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1,001 Delegates, 19 States To Go

Can you guys believe what's going on!? Even with the old media blackout, the troops are strong and morale is very high right now! Not because Santorum bowed out - morale is high because Ron Paul is winning over the hearts and minds of America, and his crowds prove it.

If Ron Paul wins every state, he will win the GOP nomination...

Not likely, but what happens if a giant story about a scandal breaks on Romney in let's say...a week from now? What if Romney drops dead like Andrew Breitbart? What if Ron Paul simply does better than Romney in the remaining states and the GOP heads into Tampa without a clear nominee? Anything is possible.

Romney needs to win over half of the 1,001 delegates remaining to clinch the GOP nomination crown. The likelihood of that happening is about the same as Ron Paul winning 19 straight states. The recent CBS news article posted on the front page of the Daily Paul explains our present situation quite well. Strap your seatbelts on folks, and get ready for some serious fun. The rEVOLution is going all the way to Tampa Baby.

April 24, 2012

Connecticut 28 delegates
Delaware 17
New York 95
Pennsylvania 72
Rhode Island 19

May 8, 2012

Indiana 46
North Carolina 55
West Virginia 31

May 15, 2012

Nebraska 35
Oregon 28

May 22, 2012

Arkansas 36
Kentucky 45

May 29, 2012

Texas 155

June 5, 2012

California 172
Montana 26
New Jersey 50
New Mexico 23
South Dakota 28

June 26, 2012

Utah 40

Set your mind to an idea, and press play...and then edit, lol.

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In cd6 minnesota ron paul won 3for 3 &3/3 alt YES

Could you please edit

some of what you wrote. We are trying to ATTRACT Santorum supporters here. I do not understand why such contensious words need to be used at this point.
They're Americans, like you and me, and they love our country, too, and do not want to see it flushed down the toilet.
And I don't need a lecture about 'freedom of speech'. That kind of rhetoric may have been ok during the dogfight but that's over now. It's time to greet and welcome those who may be heartbroken 'their guy' is no longer in the race and looking for a new place to hang their hat.
Many remember how it felt 4 years ago when Dr Paul called it quits. Let's show a little respect and empathy.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

Thanks for this info! Now,

Thanks for this info! Now, which states are winner take all, and which ones are proportional?

You talk about a major

You talk about a major scandal? There is one coming for Romney.. PONZI SCEME...

Wait a minute zooamerica ,

Wait a minute zooamerica , Can you add and subtract ? There are 1001 delegates left in this 2012 Primary/Caucus Season . IF Ron Paul won ALL of it from here on end , that would only Give Ron Paul 1,062 delegates , not the 1,144 delegates needed to be the nominee . So I think you should think about and explain to us what your really trying to say , and that is , if this race goes to a Brokered Convention , then Ron Paul will win Hands-Down . What in the hell are you saying ? I think your a TROLL !


If you think that Ron only has 61 delegates then you haven't been reading much on the DP!

Troll seems excessive (and

Troll seems excessive (and uncalled for). Around 61 delegates in the lower estimate of Paul's delegate total.

What happens if this house of

What happens if this house of cards monetary system falls apart? People will flock to Paul in a BIG way. My theory is they are desperately trying to hold things together till after the election, and maybe they can, hell maybe they can keep it together for 5 more years... but maybe they can't.

maybe thats why they want

maybe thats why they want romney running since hes the business man who can help "fix" it after it hits the fan

Im being down voted for that

Im being down voted for that lol, wow some people here got their panties in a bundle.

could be

the establishment definitely is arrogant enough to think they can pull that off, but when the shtf people will be looking for REAL answers and their dog and pony show doesn't have them. The good doc does though!

I'll start us off

President Paul! President Paul! President Paul!

Even with..the troops are strong and morale is very high


Can you guys believe what's going on!? Even with the old media blackout, the troops are strong and morale is very high right now! Not because Frothy the beauty pageant pig..er, princess bowed out - morale is high because Ron Paul is winning over the hearts and minds of America, and his crowds prove it.

President Paul, President Paul!

BTW- Pennsylvania...

Delegates are Unbound and all but 13 have NOTHING to do with the beauty contest primary!! You run as a Delegate and get voted on WITHOUT stating preference....if we identify who are the Ron Paul delegates ahead of time we can win.


Rule 8.4 of the Republican State Committee of Pennsylvania's Rules states that all delegates elected by Congressional District "...shall run at large within the Districts and shall not be officially committed to any particular candidate on the ballot."

The other 13 are chosen by or are party hacks.

BTW also - I have read that we will do very well and just might win South Dakota, Montana AND New Mexico....a super strong showing in California on the same day and we could possibly steal the show right at the end of the campaign!

"If you put a gun to my head and said vote Romney/Gingrich/Santorum...I would say pull the trigger!"