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An Obama Supporter Wakes Up to Ron Paul and Reality - Vid

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Too artsy for me

I didn't like it, but I think it will appeal to lots of other people.

This Guy is So Cute!

OMGosh! Go to the head of the movie industry, but play a part directed by the one who did Ayn Rand's movie! You are hot!

the actor's name

is bradley cooper. he's acted in "the hangover" and "wedding crashers".

Good quality video

And a little different from the rest.

That guy has some well made

That guy has some well made videos I like this one even better


That one is quite a bit better!

If it has not been posted in the videos section yet, please do so!

Yep, it took him just that long...

Time to re-enter reality.

The Democratic Party has always been the party of war.
The slogans Obama sold everywhere were just that, slogans to sell an authoritarian agenda.

But one thing I will say, this is by design and nothing he did is out of character. The whole liberal and neoliberal structure does everything he does, or said he would do, including taking over industry with the banks, and preparing to end the Federal Reserve by nationalizing virtually all companies.

reedr3v's picture

Artistically beautiful. Not sure the motivation

is clear, but the talent is.

Oh funny

Nice video

Thats Cool

Nice work

Yes, concept, production, camerwork ...

overall, pro work.