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Romney + Fox behind the scenes exposed! Let's win the anti Romney vote

I know Ron Paul himself wouldnt use this in a advertisment BUT Im not as humble as the good Dr. and I say we need to do the dirty work!



from the ultra liberal tyt:

Romney talking french and admits using teleprompters. Even speaks about flipping(!) words using teleprompters. So he critizises Obama for playing golf and using teleprompters while he rides french horses reading from telepromters himself..

All this while the biggest donors of Obama and Romney is Goldman Sachs. Sure Romney understands Obama ..

This needs to go viral while always stating how Ron Paul stands since 30 years to his words never taking any lobbyist money(and gaining momentum everywhere -> big crowds)!
Where are the video producers?

All the flip flops. all the out of touch comments from romney in one ad +
remarking that obama and romney are the goldman sachs candidates who represent the establishment while informing the people about Ron Paul, his consistency and the growing support(crowd picture)

Santorum supporters? You really want to vote for this elitist hypocrit?
You really want to vote for unity slates that support Romney?

I think this is an excellent time to pressure the media and their advertisers(!)

Lets restore America!

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he's a fake

His whole campaign is a fake. They even have to hand out fake "grassrooots" signs.

What was the point of this post?

Sorry, but I kept waiting for a bomb to be dropped or Dr. Paul's name mentioned, but nothing.

just another proof that romney is a hypocrit and the media in be

with him. that shared with people from the GOP might help the task at hand.

These are Dumb

Hope you have some real stories to post next time.

What's the Problem?

What was "EXPOSED"? That Mitt's wife love to ride horses? Good Lord! I grew up on a ranch and rode horses too, what's the big deal? What am I missing here?

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

It was exposed that Mitt Romney is a hypocrit and the media is

on his side.

Just watch the videos and a Romney speech(maybe get drunk lol) and you know that he is just an actor along with Sean Hannity.

Of course we see that clear as day...

We have the first chance in a long time now, to get Fox News out of the *democratic party machine* and get them to report the real news!

So everyone should write them an email or letter, tell them Ron Paul is polling higher than Obama in all areas. Show them the Pew Research poll.

Force them to defy this illegal intimidation by Obama. There will not be a sellout that's meant to lose to Obama by default, it is time that Obama is booted from office and that means...shout the polls to the media everywhere!!

Get Fox News to report the polls, the real one and get Fox back in the hands of the Republicans so Romney is finally undressed as a fraud!

Help break Fox News away from Democratic Party machine!

Email these latest polls to all of Fox News advertisers, and their show hosts until they report these polls

Ron Paul ahead of Obama by more than 3

NOT enough!

we need to copy in advertisers cause your mails will end up in the spam and the e-addy on a blacklist





I think this is the time where we have some power to pressure them!!

Not only to Fox..cause they will just delete our mails but send it to their advertisers copied in! Their viewers are already dropping.

+ this


The romney campaign is one big fraud machine!!

We just need to bring it in a nice format so we can show it all at once to the GOP voters..

Im thinking of al lthe Santorum supporters. How can they not vote for Paul but Romney....?
After seeing thsi + all the other flip and slip ups romney is almsot done. He is just hangs in cause of the media and his money.

The longer this goes the more he shows what he is..a hypocrit flip floping elitist liar