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Ron and the Judge: Two titans of liberty.

Very good idea. It's time to bring the next vice president on the campaign trail.

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If Romney announces Santorum

If Romney announces Santorum is campaigning with him and or is his VP pick then I say Ron Paul announces the Judge as his pick. It would be very interesting to see how his fellow fox news commentators treat him if he were to run with RP. He has national name recognition, and would instantly give a boost in the campaign to win big time. Heck if Ron Paul announces it now, it would be a huge boost and FORCE Romney to follow suit. People would then see clearly EXACTLY what they are getting if they vote Ron Paul, VS Romney who they don't know who is vp is yet. There is so much speculation about, is he going to pick a conservative, will it be to get women votes, or to get hispanic votes. I guess at this point I dont see how it could hurt us.

Romney might announce he's

Romney might announce he's campaigning with Santorum, I believe this is our chance to get another champion of Liberty, the Judge.This could be a tipping point depending on when/where/what medium/what speech follows it (must be unique). If the campaign can pull this off, a unique speech, hitting rights, the economy, Constitution, talking about war (economically and how weak dollar relates to defense, talk about 2nd amendment "can't invade america, a gun behind every blade of grass", NOW is the time.

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He can win the Neocons with

He can win the Neocons with an STRONG Dr. Paul speech, everyone here knows what I'm talking about, when Dr. Paul is a little pissed off, he takes it from champion of liberty to R3VOLUTIONARY. Compassion has worked and does work, but this needs to be UNIQUE.

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I don't know what the answer is

But we desperately need to do something BIG to remind everyone we are still here and more motivated than ever

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I agree.

I am very reluctant to give campaign advice but I am starting to think we are coming up on the time we go all in. Might want to wait til a week before Texas. I know many establishment voters that like the Judge. If I was to pick Paul's running mate it would be him. I believe a move like that might just be the thing to capture the republican base. It would be very telling to see how FOX NEWS would spin it.