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Ad Tyrone Mall in St Pete, Fl saying Ron Paul has dropped out the race.

My daughter just sent me text message saying there was an ad at the Tyrone Mall in St Petersburg Florida saying Ron Paul dropped out of the race. Trying to find out exactly where she saw it and who was responsible for it, as well as get video or a pic. Having trouble getting her on the phone. Anyone else in this area see this?

This just pisses me off.


Finally got my daughter on the phone. She said it was a video display titled "Mall News" Santorum and Paul drops out of race

Owned by Simon Mall group
Mall Management: (727) 345-0126
These two won't be back until Monday
Lauren Clark - Markenting
Susan Versani (I think she is also handling marketing)

Was told to call tomorrow after 11 am and ask for Rose.

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Please get a photo of this

Please get a photo of this and upload it to a photo hosting service such as http://tinypic.com

Simon Property Group can be emailed at http://www.simon.com/about_simon/contact_spg/ Tyrone Mall's page on their website is at http://www.simon.com/Mall/?id=135

It would probably be good to have a photo, or even a video, of the incorrect ad so that we can refer to it when emailing them.


Time to march through the

Time to march through the mall with banners, shirts and signs!

One word comes to mind..



I try to change people every day. Do You?


Public appearance by Dr. Paul.

5000 attendees, waving flags and carrying signs. That ought to do it.

Best idea

I've heard all day.

adam t

Let's hope she misheard the

Let's hope she misheard the ad. If not, we need to figure out who is behind it!

She read it.

It was a news blurb on a monitor she read. She was a bit confused asking me if it was true.

I will follow up on this and find out who is responsible. I will update as I do.

I know this may seem like small stuff in the grand scheme, but I have to let them know they are being watched and I want a follow up "Mall News" with an apology and a correction. We'll see if I get it.