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Doug Wead: Brent Strafford, an American hero

Brent Strafford, an American hero

“La vengeance est un plat qui se mange froid”

“Vengeance is a dish best served cold.”

While all the political news yesterday focused on the end of Rick Santorum’s presidential campaign a colorful drama unfolded in faraway St. Charles, Missouri Tuesday night. This was the scene of the re-scheduled, famous, St. Charles County GOP Convention.

Yes, there was some booing and plenty of disagreements but after all was said and done, the 900 voters who had gathered chose their delegation to move onto State. Finally, we have a winner. And it is not Mitt Romney, the presumptive GOP nominee and media darling. The winner is Dr. Ron Paul. (cont'd)


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So Brent has joined the ranks

So Brent has joined the ranks right up there next to GI Joe.

Seriously though, that was some perseverance you showed, getting your butt thrown in jail, then coming right back out and running that caucus. You are indeed a hero sir!

Stop feeding the propaganda machine. Turn off your TV.

Just What We Need : A Guy With A Big Pair..

Superb job "Straight jacket" Stafford...That is exactly what you did to those Romulans and The "Frothians"....Ha!

It helps to have big army there for ya Brent...aye?

I got to hand to to ya Brent, you got BALLS Baby!

....and that's what we need, men and women with BALLS!

So how many?

How many delegates did Ron Paul get from Missouri after it finished?

"It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from his government." - Thomas Paine

(╮°-°)╮┳━┳ (╯°□°)╯┻━┻ "RON PAUL 2012 DAMNIT!"

The national delegates have not been selected yet

About half of the national delegates are selected next Saturday, the rest in June.

We have a good idea about what we will take. I won't get into specific numbers, but I will say we are more than pleased.

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That is very good to hear Brent.

Thank you!


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I thought this was an excellent article, but I do hope Doug

corrects the typo's, especially the spelling of Brent Stafford's name. In referencing the end of the article; I'm sure that even with power, we do not have to worry; Brent will do a great job.


The name is spelled Stafford

Mr. Wead is pulling a scam.

I submitted the comment in quotes and inserted below on Mr. Wead's blog...because I don't read his blog regularly I don't know Mr. Wead's batting average overall, but I've seen fit to comment on 2 incredibly sorry-assed things he's written on his blog.

This article is the second. It's simply scam writing.

Wead is pulling a scam on behalf of the campaign and he needs to be called out on it...so I am doing that here.

I also wrote this on his blog earlier today:

"Doug, 2 caucusgoers were arrested and both still face charges. People never mention Ken “The Cameraman” Suitter… http://youtu.be/OluMixoyaz8 The campaign, officially, has said absolutely NOTHING about Ken Suitters’ situation (nor, to my knowledge) has the campaign issued a serious condemnation of the arrest, cuffing and incarceration of both of these Ron Paul supporters. Too often politics involves nothing more than showmanship, hence response to and dwelling upon ONLY what people who sit at home all day see on their screens. Ironically, Ken was arrested for videotaping…and faces the same trespass charge as Brent. Also, Ken’s camera and video images on that camera still are “in custody”. It’s past time for the campaign to step in actively here. And it’s best not to forget to mention that TWO were arrested, if only because 2 is more than 1. Yes, Brent did great work. Another guy faces the same charges. And the link above and here http://youtu.be/OluMixoyaz8 is to Ken’s song recorded in 2008– America Needs to Stand Tall (and Vote for Ron Paul). Enjoy the song and have a nice day."

Since the piece is written by an official of the campaign, to me it is just self-interested insincere gibberish, at best.

Because it is part of a pattern of this campaign or at least a pattern of some of the officials within the campaign, I conclude Mr. Wead is engaged in a scam.

The ONLY way it's not a scam (and by that, here I mean an attempt to posture for financial gain) is IF Mr. Wead actually has looked into the situation or been given details on the matter by a campaign official who HAS looked into the matter.

There is the spelling problem. Ok, I make typos, and this could be one of those...

But there's also the plain and simple fact that Mr. Wead obviously skipped one half of the arrestees.

This is a piece calculated to play on the emotions of supporters for purposes of the campaign and NOT to press for justice for the 2 abused.

IF that was Mr. Wead's intent, the campaign, LONG BEFORE NOW, would have done something quite public, something which any FOOL knows to do, and that is to have the presidential candidate make a clear statement that the criminal charges pending against the 2 be dropped.

IF the campaign was sincere in having Mr. Wead make these statements he probably would have got the name spelled right AND he would have mentioned the other person arrested.

The bottom line is, a classy operation would immediately have rendered legal assistance.

Because I have spent literally days of my time in attempting to gain the support of the regional ACLU to take up this case I KNOW that the campaign has done absolutely nothing. NADA.

Mr. Wead is lying, he's pulling a fast one, he's pretending he gives a hoot.


Bravo! I honestly feel that most of the people running the official campaign are not genuine, especially Doug "Compassionate Conservative" Wead. I'm not going to go into a rant but I just wanted to throw you some moral support. You aren't the only one out there who thinks this way. The campaign has forgotten its (grass)roots...

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.


I read this entire rant and found no discussion of a "scam." What on God's green earth are you talking about?

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

Someone spells a name wrong

Someone spells a name wrong and he's now somehow in question? Man some DPers are seriously paranoid. How about the campaign is letting the grassroots take care of the fraud. Ron Paul himself has released this statement. They are leveraging the Stafford story as publicity, which is their job as the campaign.

It is Brent Stafford & the "other guy who got arrested"s job to pursue justice in their cases, not the campaigns. What part of individual liberty don't we understand? Responsibility for our own asses is the cornerstone of individual liberty.

Stop feeding the propaganda machine. Turn off your TV.

well, which is it?

You say its' the job of the grassroots.

Who exactly is that besides me?

There are 2 people who were arrested.

What ONE grassroot has done anything?

And then you say well, it's all for himself/herself.

That's obviously thoughtless and contradictory and NO, it is exactly the responsibility of the campaign.

Or do you propose that Ron Paul's campaign not get involved when people are thrown into jail in circumstances like this?

Mr. Wead's blog entry is preaching to the choir. Neither he nor anyone associated with the campaign bothers to get involved and now with Wead's comments, they again leave out the "other guy".

All talk no action, that's Wead's blog.

That's the most objectionable part.

All hype, no substance.

What exactly should the

What exactly should the campaign have done about Brent Stafford's (or anyone like him) situation? He was released the same day. Should the campaign hire lawyers to help Brent sue the local PD? Should the campaign hire lawyers to attempt to sue the GOP? How much money exactly, should the campaign waste in a fruitless attempt to exact "justice" which will be spun right around by the media as Ron Paul's campaign being "sore losers"?

If voter fraud is happening, and people are being disenfranchised, it is the job of the people to assure their rights are honored, not a presidential campaign's job. If Ron spent even a penny on lawyers to pursue fraud, I would find it hard pressed to continue donating to his campaign, because I would feel like I was paying some lawyer to go off on a fool's errand.

I think Brent demonstrated pretty clearly that he knows his rights, and has acted courageously in his efforts to ensure his and everyone else's vote is counted. All without the campaign's time or money. There's a great example of grassroots effort, no whining, no crying, no demands for assistance. I'd say if you want justice, that is it right there.

Doug Wead, Jesse Benton, and the rest of the campaign have done a great job carrying the ball in their designated areas of commitment in this campaign. That is to promote Ron Paul, deal with the media for Ron Paul, and arrange these HUGE events we are boasting about here on the Daily Paul. Anyone can point out typos and mistakes they have made along the way, but hindsight is 20/20, and I am sure they appreciate any and all feedback that they have time in their busy schedules to get around to reviewing.

What more do you want?

Stop feeding the propaganda machine. Turn off your TV.

I agree with Paulbot2012

I could read it.I knew what was being said.So whats the pick pick pick all about?

Barbara Tranquillo

I've always thought about

I've always thought about this. I'm not saying I agree, but I can definitely understand some of your sentiments and feel it's worth bringing up because I've never seen it mentioned anywhere else. For some reason, it sometimes seems that the campaign should be a bit stronger in some points. Just look at the official campaign emails; what the hell is up with those? In my opinion they're about as fake and awful as cheap television advertisements. Also, I feel that Paul could have been a bit more prepared for the debates.

On the other hand, the strategy seems to be going quite well in terms of amassing delegates, which is what ultimately matters. I wish I knew more about Wead and his background in order to make a better decision. From what I can tell in the couple of interviews I have seen of him, he seems pretty passionate and genuine, but there's a bit of over confidence that makes it feel like a bit of an act to me sometimes. It might seem that it wouldn't matter because as long as Paul's getting delegates then who cares right? But the idea, supported by any real evidence or not, that someone could be infiltrating the campaign, is rather unsettling, and it couldn't hurt to look into Wead and Paul's other campaign organizers.


sure, they need to be subjected to critical analysis

When they fall short as Wead does in this singular instance it tells a story, it says the campaign isn't up to acceptable standards on an important matter.

It says the campaign is not being run in a proper way.

Wead usually has done a very good job as public spokesperson. That's what he was hired to do.

However, when he speaks to the choir, and gets it so very wrong---and on his blog he has shown me twice that he simply doesn't begin to understand the message of the Paul campaign---well then it's time to speak up.

Here, he's revealed he knows nothing of the particulars involving the arrests in St. Charles. That's because the campaign hasn't done the correct thing here, they haven't even bothered to inform themselves about the arrests.

For me, it's not a question of "infiltration"...it's a simple question of competence and heart.

This campaign again shows that significant decision makers lack both.

I'm perfectly content to have

I'm perfectly content to have the campaign focus on winning elections. I appreciate their sentiment in this article, even if it doesn't meet some people's standard of sincerity.



so 2 get arrested at one caucus

How many arrested before the campaign figures it's important to the campaign?

Why do I get the feeling you'd be the first to holler if your rights were violated, if you were imprisoned in that situation?

It's the weasel's way out to say "tough", it happened to someone else, so it really doesn't matter.

You are ready made to swallow the crap spewed by Wead and he's made a career spewing lies for any pol who'd pay him...real slimeballs.

But just sticking to your reason for being "content". What is the campaign doing to help win when they ignore this?

The only logical course is to pursue it legally, with intent to justify the wrong.

Or, does the Ron Paul campaign not have within its official ranks people who understand that?


Be content. Just don't miss the irony when you find yourself in the same boat wondering why no one rallies to provide you with the help you figure isn't needed in this case.

Sorry but your response won't

Sorry but your response won't draw my ire. I would take a bullet for Paul. I've been arrested and sat in holding for 36 hours and had to sleep on a concrete floor using a toilet paper roll as a pillow. Sucks, but you deal with it and move on. I don't know what his legal situation is, but even a public defender should get a trespassing charge dismissed or at the least, commuted to time served.

Honestly, I don't know why everyone fears arrest for minor offenses. The cops in the jailhouse treat you better than TSA agents, unless you are a trouble-seeking punk.

You wanna talk travesties of injustice, talk to me when you get around to discussing George Zimmerman.


why a public defender

You wrote: "Honestly, I don't know why everyone fears arrest for minor offenses. The cops in the jailhouse treat you better than TSA agents, unless you are a trouble-seeking punk."

Bit of an overstatement, isn't it?

Yes, a good defense lawyer should be able to get the case dismissed, and many public defenders qualify as such. However, that's not even an option at this point, as they've still got an arraignment pending.

Sadly, judges and the entire system tend to frown on insistence of accused to an attorney to represent prior to the time a person is expected to plead.

Your suggestion is that they take a deal or a fine and time served. Those are unacceptable, as all options other than "not guilty" represent a plea of guilty, an acknowledgement that one broke the law.

I have been in their shoes, many times.

I've had literally hundreds of threats of arrest in very similar (arrests for speech activities) situations, same list of possible charges, and a couple dozen or so potential cases resulting...getting them dismissed is the usual outcome, but it's not always.

Properly, the prosecutor by now should have dropped the charges...instead, with absolutely no pressure from the campaign, the prosecutor is free to do what all too many prosecutors do, which is go for the fines.

That pressure typically is applied by defense counsel. They won't even have public defense counsel until after the first attempt at an arraignment. Another reason why private counsel is the logical route to take.

For our side, nothing short of complete vindication is acceptable.

No one in their right mind would accept that our guys should be forced to accept a conviction, so the time served is not a respectable option.

A defense attorney in a case which goes to trial will cost in the tens of thousands (low tens to high tens). That's just the way it is, and it's what the campaign by now should have decided to do...perhaps they will...but why spend it at all, why put these 2 people thru a trial?

The prosecutor should have been induced to look at this as a losing case. That comes from public pressure, there's been none. Even if the prosecutor wouldn't drop it a motion for summary judgement would have a good chance of succeeding since the charges are an outrage.

A presidential campaign, with the visibility of Paul's, needed to get out a strong message and do it right away. Just looking at the campaign interest here, that was a no-brainer.

And it has not been done.

The larger issue here is the impact on free, fair, open and honest electons. We don't have them. How likely is it that we move in the direction of transparency when people get arrested for choosing the wrong candidate, Paul?

The campaign has bungled this matter, spectacularly. Now they even send forth the uninformed Wead to pretend that he knows what he is talking about to pretend that the campaign actually has looked into the matter and is addressing it.

Who is that show for? It's a song for the choir. They are doing this as a cheap trick to try and raise more money. They couldn't care less about the obviously more important issues at hand. And that speaks to the poor quality of some decision makers on the campaign staff---at best, they are incompetent.

What is Paul's message worth if the campaign won't fight vigorously to defend against such obvious travesty?

What does it say that their one and only official spokesperson gets the details wrong?

I mean come on. At least get the names spelled right and know that there were 2 people arrested, know about the seized property and retention of same.

Either the Paul campaign demands justice or the Paul campaign slaps itself in the face. Sadly, they have in their fold people like Wead (who hardly is inexperienced---a problem for many of the other decision makers with the Paul "professional" staff), and as a result, the campaign is quite good at making such goofs.

This is a simple matter. Right is right and wrong is wrong.

The arrest and continued prosecution of 2 Paul supporters is wrong.

By their silence and inactivity the Paul campaign reveals itself to be far short of the mark here. They've got to do a whole lot better than the lying piece by Wead.

I agree that being jailed for

I agree that being jailed for political purposes absolutely sucks and that all charges should be immediately dropped. However, I don't want the Paul campaign spending money on it or investing too much time and effort into a demand for justice. If too much focus goes into this, they'll just lock up more of us in hopes of draining the campaign's resources. Brent's efforts will be diminished if we don't achieve the Presidency. I know regardless of the final outcome that we have come a long way. I want it all though, I want to take over the GOP and put Paul in there and make way for his re-election and maybe RAND 2020 and RAND 2024. I want this country restored, and that requires focus. It requires the campaign to focus on victory. I believe that if the campaign stays focused, that we will win this thing. After the dust settles in November, perhaps the campaign can offer the real recognition Brent deserves and invite him to be a special guest at Inauguration Day.


that's exactly backwards

why would not fighting back mean others aren't hassled and even arrested as in this case?

Why is not objecting a proper course?

When would one object and fight back? When it's the next 2 arrested, when one is told there is no ability to request a recount? When 10 people are arreeted? When 1,000 people are turned away from the polling place?

At what time is it ok or in your judgement keen strategy to fight back? Ever?

The only way to handle these situations is to insist on justice, to fight to clear one's name and then to sue every taxpayer supported worker responsible.

So, that means, to make people like you pay for allowing this to happen. That's who did it you know...the taxpayers, they put the cops in there, the guns and badges came courtesy of the taxpayers, eveyr last one of the people like you who feel hell, it's not my problem...well it is your problem. You did it. Like it or not, the cops work for you, and their misbehavior is sanctioned by your mentality...the "glad it wasn't me" mentality.

Either you are on the side of free, fair open and honest elections or you are on the other side.

Insisting on respect for oneself never is wrong. Allowing something like this to go unanswered always is wrong.

Why is the election of a presidential candidate somehow more important than using other tools available, like insisting on being proven guilty?

Where is the citizenship aspect in what you suggest...and what you have said can be boiled down to a few simple words: "lie down and take it."

I'm saying there are going to

I'm saying there are going to be some casualties in this war. Obviously there is some tipping point when it comes to how many injustices are dealt against us, but 2 arrests is not that point, no matter how bad you want it to be. I don't understand why you are so bent on having the official campaign spend so much time and effort on this issue. It is a distraction to the long-term goal: Winning an election.

Your last paragraph is so ridden with logical fallacies, it's pretty sad, in fact. It's pretty reaching to try and connect me to dirty cops. I've never said I was glad it wasn't me. I have minimized this because it is a minimal issue. Brent has made less of a big deal about this than you have, and to my knowledge, the cameraman isn't on here harping as loud as you are about this, and they are the ones who actually went to jail. Methinks thou dost protest too much.



John Slevin has been speaking for me this entire time. I chose to stay quiet for other reason you may not be aware of. I think John sums it up

I will say this. I have tried to contact the campaign to speak with them about my intentions going forward and give them a heads up on what to expect and no one cares to return an email or phone call. I have emailed the campaign, I have called the campaign and left messages, I have tried to contact John Tate, whom I'm told offered to help, but have yet to hear back from any of them.

It's a shame they don't seem to be interested in assisting me. I believe it would be in their best interest to do so, don't you? What kind of message does that send to the next delegate that MIGHT be willing to put his ass on the line to protect the vote?

Depends On The Potential Delegate...

and his frame of mind. If he is wanting the campaign to recognize his effort, then I suppose a lack of response in this case might not convince that guy to step up. I submit that such a person never had it in him in the first place to do just that. Those are called fair-weather friends. Heroes don't think about what's going to happen in the long run when the opportunity to be heroic presents itself. Heroes just do what they believe is right in their hearts at the time.

I assume you have a valid reason for needing to be in contact with the campaign, but if you're just chasing "attaboys", you should just go on about your business and let them get back to work. It's getting down to the wire. There's a moneybomb on Sunday, several more primaries, the sudden shake-up of Santorum suspending his campaign, Newt's about to tap out, etc.

I apologize if my words don't sit well with either of you. I'm not here to sing "we shall overcome". I'm not speaking from a position of inexperience, I've sat in jail for 36 hours. The "law" I broke wouldn't exist in a free society. There ought to be some comfort in knowing what you did was right. I slept on the cold holding cell floor thinking that the "law" I broke shouldn't have been a law in the first place. You can't find comfort in that. I hope you can find comfort in knowing that you were doing the right thing and that such comfort was there for you to ease the time spent in jail.


I'm illogical and you believe Ron Paul is going to win

No one "needs to be in contact with the campaign".

It'd be nice if you got in contact with planet earth...is there a moon where you are?

There are people associated with the campaign who have taken the Missouri arrests so as to hype them for bucks.

That's the extent of the campaign's official involvement. They are lying, officially.

When 2,000 or so caucusgoers are rousted by armed officers so as to prevent their peaceful assembly it's of no matter to you---and to certain craven individuals within the Ron Paul campaign (such as Doug Wead) it's not necessary that anything at all be done, except to exploit the issue to grab some bucks.

Who the hell wants a president whose team won't do something to counter such a situation? Who will tolerate a campaign team whose purpose is to loot rather than to serve liberty?

Acceptable casualties? How about the people around Ron Paul start telling him the truth?

Let's take it from your perspective too...trying to win.

Why in hell miss this opportunity for media and for an actual win in a court of law?

The campaign is overrun with the kind of unimaginative, irresponsible, low and craven people as you see whenever you see Doug Wead.

They lie.

They do it to get bucks from donors they treat like saps.

They present an event like the Berkeley speech, where the crowd of 2,500-3,500 becomes 8,500. Because they say so. And you believe that.

And why not? They took a crowd of maybe 3,000 at Chico and made it 6,200, and you believed that as well.

They have persistently stated in fundraising materials that much of the money to be raised is for legal efforts, and they have undertaken no legal efforts. NONE.

As Ken mentions they've done nothing, absolutely nothing. Oh, but there have been those fundraising statements to their gullible contributors, they've said they are doing something so you believe them.

Brent indicates that he possesses secret knowledge. He doesn't. He does face an arraignment, as does Ken, that's public info, that's what is important. I could not care less what Brent claims to have been told by mucky mucks...and no one trying to do the right thing would.

This is not a situation where there even is a competent person addressing the Missouri arrests. The campaign hasn't got a staffer like that. They've got scamsters in high places.

The campaign continues with too many of these people who are bullshit artists, people who will say anything to get money. And THAT is their focus.

You want them to continue to focus on good campaigning. I'd like them to start to focus on running a competent campaign.

Their fundraising has dropped off because in the end they've not delivered. They've not delivered because they have not tried. They have not tried because that never was their intent and they simply would not know how, as they've never done it before.

When your supporters are arrested and prosecuted you act. When a caucus is busted up by armed thugs, you respond.

You DO NOT pretend to have responded, ask for more money to make the fight, when in fact you've done nothing at all.

You don't put out fundraising appeals explicitly stating that you have the matter in hand when in fact you've studiously avoided becoming involved and even learning basic facts of the situation.

When you continually state you are doing everything in the caucus states to win them, you oughta at least have made an effort in those states.

40 million dollars into the campaign the campaign ought to be able to show that they had a professional ground game in those states, rather than simply reaping the benefit of hardworking volunteer activists.

The campaign continually says "hey, look, we did this."

They did not. Others did it for them...the campaign allowed operatives to claim credit for what was achieved. And hey, by the way, send us more money so we can do even better.

Lying has become an all too commonplace trait of the people speaking out for Ron Paul, the people who are pretending to be competent and serious about winning.

Look at the constantly and obviously, grossly inflated crowd numbers put out by officials for the Ron Paul campaign, numbers which we know they also have reported to Ron Paul because he now has gone on public record repeating the bogus numbers. So, folks in the campaign lie to their donors and they lie to the candidate.

They are now engaged in the imminent contests, the 2 largest states in the Union, where registration and absentee balloting is key. They SAY they are doing it, they are not.

Again, they are lying. I've covered these events. Those aspects of the campaign are what I do professionally. I've sent people who do them professionally to see what is being done. Nothing is being done.

Continually lying about the crowd numbers (which systematically and routinely have been reported as far larger than the actual crowds were, in EACH instance and by wide numbers, typically more than doubling the number); continually expressing, for fundraising purposes, that they are doing things involving the "legal" system, when in fact they've done nothing; continually hyping to their donors that they are engaged in a serious effort to register Ron Paul voters when they are not so engaged.

They are lying and they are doing it to continue to take in money.

You accept that. I don't.

Your Insulting Tone...

"It'd be nice if you got in contact with planet earth...is there a moon where you are?"

Sorry, but at this point, I'm writing you off as anyone who's opinion I give any value. Insult my intelligence and you get nowhere with me. I'm sure there was something worth reading in your reply but I won't give you the respect of reading it. Good day, sir!


Respecfully John

I am not inclined to discuss legal issues on a public forum. Do not assume you know everything that is going on. Please try to refrain from putting details concerning things you may be privileged to be aware of out online for the world to see. It may cause problems you are unaware of.

I already know that

and I did not discuss anything specific that I might be aware of regarding the pending situation. Everything I discussed is public info. That the campaign hasn't done anything also is confirmed because they haven't, it's by omission true and easily obtainable information.

Mostly, there is Doug Wead, suggesting otherwise.

The fact he hasn't got a clue is what I was commenting upon.

How about some love for Mr. Wead

Doug Wead's official facebook page on has a little over 4500+ like. How about we bump his numbers a bit. This man rocks! Please take a second and like his page. Show the man we appreciate him.