better place
to show?!?! It is now hanging by Gate 8 near the restrooms in
the airport and has been hanging there since March 27! The title is
Twenty.Twelve. You must have a ticket and pass through TSA to see it
but if anyone is flying, please take some pictures and email them to
me! I am also selling 11" x 17" prints for 20 bucks each, and half
the proceeds will go straight to the Ron Paul money bombs! Email me
for prints, and go RON PAUL! efrathbone@gmail.com

Links to photos: Download and share!


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Very nice work...

...Ms. Rathbone. Bravo.

As others have already said, and judging by the feedback, this fine work of art should be reproduced, e.g. posters, T-Shirts. Good luck.

►► Auction!

Hi Elizabeth! What a fabulous artist you are! I'm in awe!

Hey, you may want to consider auctioning this off on ebay, have Dr. Paul autograph the painting for the winner, and donate (as much as you want... 50%, or whatever you think) of the proceeds to the Ron Paul 2012 campaign.

The artwork would go to a loving contributor who would be more than ecstatic to have this... I think.

However, I know that parting with a painting is bitter-sweet.
Just thought I'd throw that out there for ideas!

Thank you for your wonderful spirit!

Whenever there is a yoke of oppression on a generation, someone will always rise up to destroy it.

Love It

How does a 4'x4' painting become 11x17 inch reproduction?
Will something be cropped from the original, or something added to the reproduction?
Great energy. Thanks for your contribution to the r3volution. For Liberty.

Feeling Fear? You're living in the future.
Feeling Depressed? You're living in the past.
Who would you be without your story? —Byron Katie

When the desire to bring about a change in you is not there,
the demand to change the world is not there eit

Awesome work Elizabeth


Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Good Luck Putting It Up At ABIA

Greetings from Austin. A nice addition to the airport or anywhere around town. I haven't flown in 3 plus years so I won't see it any time soon if its at the airport.

Live Free or Die

ARTISTS FOR RON PAUL!!! You are so amazing! ♥

Dear Elizabeth:

I saw what you did. What a WORLD-CLASS ARTIST YOU ARE!

I want a print! I hope you make those available for sale.

I am a musician. You have no idea how deeply you have touched me:

I know in my heart HOW MUCH LOVE you put into that.

God Bless You...ALWAYS ♥

Wisdom Strategies

Ron :Paul painting

Awesome! Beautiful portrait -
so expressive and the colors are
I'm an artist, too.
Very inspiring!
Great exposure for OUR candidate.


fireant's picture

I'm an artist too...

(abstract expressionism in the sixties, and on from there), and that is a very nice portrait. Good job!

Undo what Wilson did

Very nice.. steadfast in the

Very nice.. steadfast in the face of chaos. Take that TSA-workers on their way to/from the job!

Love the colors and 20 bucks a print is an absolute steal.

Way to go!

Love it; I'd buy one!




Hi Elizabeth,

I work with the Ron Paul campaign. I designed his brand and his website. This is impressive. We might be in touch. Keep up the good work!

I love my RP peeps!

That is totally awesome! Thank you for supporting Freedom in your own unique and colorful way. You can't buy advertising like that; it's amazing each time the grassroots pulls something like this off. You may have seen the repainting of the famous Texas Cadillac Ranch art with Ron Paul signs. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cadillac_Ranch and video of repainting meetup! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18inNJUBh74

I reposted on FaceBook's Texas for Ron Paul, and Austin for Ron Paul pages.

RP R3VOLution




Nice work, Elizabeth.

Nice work, Elizabeth.

Excellent, excellent job. If

Excellent, excellent job. If you live in the Austin area, hopefully you make the speech at the Alamo tonight!


i'd buy that as a poster. You probably had a million ideas, but you chose to use your spotlight to help out Dr. Paul. Hats off to ya

Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito

Fantastic painting

I am not one to have much for artistic skills but you did an excellent job on the painting. GREAT WORK getting it set at the airport!

i'd be willing to buy a

i'd be willing to buy a bigger 4x4 or 3x3' version of it from you for more. need one in my office at my house. i might when i get a darn day off from work start my own piece i stopped painting/drawing years ago lost the urge but ron paul actually is making me feel like drawing a portrait of him... says alot considering nothing moved me enough to make me want to until now..

this is so awesome, so glad

this is so awesome, so glad to be with so many great individuals from all over the world

Very nice - and what a smart

Very nice - and what a smart idea you had!

Great Painting

But i worry if you dont know who Ron Paul is, then you wont know who it is of.

When i look at that painting, i see an old gravitas prophet with an optimistic glance into the face of God. asking for answers, pleading for help. and encouraging people to donate to his moneybomb on april 15th

I wish I could use that for

I wish I could use that for the products I sell on zazzle. You should think about doing that yourself.


Put this on a T-shirt, you'll sell tons!

2nd! - and give part of the

2nd! - and give part of the profits to RevPac of course.


I'd buy one, you decide where the money goes, great work!

Liberty and Creativity and Productivity

Elizabeth, thank you for showing us your portrait of Dr. Paul. This is what Liberty is all about... freedom to create and produce according to each one's own talent and passion.

I will plan to order one in my next month's budget and keep it for posterity. History is being made; and Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul will be remembered for reminding us of more than our past (Founding) but also our future!

Gwen Kraft

"Personal Liberty & Personal Responsibility" -- Dr. Ron Paul

"A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom." -- Bob Dylan


I don't really like the painting, but I love the facts that it's Ron and that it's where it is. :-)

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

You should try it sometimes,

You should try it sometimes, its a stress reliever, kicks starts ur creativity and u can earn money too. Time flies when you paint especially if ur in the zone. And when you finally finish ot. Gratification follows. And did I mention that you can be immortalize by it by contributing something to humanity for generation to share.

"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty."

I have been looking for the

I have been looking for the perfect Ron Paul Portrait to hang in my house. THIS IS IT. Is there any way to buy a copy?