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WND : " Is Ron Paul Off The Rails On Social Issues?"

WND : " Is Ron Paul Off The Rails On Social Issues?"

Conor MacCormack defends Republican candidate against Joseph Farah's barbs

Published: 14 mins ago

(THE MORAL LIBERAL) — While attacks on Ron Paul’s integrity and exemplary moral conduct are not anything new (especially those coming from the Scribes and Pharisees that inhabit the so called “Religious Right”), it is disheartening to see them emerge from those who exhibit an understanding of the biblical natural law principles of individual liberty, peace and limited government denigrate the good doctor over trifling theological or denominational differences of opinion. One of the most surprising criticisms came from the pen of World Net Daily editor and columnist Joseph Farah, who has historically been an outspoken defender of the very principles that are articulated by Dr. Paul and the whole freedom movement.

In a recent column, Mr. Farah voiced his displeasure over what he perceived to be Dr. Paul’s neglect of “social issues” that dominate the political platform of the Christian Right and their allies in the Republican Party. “A perfect illustration of what I’m talking about came recently in an interview Paul did with CNN,” Farah wrote. He continued: “Asked about whether he considered so-called “social issues” a “winning area for Republicans in November,” he said: “No,” said Paul. “I think it’s a losing position.” We all know what Paul means. “Social issues” are loosely defined as “moral issues” like abortion and same-sex marriage.” (Emphasis added)


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my exchange with Joseph Farah


To answer your question; "How do you de-federalize policies Washington has already illegitimately usurped.(?)"

We elect constitutionally fluent, constitutionally obedient, politicians like Ron Paul. (In case you didn't notice, he's the only one in the race Joseph.)

It's time the so-called consevative media got off it's collective asses and propagated the truth about Ron Paul.

So far the so-called conservative media has just BEEN AIDING AND ABETTING BARAK OBAMA'S RE-ELCTION.

Making excuses for the staus quo candiates dirty records, covering up their pasts is not helping conservativism.

It's easy to quaterback from the cozy sidelines. Ron Paul has to pick his debate issues carefully so as not to be going in too many directions.

What he has done through these two campaigns is so rare and exquisite only a fool would criticize him. And there are plenty of those around.

Ron Paul has addressed 'de-federalization' numerous times in numerous speeches..

It has taken Ron Paul 30 years just-to-get-his-dumbed-down-audience-up-to-a-level-of-understanding-where-he-can-even-have-an-intelligent-discussion-about-the-hi-jacking- of-America-by-both-parties.

Pay attention. The survival of the country is depending on it.


What these literalists do not understand

is that one can be socially conservative without being a religious fundamentalist. The religious right always conflates the two.

And they lose so much of their message by resorting to prostletizing. WND is doing great work exposing Obama etc. but they mix it all in with Christian Evangelism so that most of America runs in the other direction. Glenn Beck did the same thing.

Paul smartly believes what he believes but does not come across as a whacko. Paul is a social conservative. Faith, family, pro-life, pro-community, responsibility, anti-entitlement, anti-consumerism. But he does not bang people over the head with Jesus.

I think its time Ron Paul just openly call out the real issues..

....To outlaw abortion at the State level, leaving such things up to states to decide is pure logic.

Because flat out, the Federal Government is what seems to have always created the problem to start with. Giving it power to outlaw/legalize anything isn't wise at all.

Ron Paul should hit on that hard, but of course boost the key element - Being pro life means that issues like gay marriage and so forth be easily fixed at the state level.

And of course, that staunchly means Dr. Paul is against such issues like gay marriage. Logic would dictate you need not be in favor of any of that, if its the States who decide.

reedr3v's picture

A spirited defense. It's great to see the NAP

being recognized beyond libertarian circles.

RP makes Farah uncomfortable

because the comparison showcases Farah's hypocrisy.

Or the fact that Ron Paul beats Obama...

Every poll shows Ron Paul ahead of Obama.