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Ron Paul is Coming Home to Pittsburgh Apr 20th *Event Ticket Link*

Help welcome Congressman Ron Paul to the University of Pittsburgh next Friday at the Soldiers and Sailors Auditorium! You can register for a free early seating voucher at the link below, that will allow you to enter the rally at 6:00pm. General attendees will be able to enter at 6:30pm, and the rally will start at 7:00 pm.

Register for a free seating voucher here: http://ronpaulatpitt.eventbrite.com/


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I am on the waitlist to see

I am on the waitlist to see Ron Paul in Pittsburgh. Does anyone know if it is first come first serve to be seated? And is there a place for an overflow crowd to listen on speakers of some sort? Just curious.

What about Cornell announcement?

This Pitt talk has been on the front page for a week. What about the talk Ron Paul is giving at Cornell the day before (4-19-12) at a larger venue?

Okay so first I thought "Really? That's all? Shhhiiiiitttt..."

And then I remembered... that's OVER 2,000 PEOPLE! If we fill that place up (or even close)... that'd be like FIVE TIMES the biggest crowd that stupid Mittens ever got! Why? CAUSE DR RON PAUL IS A FRIGGIN ROCK STAR!

Seriously. I think I occasionally need to reset my scale. ... We're talking about a crap ton of people here.

And, even cooler... I'm hoping the lunch he has earlier that day has a much much MUCH smaller crowd. ;)


Only seats 2345 people.

That Auditorium is absolutely beautiful but it only seats 2345 according to their floorplans online.

The best way to make use of this venue is to take lots of Pics of Paul speaking at that fantastic setting... The crowd? Unless tons of people are waiting outside to get in, telling people we filled that place up is kind of a let down from last week's numbers.



Register for a free seating voucher here: http://ronpaulatpitt.eventbrite.com/

Is this a print-out voucher? Does this require a printer?

Yes, you can print out the

Yes, you can print out the voucher.

There is also a mobile app for the Apple Store and Android Market.


"Yes, you can print out the voucher."

No I can't. I don't have a printer. That's why I asked. So I will ask again.... nevermind... I should've known better than to ask such a complicated question.


Sorry if you read my response in a tone in which I did not mean it to be read. I was only trying to be helpful, not insult you or anyone in any way. I'll word my responses better next time.

I meant it to be read as an informative reply; Yes, it may be printed out if you are able to print it, or if you would like, you can retrieve your voucher using the Eventbrite mobile app on Apple devices or Android Market devices if you are able to do so.

Peace. Love. Ron Paul. =)

Please consider doing the following


Remember guys, we are the campaign, we need to be the one's promoting the money bomb, becoming a delegate, saving our nation!!

Take these www.3StepsTowardFreedom.com to assist Ron Paul in becoming our next Commander In Chief. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-480OMya3U


Wish I was there.


To bad they couldn't find a large venue south of Pittsburgh in Hempfield twp Westmoreland county. April 20 is practically a holiday for hemp, celebrated all around the world. Ron Paul on 4-20 in Hempfield would've generated huge buzz. lol. (no pun intended). And a 420 Money Bomb on that day would made the whole day's event pop.

Since Santorum dropped out, I

Since Santorum dropped out, I wanted to make a handout that focuses on the only 2 viable candidates for the Republican nomination. Paul vs Romney

View it here: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B0oRX5D16N4XcnFNUGtCem1ZNE0/...

or download the high res PDF and TIFF versions here: http://www.mediafire.com/?ur39a9e81t9n9

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I'm way too excited about this. This is my first rally. How early should I show up?

Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito

I went 4 hrs early to

I went 4 hrs early to Berkeley and was the 5th there. 2 hours before we had around a thousand.

Please Help Spread the Word

There is a Facebook event created for this: https://www.facebook.com/events/377298755626878/

Please invite as many people as possible.

Also I just order 900 super brochures to pass out around Pitts campus. If anyone is interested in helping out, please send me a message and I can make arrangements to give you some of these brochures.


Awesome of you to try and

Awesome of you to try and pass out brochures. I've heard there's a smartphone app that can take donations. Perhaps the organizers can get volunteers that can collect money. Particularly after his speech when everyone is hyped up on liberty! They could set up tables or wear something that identifies them as volunteers taking donations. Or attach something on the brochure that says Paul doesn't received money from the bailed-out banks like Obama and Romney - please donate to ronpau2012.com...

I can help out, email me.

I can help out, email me.


Ron Paul is a TEXAN! (at least until their primary)
There is an old saying in Texas..
There are three things you can be in Texas.
1. A Texan (born and raised)
2. A Yankee (comes to visit then leaves)
3. A Damn Yankee (comes to Texas and stays)

If you are a Texan..There is only one good choice, so SHHHH!


I'm there!

"Freedom granted only when it is known beforehand that its effects will be beneficial is not freedom." - Hayek

Holy crap!! YES!!!


I'll see y'all there!!!!!!!!!!

PA for Paul !!

Just printed my tickets! I missed him last time he was in town, so I'm excited for this visit! Hopefully we'll be too big for Soldiers and Sailors and have to move to the 12,000 seat Peterson Event Center.
See you there!


What does Soldiers and Sailors hold for capacity?

~2300, according to the poster below

They use it for graduations and other events like that.

Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito


thank you

cant wait, just printed my

cant wait, just printed my ticket, and working on getting more to come with!

Kathleen Gee's picture

Finally...I get to see Dr. Paul! WooT!

Didn't get a ticket in time to see him in Michigan, so I'm heading to Pittsburgh. Woohoo!!! I'll be the one with the Peace Blimp. :)

So, is there a pool yet on how many days it will be before the fill up the first venue and move to the second? My pick is Sunday.

"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

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I saw RP 4 years ago at pitt.

I saw RP 4 years ago at pitt. He filled up the building on bellefield. THIS TIME AROUND HE IS AT SOLDIERS AND SAILORS. When obama and clinton came thats the building they used. Good to know RP is moving up in the world.

Can't Wait!!

for the event. Longtime lurker, first time poster. Love Dr. Paul's message, he made me see the light. I've been doing some dirty work daily to persuade a lot of friends and family over to our side. Let's pack the house and show them this race is NOT over!!

change the time

I know it is part of the problem in america today, but they scheduled this speech at the same time of the penguins flyers palyoff game. It's got to be switched to 6 pm so there is no serious conflict. Sure the die hard ron paul libertarians will be there but they were voting for Paul already, this isn't the group of people we are targeting. I'm from Pittsburgh, I know the people take their sports seriously and won't go to a political rally while a penguins playoff game is going on. Again, I know this is what is wrong with America but it is our current reallity. If we are to bring more people to the cause the campaign needs to be aware of these things and schedule events accordingly. Please people do what you can to adjust the time so that this event is as big as it can be.


I lived in Pittsburgh for 4 years and it will be impossible to get the anverage yinzer away from that game. It's sad, but sports are ridiculously huge there (this coming from a Browns fan).

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