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Today April 14th Nueces County TX Republican Convention

Nueces County Republican Convention, SD18 AND SD20

Registration: 9:30am to 11:30am

Convention Begins: 12:00pm

Who can attend: Any registered Nueces County Voter. Attendees must sign an Oath of Affiliation to the Republican Party.

Location: 9768 La Branch, Corpus Christi, TX 78410

You may also register early by calling HQ, confirm Sam Dalton is available.

If you plan on attending please email me (carmen.calderone@gmail.com) your name and precinct number if you know it. Also a group of us will be meeting up that morning for breakfast and to go over last minute details.

We'll be meeting at 9:30 in the morning for breakfast. If you want to join us come to:

Taquero El Mexicano 5650 Leopard

If you have any last minute questions about the convention we'll have a little time to go over them.

We'll see you there!

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Attending a Texas Convention this weekend? - Watch this video!


This is a spreadsheet we used in Nueces County last week to make sure the vote counts were correct. Since there were no precinct conventions, the voting strength of each precinct is determined by the number of votes Perry got in 2010 divide by 25, so if only you show up from your precinct to the convention you get all the votes for your precinct.


I cannot figure out where to host the spreadsheet so email me and I will reply with the attached file. Something as simple as "send me the spreadsheet." will work. fxjason@ymail.com

Bexar county

Man oh man, I wish we had the numbers too. I was at my SD convention and we were able to strike the camera rule with help from others not known to us. We had room for 94 delegates (total) to go to state... and only 70 applied... so all of us Ron Paul supporters were able to go through to state. We also filed the papers with 1/5 signatures for roll call (voting by strength of precinct) which helped but was only used twice. overall i wish we had been able to do a little more recruiting in my SD to get the numbers. Overall went well :)

good news!

Looks like there are 4 SD in bexar county, pretty huge area, glad you made it out!


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No Camera Rule?

Following the forum topics for the various conventions, a common regulation expressed was the "no camera rule." First, it seems like this came from somewhere at high levels because nearly all the conventions are reporting it. Second, can someone explain how they are allowed to do this? I think this information would be good to know going into future conventions. Are the leaders permitted to make up rules prior to the start of the convention?


there are rules committees that make the rules, that was placed on a list of temporary rules for the convention. One of us got up to try to strike down the rule and got a vote on it, but it failed. So the vast majority wanted that rule unfortunately. But the leadership was fair and called for a vote count by precinct and allowed debate. They didn't shut us out.


my opinion...short & skinny...we didn't have the numbers.

Nueces county was fair. I thought the Precint Chair did a good job keeping things fair. Everyone got to speak their mind.

If we had the numbers, the Nueces convention could have gone our way, but the turnout was very low..maybe 20% Paul folks if that.

Overall, turn out was horrible, in my opinion - for all sides. Lots of precincts were not represented by anyone.

Ofcourse the Delegates & Alternate Slate that was already prepared and pre-approved by the credential commitee got passed by majority. There was some bickering over this, but the numbers weren't in our favor to make any changes to this.

I did make alternate delgate....not sure how many others. Pretty sure no Paul supporters made actual Delegates postitions because those slots were filled in by the good-to-do's, just some others might have made alternate list.

The convention seemed to drag on forever with the same few people dragging it out.

ALSO, they made a rule, no Recording of any kind except by credentialed media as one of the first items of business. Arguments were made on boths sides, for and against, but again, the numbers were not with us, and the folks who cry about the lack of trasparency in Washington seem to have no problem having no transparency at the local level.

Even so, there weren't any apparent breaking of the rules as far as I could tell this time around. Like I said, in my opinion the Chair was very strict to make sure both sides played by the rules and overall did a good job keeping things fair and squables to a minimum.

FOR other states and counties.....BOTTOM LINE...If you want to be on the delegate or alternate list..CALL and express interest PRIOR to the convention, if you're outnumbered, you're not going to make the list at the convention.



I agree with you. As far as I can tell we got about 20 - 25 alternates and at least 2 delegates.

Still very hopeful for your next steps

Do not under-estimate the number of alternates you have. 70% in of the alt will be moved up.

It is a two way street and need to be worked on actively to develop a majority. Don't only expect RP supporters to call and express interest to you. You also need to reach out to them. Start early, call, meet in person all your Ron Paul donors and known supporters. Ask them get on board to be a delegate. Do not only rely on a handful of volunteers. The single biggest strategic mistake made in my county is we did not engage the donors. We only contacted people who are active in the Ron Paul group of which only less than 40% got on the delegate process. Pursue them!!

I understand your county convention - the turn out was a big problem. But at the district and state level, you can still bring new people in that have not been in the previous conventions. You can nominate people from the floor as long as the person who does the nominating is present! That is the rule in my state - GA.

There is still a lot you can do! Keep up the good work!

Well I think....

the last go round is what made this convention run smooth. I'm at least satisfied there wasn't some immediate chaos, lol.



These folks were absolutely paranoid about having another 08' fiascle. No doubt 08' was burning on their minds.

Sounds like Paul supporters

Sounds like Paul supporters were outnumbered. How about an UPDATE! How did we do in Nueces County?

Couldn't stay for the whole thing

but there was an amendment proposed to allow recording, but it failed. I'd say there was maybe 30% ron paul supporters. The chair of the convention was voted in. wasn't any controversy at that time.


We will stream any event LIVE

If you are going to be at an event and you have a web enabled camera or smart phone, let us know and we will stream your video LIVE and free of charge to you!


An alternative to the MSM Machine http://freedombroadcastingnetwork.com/
Ron Paul friendly news: http://www.newsetal.com/

Hidalgo county

I will be going next saturday. I dont think i can afford to go to the state convention but i would like to nominate people. How? I know another person who will be going too. Ive been trying to read the rules like the 2/3 to change rules.

Time to get some rest see you

Time to get some rest see you guys in the morning.

Hope that you saw my comment below.

Having a printed slate really works.


Put stars at the top of your slate & make sure EVERY Ron Paul delegate knows to vote for that slate & no other - the one with the stars. Give out that slate, make lots of copies. Believe it or not, the non RP people will vote for that slate too, because people do what they're told. If someone asks, "Who are the people on this slate? Why am I not on here?" You respond, "These are people who ahead of time said they wanted to be elected delegates to the state convention, so we just printed this slate so we'd have them on a ballot."

If you plan on attending

If you plan on attending please email me (carmen.calderone@gmail.com) your name and precinct number if you know it, if you dont know you can send me your address and I can find out for you. Also a group of us will be meeting up that morning for breakfast and to go over last minute details.
Contact me and I will give you all the details.

Keep in mind that we need

as many Ron Paul supporters to show up for these County Caucuses whether they want to be a Delegate or not...

If you don't wish to be a delegate, go to the caucus anyway to vote for the Ron Paul Delegates...Victory is won , when the Ron Paul supporters show up in overwhelming numbers...

Paul, then will win every Delegate and alternate slot...Go for it!

It's proportional!

So any vote helps get him to a delegate!

Good Luck

Good luck in Nueces on April 14! Stay strong! I'll be looking out for youtubes. :-)

Don't forget to file

as candidates for Precinct Chair. The deadline to file is June 1.

You need to get it notarized then delivered to your County GOP Chairman.

Here is the form:

I Wouldn't Miss This For The Three Stooges Movie!

Curly Howard for VP!

This Saturday April 14th Nueces County TX


If the "County Nomination Committee" is hostile...

... Can we submit delegate nominations from the floor of the Convention? Thanks.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

Yes, for more info contact me

Yes, for more info contact me at carmen.Calderone@gmail.com

And never forget what happened there 4 years ago

several youtube videos on this event.


"To everyone out there:

Please understand that this is not an isolated incident. Apparently the Nueces County people were following the direction of the state party officials. If you would like to help stop this illegal behavior contact the Attorney General and the Department of Justice - DEMAND AN INVESTIGATION. Share the story - INSIST THE GUILTY BE DISCIPLINED!!!"

This is incredible!

The Texas G.O.P. as in the other states doen't like following their own rules in the Roberts Rule book. Maybe bring a bull horn so that, when you say point of order they will hear you and not ignore you.

I hope the Ron Paul delegates don't have the same troubles again this time around.


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