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Big Surprise: Pakistan Wants To Be Left Alone

The Pakistani Parliament just released their Guidelines for Revised Terms of Engagement with USA/NATO/ISAF. It states flatly that “Pakistan’s sovereignty shall not be compromised.” And that includes no more drones.

Big Surprise: Pakistan Wants To Be Left Alone

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they haven't used their nukes yet, i guess there would be to much blowback from it. Leave the Muslims alone, let them pray to air and when they don't have any oil money than they will have to do use their brain and become different to survive, USA cannot speed the process up by doing what there doing, its called stop buying oil and frack our own.

Every innocent person we accidentally kill abroad...

erases one thousand so-called good deeds we may have done there. You can't put a price on or quantify the taking of a life of somebody's loved one. That death has a ripple effect through the community it affected, creating "zones" of hate for the US. We've killed enough people and it has rippled through the whole country. The only Pakistanis who want us there are the ones making money off of it.

With liberty and justice for all...who can afford it.

Pakistan "representatives" in Chicago for the NATO summit??

...ya know, "they" want to script a re-creation of the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago all over again ... whatever it takes to get Obama re-elected...that includes inciting/whipping up a crowd to violence...

A strong Muslim showing against our pre-emptive wars would be better than what we normally see at these protests...yes; the stereotype...white young anarchists provoking cops in riot gear and getting beat down and pepper sprayed for Alex Jones documentary films...