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How To Triple Our Donations - Can Someone Get This to the Campaign?

The campaign needs to get on this immediately. Get a couple of iPhones or iPads or whatever works with Square dongles. What are they? They are credit card readers that you plug into your smart device. You set up an account and BINGO, you can get donations via credit cards.


So, do this at all of the rallies...walk the line and ask for donations of a few bucks...it's a quick and easy swipe of your credit card.

I was at UCLA. No one approached me about making donations of any kind. I still donated online. It's ok to ask. Some people will say no, others will love it.

Obama and Romney are already doing this.


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I like it!Awesome!!!!

Are we doing this this week?

Is this happening? If not, it NEEDS to. We need to keep the funds rolling in. This NEEDS to happen. Anyone with campaign contacts?


It would be easy

Someone from the campaign could coordinate with the state people to get volunteers. They could wear big "donate here" signs.



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Please keep bumping this

until we get some ANSWERS on how to implement. C'mon, the hour is late!

Bump this one up high. They

Bump this one up high.
They need the cash. Those rallies have lots of people willing to put up 5 to 20$.

NOTE TO MICHAEL (Any Moderator)

Can you get this message to the campaign?

Bump for Ending the Wars



bumping for genius

Gwen Kraft

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I agree

I agree

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Yes Yes Yes

We NEED this! It has been brought up a few times on the DP. SOMEONE here needs to contact the campaign PRONTO. I don't think we can do it without them. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe we just need to connect to the donation page via smartphone. Please, somebody tech savvy tell us how and what to do to make this HAPPEN! This could make ALL the difference in our fundraising! URGENT!

how about

if the money bomb exceeds 5 million Ron Paul wrestles a bear...or whatever crazy thing he would be willing to do:)

They actually need this card

They actually need this card reader that attached to an iPad and is associated with EventBrite! =) Don't they use Eventbrite for free reservations?


I think it can be used for merch, so why not donations?



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double bump

we really need to start turning all the enthusiasm and support into concrete votes and contributions

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GO GO GO GO GO GO!!!!!!!

This NEEDS to be done.

This NEEDS to be done. Contact the campaign somehow. This will definitely bump donations.

Why we didn't utilize this

Why we didn't utilize this sooner....

this is the best idea I've

this is the best idea I've heard in a long time!!!

Liberty or Death

good idea for sure! need to

good idea for sure! need to get on this! fact is campaigns require money. We can't go on without money and donations. We can go cheer for him and listen to him speak all day but it costs him money to get to all these places with his staff.


With tons of rallies still to come, this is a great idea!! We need to get the campaign to do this!!!