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Bought First Silver Today

I was browsing yahoo and saw this article:


I thought that my wife would love it so I bought it. I started browsing around and noticed this coin:


I was born in the year of the dragon, and thought it'd be fitting to have my first silverish (1/2oz) coin be that, so again I purchased that coin. I felt kind of guilty for cheating on the good ol' USA, so I went to their mint website. I was pretty disappointed in the absurdly minimal selection, but I decided to settle on this coin:


I know these are kind of pretty much collector coins, but I these prices are pretty cheap (and I also know the Dinosaur one isn't silver...just amazing looking). I kind of have two questions. Why doesn't the US start minting awesome coins like Canada? After these two silver coin collector purchases...what should I start purchasing as investments? I only want to spend maybe like $150ish a month.

Thank you

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Don't Stop

Whatever your budget, keep stacking them up.

For your nay-sayer "friends" who insist on reminding you that silver and gold are "poor investments"... Tell them that you AGREE with them. Static metals are NOT an investment in the sense that they provide entrepreneurs with the means to buy equipment or hire labor to produce a product which can generate income. They are BETTER than an investment. They are a secure savings account AND an insurance policy.

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Im going to buy $500 dollars in silver dimes tommorow from...

Midas Resources.

I like the fact that they sometimes sell below spot to those in the liberty movement if they buy a significant amount before a price rise.


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I live right down the street from Midas

There website does not offer any details about the buying process, and I figured that they only sold in larger amounts. Do you know what their minimum quantity is? I would like to be able to just drive down there each payday and pick up a few coins..

I buy silver

from Provident Metals they have a nice selection and you don't need a minimum order. I wouldn't wait too long to start buying silver because if our economy gets worse silver is going to sky rocket. There is not very much physical silver left. the US Government had 6 billion oz just 30 years ago now nothing.

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Has anyone used "Silver Saver"?

Any opinions? I'm looking for something like silver saver where I can have some liquidity in case I need it.

JP Morgan Silver Manipulation

JP Morgan Silver Manipulation
(And why you need to know why silver is headed up beyond $500/oz.)
Silver Stock Report - by Jason Hommel, April 11, 2012

worth reading, very informative.

You can get a better deal.

You can get a better deal. You can find silver for not much over spot price from some reputable places (they won't be proof coins like the one pictured in the link).

Right now, silver spot price is approximately 32 dollars a troy oz. I just purchased a 5 troy oz silvertowne bar from providentmetals.com at 171 dollars, (just over 34 dollars an oz).

I also hear a lot of good about apmex.com, and I've purchased from them before. I always stay away from "proof" or "numismatic" coins because they cost so much more than spot price. It's kind of a collector's thing, and its also possible to get ripped off. A troy oz of silver is a troy oz of silver.

The silver market got your

The silver market got your cherry today, it only gets better from here friend. Cooool first coin for a cherry popper, as you get older you'll learn it's not looks that turn the trick but performance over the long haul!!!!

Buy junk silver, or hang out a shingle for buying gold and silver and you'll get it at a discount from the word go!

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That Dragon

coin is pretty B-A, but you should really consider going to a coin shop if you want to invest in silver or gold. They may not have attractive coins like that dragon coin, but if you are buying them to preserve the value of your money, it is the way to go. I just bought some 1 oz Silver Eagles for $6 more than that 1/2 oz Dragon coin costs, and $24 cheaper than the 1 oz Silver Eagle from that web page. Try to find a coin shop near you who directly bus in their coins from the U.S. Mint, you'll get those suckers cheaper.
p.s. Next time you buy, check the market to see what silver/gold is going for, and try to buy for anything $4 or less over spot for 1oz of silver, and $70 over spot for 1oz of gold.

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The nearest coin shop is like an hour away, but would definitely be better. I understood that the coins I bought are more of a novelty, and would for sure not continue to purchase them through directly from these mints. The Canadian mint charged me $12 CAD and the US Mint charged me $4.95 USD to ship them to me.

Congratulations! Keep

Congratulations! Keep stacking,you are going to need alot more.