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Today April 14th Nueces County TX Republican Convention

Nueces County Republican Convention, SD18 AND SD20

Registration: 9:30am to 11:30am

Convention Begins: 12:00pm

Who can attend: Any registered Nueces County Voter. Attendees must sign an Oath of Affiliation to the Republican Party.

Location: 9768 La Branch, Corpus Christi, TX 78410

You may also register early by calling HQ, confirm Sam Dalton is available.

If you plan on attending please email me (carmen.calderone@gmail.com) your name and precinct number if you know it. Also a group of us will be meeting up that morning for breakfast and to go over last minute details.

We'll be meeting at 9:30 in the morning for breakfast. If you want to join us come to:

Taquero El Mexicano 5650 Leopard

If you have any last minute questions about the convention we'll have a little time to go over them.

We'll see you there!

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no answer

I am annoyed too. If I am on my desktop I can make my window wider to see them but on the laptop it is impossible. It needs to change so that it doesn't collapse and then there would be a scrollbar so you could scroll to the left and see them.

Even Worse! Now I can't Edit my Posts!

Grr..... I am not mad, just annoyed. As a premium subscriber I would hope I could do the basic functions of this site.... Not being able to edit posts stinks because I type fast and sometimes make typos.

I put 51 delegates for Missouri but it is 52. Can't fix it.

BTW - From Brent Stafford - Ron Paul will get 43-45 out of 52 Delegates from Missouri to the RNC. Booyah!

"If you put a gun to my head and said vote Romney/Gingrich/Santorum...I would say pull the trigger!"