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Mitt Romney Has A Little Delegate Problem... CBS News Finally Figures It Out

(CBS News) -- Mitt Romney may be the Republican Party's presumptive nominee, but it will be a while before he actually has the delegates needed to clinch the nomination.

Romney currently has 645 delegates, according to CBS News estimates. He now needs 499 more to reach 1,144 - the number of delegates a candidate must have to be nominated.

Full state-by-state delegate estimates from CBS News
Complete GOP primary results

Even though Romney's chief rival, Rick Santorum, has suspended his campaign, states continue to hold primaries. There are five contests on April 24th with 219 delegates at stake; but even if Romney won every single delegate that day he would be far short of 1,144. Wyoming and Missouri are holding conventions before April 24th where Romney may pick up some delegates but even winning all of them wouldn't bring him much closer to the magic number.

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it's a mixed bag

Santorum anti Romney vote can not be ignored. There are people who would rather stay home than vote Romney and were counting on Santorum being the nom.

You really have to understand that there are many who would rather stick a fork in their eye rather than vote Romney....you can relate to that can't you?

I think his point is that not

I think his point is that not all of them are so anti-Romney and it only takes a few going over to him to clinch it.

I think it will take more than a few, due to the enormous overestimates by the media of Romney's delegate count. But let's not let our enthusiasm make us blind to what is being said.

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

I can NOT understand this!

"He's a cookie cutter neo-con who is scathing towards Ron Paul" ?
How can anybody be this way? Ron Paul's positions are the same positions as the US Constitution, is he scathing toward it too? Even "Paul's" foreign policy is not HIS foreign policy, it is the exact same one laid out in the Constitution! Ask you "friend" if he would support an amendment that gives the president the power to bomb and invade anywhere for any reason, even against the will of the people.

my friend

Ironically it is the foreign policy issue that he is so scathing about. I think he's the way he is because he just rolls along with whatever Rush and Fox says and hasn't thought deeper about things. There's a lot of people like that out there. The right-wing 'msm' has been effective to a large extent in portraying Dr. Paul's postion on foreign policy and war as outside of the realm of conservative values when in actuality they have it completely backwards. That's been sold pretty well to the establishment republican voting block and is really the primary objection I come up against in talking up Ron Paul with people. Just the other day I was riding with a business colleague who is still under the impression that the Moslems are out to get us because we're free and Christian. Of course the premise is wrong and so is the assertion that America as a nation is free and Christian!

I guess I find it hard to

I guess I find it hard to believe that so many allow the media to make their opinions for them. I turned my cable off a while back. Anyway, when someone says, "I don't like Paul's position on foreign policy", try saying, "His position is simply to follow the law as laid out in the US Constitution, do you have a problem with the Constitution?" "Do you not trust the power of war to the people, to yourself?" "Under the Constitution, the people decide where to bomb and invade through their representatives, are you less able then Obama to make that call?" If they agree that Obama is smarter than they are, move on. Thanks for your reply, my friend!


I appreciate the poster's effort, truly, but I don't know why we even pass around MSM articles like this and give them any traffic. This article, from the snippet I can already see the delegate count is wrong, and from the readers' comments I gather it doesn't mention Paul. CBS is terrible. We really ought to just ignore outlets like them and let 'em die off as the rest of America wakes up.

Political Judo

The point is that even the most blasé network news now sees the obvious, even though they have no idea what has been simmering in the background. This fact can be used to the campaign's advantage.

I mean,

Maybe the point of posting it was to say, "hey, even CBS is admitting Romney doesn't have it cinched." But so what even if they inject a little truth into their reporting, it doesn't make up for most of it being lies! This movement doesn't need the mainstream media, and the most damage we can do to them is by ignoring them completely. I personally won't open anything from CBS, CNN, Yahoo!, AP, and some others who have treated Dr. Paul particularly badly, any more. They well earned my proud boycott. They get advertiser money based off of web traffic, I'm sure, and I'm not giving them any page views, period.

The State Conventions are coming.

Feb. 4th was when Nevada held their precinct caucuses. Romney "Won".
May 6th is when Nevada holds their State Convention.
If you are like many that have been following dailypaul.com for a while, you know that it is actually Ron Paul that has been cleaning up the delegates in Nevada in their county conventions.

Ron Paul made a statement about a month ago basically saying, "We'll see how the MSM views "Success" at the end of May.


With Santorum out now, and Gingrich essentially out, the State Conventions could very well turn for Ron Paul. NOBODY knows the true delegate count right now, and as of right now, Mitt can not get to 1,144 until the end of May, and that would be with having to win every state along the way.

Ron Paul IS the 'Anti-Romney' vote.

I think we are about to see the most amazing event occur in the next few months. Let the tables turn.

State Conventions don't mean

State Conventions don't mean a damn thing if they are bound.

To depend on Romney losing NY, California AND Texas (when he will easily win at least CA and NY) to keep him from 1144 is merely an act of desperation. And desperation doesn't get you far in life.


Time to kick a Troll

No Mark is so obvious it is quite entertaining

to watch him. Plus it's really great to refute him with facts that inform other people/supporters. At this point I would vote to keep him until a week or so after the FL convention because he may need crisis intervention or a shoulder to cry on and I'm sure we could be supportive at that point.

If he is a real problem he'll disappear but it's a good thing that people like him drop by to say hi because the steel of the revolution just gets honed by stones like him.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

What we NEED is some new

What we NEED is some new Anti-Romney donors coming on board in droves with a new influx of CASH! Many of us have maxed out or given all they can.


what if you gave a friend money to donate? just be like "ill give you $60 if you donate $50 to the paul campaign"

I am not a lawyer but there could be legal issues with that.

Much safer, if you have maxed out all you can legally give to the Paul Campaign directly but have more money you WANT to give is:

1. Donate to http://www.revolutionpac.com/ , they are a SuperPAC and you can legally give as much as you want to give them.

2. Donate to The Daily Paul


3. Donate to the Ron Paul Podcast. http://ronpaul2012.podbean.com/

All three of those are LEGAL ways you can help the Ron Paul campaign.

“Political tags — such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth — are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire."


The decision becomes more starkly clear with Frothy gone. Banker puppet Flip Mitt vs the Champion of the Constitution. Romney needs 80% of the delegates between now and end of May. Hmmm...

I'm in 100% -- bring on the money bomb! In it to win it!

He needs 80% of delegates

He needs 80% of delegates between now and May...to clinch it BY May...not counting unbound.

I don't even get why this article was written. It acts as if the THREE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FOUR delegates from June don't matter?

I think even the most optimistic Ron Paul supporter knows Romney takes both of June's Winter Take All states (UT and NJ) and their combined 90 delegates. That leaves 284 delegates that he will get a significant amount of...and quite possible MOST of since he is dominating the California polls. All total, he will likely get 250 or more delegates in June. That CBS wants to ignore for some reason. And that is not counting the RNC delegates which are OBVIOUSLY going to fall in line with the party and go overwhelmingly toward Romney. And then there are all the unbound votes, of which he will get at LEAST 100

So now...instead of needing 1144 by the end of May, he really needs only about 800 at the most. Which means instead of needing 80% of the delegates between now and then (and he gets 80% easily on the 24th) he just needs about 38%. And factoring in at least 80% on April 24th (again...since we do still live in the REAL world where you can't ignore his THIRTY POINT LEADS in some of those April 24 states) that meas he has to win just 18% of the May delegates which are ALL proportional.

Does anyone REALLY think he is not going to get at least 20% of May's delegates? That he is going to go from 30+% in a 4 way race down to less than 20% after his closest competitor dropped out?

Welcome to the Daily Paul

Yeah, yeah, yeah... I'm aware Flip Mitt is the "presumptive" nominee. You've regurgitated the presumptions. Yeah, the race isn't over at the end of May. You're right. If the MSM and corrupt establishment's narrative plays out then in a few months Flip Mitt will clinch the nomination. The point being made here is that the race is not over now and it won't be decided for a few months. In the meantime many things can happen. Frothy leaving the race clears the field and now the 2 choices (Grinchy is a check-bouncing bozo) are defined. It's Obama/Romney who stand for war/debt/surveillance/taxation/regulation/abortion versus Paul and peace/prosperity/freedom/life. The choice is set. For my part I DON'T REALLY CARE because I'm supporting Paul all the way. Quitting now is ridiculous when the outcome is uncertain and the choices are so polar extreme.

Judging by the VA results

Judging by the VA results where only Paul was Romney's rival in the ballot, Romney received 80% of the votes so it is very probable that he can get to that number.

That was 80% of the

That was 80% of the delegates, not 80% of the votes.

Not 80% of the delegates in Virginia

Romney won 43 delegates to Paul's 3 in Virginia - that's 93% of the delegates.

romney won 60/40

Nevada Convention

The Nevada State Convention is May 5th. We will be going with what amounts to a decisive majority of delegates.

The patriots of Nevada are going to fire a shot heard around the world on May 5th.

That's the day this election really begins. Stay tuned.

And dig deep for the next moneybomb, people, You are not going to regret it on May 5th.

I cannot WAIT until the time

I cannot WAIT until the time comes where the republican party and the media have to admit and submit to the fact that the only contender left standing, was there all along, waiting for the inevitable.

Its like asking a liar to admit to the truth

The only problem these creepy insane self enriching greedy talking head sold out traitor msm scum actually start to believing their own lies to justify their sub human actions.


They mind as well report...

..."Gingrich is the anti-Romney", and "Gingrich is the front-runner among social conservatives" while they're at it...

The MSM game, in total collusion with ALL media despite perceived left/right biases; repeat the word "Romney" in rote fashion, and the establishment's "problem"(us) will STOP FIGHTING the machine...[the article printed "Romney" at least a dozen times]


I completely agree. Well

I completely agree. Well said.

"As for Santorum's 252

"As for Santorum's 252 delegates, he basically gets to keep them for now."

FOR NOW...? or until the GOP concocts some sort of unprecedented procedure that reallocates frothy's delegates into the chosen ones pocket.

Santorum gets to keep them

and they are his if he unsuspends his campaign.If he doesn't at the convention they are unbound 1st round. We need to present our case fervently to turn them to Paul well before then.We have the best case to present why Ron is better than Romney and only Ron can win because of his appeal to all political parties.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

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Do it!

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