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Ron Paul-To Run Third Party or Not to Run Third Party


"So Holland is essentially saying give us a Ron Paul acceptable VP nominee or whatever or we are likely to stay home. First of all, I’m not voting for Romney under any circumstances, and I suspect a lot of Ron Paul supporters feel the same way. I also highly suspect that a lot of Ron Paul primary voters (which is different than Ron Paul “supporters”) will vote for Romney anyway because they will be seduced by the “anybody but Obama” and “don’t waste your vote” argument that seem to be so persuasive every presidential election cycle. So the actual number of voters who might be up for grabs based on Romney’s overtures is possibly not that significant.

But Holland’s alternative if Romney is insufficiently gracious to Ron Paul seems to be to stay home on Election Day. Would someone please explain to me how staying home, which will be interpreted as apathy, is superior to voting for a third party candidate that you know will not win but that allows you to send a message? What communicates better to the Establishment your political will – one additional vote for the CP or LP nominee or one less vote from the total?"

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if, ron's campaign runs internal polling on a three way matchup and he is garnering 25+%, why wouldn't he run. if the internal polling shows he is pulling 8%, why bother?

3rd Party Is a Sucker's Bet

Ballot access rules - established by the you-know-who two party system - make it a huge uphill battle for anyone but those with large financial backing and a running head start - a la Ross Perot.

Ron's campaign is as much about winning as it is about teaching one of these two parties a lesson: that they and their so-called adversaries on the other side of the aisle have screwed this country to the wall. We know it, you know it, and now we know that you know it and we're not gonna take it any more.


How many times do we need to say this: he's in it to win it! We can do this by taking over the Republican party one day, one month, one year at a time! We will do it! THEY will NOT defeat us! We are LIBERTY!

I agree.....except that I

I agree.....except that I don't know how much of our country will survive if we have to wait 5, 10, 20 years to take over the Republican Party.

liberty lover in Nor Cal!

If it's all bull excrement and rigged, then not participating en

masse, sends the message that the process is not trusted or respected any longer.

In dictatorships, turnout is 100%. You can be "disappeared" for not voting. (of course, you only have one choice there)

Participation allows for a claim of "mandate."

Non-participation takes away from that.

It is much easier to move people to not vote, than to vote 3rd party.

If Ron is not the nominee - I say we push for everyone to stay home.

Let Romney and Obama duke it out with a few million, or even 10 million or more less voters.