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Votes for Romney hanging by a thread

The main stream media has crowned Romney the nomination, much like they have dropped Dr. Paul out of the race by omission. They claim this is when the general election campaign begins. Obama's campaign has already begun pumping out some pretty convincing material that exposes Romney for who he really is:


Everyone from Romney's establishment endorsements to the broad GOP voting base, are still very luke warm / disenchanted with him. Their vote is literally hanging by a thread. That thread is the force-fed myth that he is the best chance to beat Obama. I propose we focus on cutting that thread.

We know that Obama would PWN Romney in the general election. Because Romney has so much liberal dirt on his record, he can easily be exposed as Obama-lite. The debates will be a joke, Obama will just say, " you already agree with me! " Not to mention the all important fact that unlike Dr. Paul, Romney's not going to dig into Obama's voting base. So as this faux "general election" mode continues, It could become clearer and clearer to the GOP voter base that their chosen one really doesn't have any ground to stand on.

If Dr.Paul can be presented as the best qualified to beat Obama, many will come his way...even if they are holding their nose to vote Paul instead of doing the same for "modified democrat" Romney.

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Two of my neighbors just asked for Ron Paul yard signs.. A 3rd..

A 3rd neighbor who has like three Obama signs in his yard told me yesterday that his whole family of loyal Democrats are voting in the Republican primary... FOR RON PAUL!


Its time to put in a new quarterback

The DNC is totally geared up for a run against Romney, and IMHO they will win with Romney on the ticket. A switch to RP at the convention will completely throw off their game, they won't have time to recover. Message to the RNC: Put in your best player, running Romney is destined to fail.

Oh yes. See Lack of Crowds Vexes Romney Campaign

You can also have a field day with Google Images- Dog's against Romney! Empty stadium in Detroit, small crowds everywhere. It's time to take this guy down. The Fox Faux News and the GOP is running full time to get Barrack Obama reelected. The Revolution is exposing the state run media. I am proposing that is the replacement name for MSM. SRM.

We can take advantage of that

If Obama adds work well against Mittens we can hit him with the same kind of adds and help Obama make the case that Ron Paul should be our next President.