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Sean Hannity...I'm calling you out brotha!

For 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, you speak to millions of Americans on the radio informing us of what's going on. You confidently proclaim to be America's conservative voice and many conservatives do believe you are what you say you are. For the past 8 months and to this day, I hear you say that you will not publicly endorse any republican candidate. I constantly hear you say that this process of vetting the candidates is good and will only make the republican party stronger.

Being a principled conservative as well, I would have to assume that you yourself - even if you keep this decision a private affair - would never support Mitt Romney's candidacy to become the republican nominee as long as other candidates remain in the race. Especially when there are still candidates in this race who are, without a doubt, more conservative than Romney. However my presumption is hearsay as you refuse to speak publicly of this matter. What I have heard you say repeatedly over the past few months is that whoever the republican nominee may end up being, you will fully support them because you say Obama MUST BE defeated this coming election.

Please correct me if I'm wrong Mr. Hannity but I find something deeply flawed with your logic. You boldly make the statement that you are a voice for conservatives everywhere, standing up to the liberal main-stream media. But with your refusal to endorse a candidate as well as your refusal to publicly examine each republican candidate under a conservative microscope, I am having difficulty determining where your allegiance lies. I would think that a spokesman of conservatism would make it his top priority to examine each candidate and make it known how each candidate stacks up to a conservative checklist. In this regard, you have utterly failed.

Saying that you will support whoever the nominee is because Obama must be defeated makes me believe that you sir, are a loyalist to the republican party rather than a defender of the conservative movement. Actions speak louder than words and while you say you do not support any one candidate, your actions tell me otherwise. There are 3 remaining candidates left in the republican primaries and I hope we can agree that out of those 3, Mitt Romney is by far the least conservative.

I listen to your show everyday on my way home from work and I have noticed over the past few days that you have begun covering stories that mainly regards the general election and makes an assumption Romney will be the nominee. I can not understand why you - being the strong conservative that you are - would even make that assumption. On a professional level, it is not only bad practice by a reporter of your influence but also purposely deceitful. There is also an issue of integrity but I will leave that to be pondered by the American people. Because of this, I have concluded that you are a republican party loyalist who - from this moment on - is a supporter of Mitt Romney even when there are still more conservative alternatives available. You know what they say about people who assume? It makes an ass out of you and me. I don't make assumptions and I will speak from my heart and I will continue to support the candidate who has always been the most conservative, most principled man in the republican party...RON PAUL. Don't be an ass Mr. Hannity.

....come at me bro! :)

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Stop listening to his show

He is not a true patriot or a concerned American. He is an entertainer just like the rest of them. He gets paid to create controversy and attack the "left" and "liberals". He has no spine and no real direction. He knows everything he is against and nothing he is for.

I turned him off years ago because my ears have better things to hear.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

If there's enough of an outpour....

He will switch sides as well since he wants nothing to do with anarcho-Islam!!

He does not officially endorse anyone...and not Romney.

Sean Hannity's either a Democrat...

Or he doesn't feel its safe yet to *LEAVE* the Democrats, so he won't say Ron Paul's name.

Unless Obama suddenly tries to cancel the news services.
Then, everyone here would see him shout Ron Paul.

He should ABSOLUTELY leave the democrat party however as soon as possible, as that's the official party of the Harlot.

It is my surmise that Hannity

It is my surmise that Hannity is used to CONTROL OPPOSITION. Take your pick Hannity, Rush, Beck, Fox...have been floated out as conservatives. Alot of conservatives listen to them and believe them. Therefore they are controlling and molding conservative thought to lead conservatives down a certain path.

When Hannity went on and on about Rush and his calling out the free condom wanting law student and how Rush had the right to free speech and liberals have the right to free speech and Hannity took the moral high ground and then over and over said there were 3 candidates (when there were 4) and never used Ron Pauls name, I knew right then and there, there was a BIG problem with Hannity. (I had known before, but I absolutely could not believe the blatant lies and hypocracy ringing in my ears.) If I had not known Ron Paul was running I would not have known about Ron Paul by listening to Hannity.

Fox wanted to know where Ron Pauls campaign was and why the lights were out...all the while Ron Paul was speaking to 15,000-20,000 people that week in California. He is in Texas this week and 2 friends I have in Texas did not even know he is there.

Yes, I listen to him in the car. But not for truth...just for entertainment and maybe a little news. I found out from him that Santorum had withdrawn...but only because I was in the car and not checking the DP!

Not only do we have to wake people up to Liberty, we also need to wake them up to the fact that they cannot get their news from so called conservative stations or talk show hosts. People need to understand we are in an information war from all sides and that the opposition is seeking to control conservative thought thru the mainstream media and doing a darn good job of it. WAKE UP PEOPLE!


did you read that?
video: http://gawker.com/5900710/announcing-our-newest-hire-a-curre...

So here I am. And I come bearing gifts. The video above is of Mitt Romney and Sean Hannity bantering before the taping of an interview for the "Hannity Vegas Forum" in February. Of note: Romney professes his and his wife Ann's well-known love of horseriding, praising the qualities of the "Austrian Warmbloods" that his wife rides—the are "dressage" horses, he notes—while maintaining his own preference for the "smoother gait" of his own "Missouri foxtrotter."
Now there's nothing wrong with Mitt and his wife loving horseback riding. But remember this video next time Romney attacks Obama for golfing. The inherent elitism and snootiness of golf is NOTHING compared to competitive horseback riding. And I think Mitt loses points with the GOP base for his correct pronunciation of dressage. To GOP-voter ears it sounds not only gay, but even worse, French.
Elsewhere in the video you will see the two men discussing the possibility that this very footage may one day be leaked, as they warn one another against primping too carefully. "You don't want to have John Edwards moment," Hannity says. "Did you see that?" Romney replies: "Oh, yeah I saw that. It's one thing to do it for a second. It's another thing to do it for an hour." (And it's quite another for Newt Gingrich's wife to groom him like a circus walrus.)"

Hannity is in bed with Romney. They are both together horseriding with Romneys wife.

No offense, but you'd have more luck

Talking sense into a potato. He seems to have a crush on Newt from what I can tell, but Newt is done, and his hatred of Obama blurs his vision. He's said he agrees with 'well over 95%' of what Ron Paul has to say. I find it hard to believe he actually likes Romney the slightest bit, but he's as establishment as they come, and will vote as he's told.

Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito

Sean who?

Haven't listened to his radio show for almost a year (except when Dr. Paul or Rand Paul was on). Haven't watched his TV show in over a year. I got tired of wasting my time in his stagnant swamp of jingoistic neo-conservatism and have gained so much more from seeking out the pure springs of Liberty, with help from Dr. Paul, from Tom Woods (can't wait to sign up for Liberty Classroom!!), and from all of you here at the DP.

But well-stated reasons and conclusions!