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What would you like to ask Mitt Romney? - Diane Sawyer will talk to him Monday

ABC News’ Diane Sawyer will talk to him Monday and could ask your question.

There's some really great ones, which of course, more than likely won't get picked, but it clearly shows that America DOESN'T want him as president.


At the same time, let's flood this 2nd question:
Why we shouldn't vote for mitt romney?



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Ask him..

..if he wants to debate Ron Paul one on one - in Texas!


will you be dropping out of the race and support Ron Paul?

Well.. there's always a chance ;)

Ask him about his hair!

or about the Quantum Theory of Mitt Romney.


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Like most of you have said already, the whole thing will most likely be pre screened. But, can you just IMAGINE, for a healthy chuckle, what it would be like if by some flook it was not!! Lol, did any one recall the non screened live call in CNN did that was FLOODED with Paul supporters? They rotated between Dems., Reps., and Libs., So all the Candidates got coverage, but Paul supporters from all walks took over the whole thing. The look of horror on the talking-heads, was PRICELESS! LOL, just have to laugh a lil more just thinking about it:-)

I'd ask Romney straight up: Who is....

Who is Michael Herzog? That a good friend of yours? You both donated to the Democratic Party a whole lot these past few years, including Obama re-election Committee and the Socialists of America.

Who are you in the pockets for exactly?

Paul, Santorum and most of America don't trust that you aren't really a Democrat Senor Romney.

Why is Health Care something required by law to be forced on you?

Why is nearly all of your speeches given like nonsense copied straight from the DNC?

Do you remember Madelyn

Do you remember Madelyn Rhenisch, the first enrollee in Romneycare? She wants to know why you're against it now...What would you say to her if she was sitting here? (at 2:22 on video) http://www.buzzfeed.com/zekejmiller/the-obama-campaign-celeb...

RP R3VOLution

The campaign will prescreen the questions

Don't expect anything groundbreaking.

This is Diane Sawyer we're talking about, she was barely conscious at the debate she helped moderate.

What are your comparison

What are your comparison thoughts on the current economic disaster threatening to implod the US economy as compared to so called terrorists on foreign soil actually causing the demise of the US? Or are they one in the same? Is the war on terror actually a war on the US economy and whose side are you on?

Sadly, I don't believe he is capable of answering . . .

a valid question with integrity.

So, I wouldn't ask him anything. Wouldn't waste my time. The man has a hard heart; he's nothing but 'fluff'.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Diane Sawyer??? She'll

Diane Sawyer??? She'll probably ask him about what color curtains he would have in the oval office.

I'd say "You're obviously not

I'd say "You're obviously not going to get the nomination, so why keep hanging around? You should do the decent thing and drop out and endorse Ron Paul, the only candidate who can beat Obama!"

Seriously though, expect all the questions to be written by the Obama campaign.

Stop feeding the propaganda machine. Turn off your TV.

I'd ask him why he keeps mentioning the "American Century"

and I'd ask him to reveal what exactly he is alluding to with that, who is behind this idea, and what the American Century entails.

Iwould ask Mitt Romney

if he is as unconcerned about the voters now as he was back in 2008?


Has your upbringing...

...as a silver-spoon elitist made you uniquely qualified to rule?

(That is his attitude...he is an "Expert" and a "High Priest" of Mormonism, which makes him "destined" to rule. The concept of public service is beyond his understanding.)

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Mr. Romney: Why have you agreed with Paul Ryan to "reform" ...

...our "entitlements" like Social Security (which means raising the age of elegibility, raising our taxes and means testing), WHILE CONTINUING TO GIVE AWAY BILLIONS OF U.S. DOLLARS ANNUALLY IN FOREIGN AID?

WILL YOU END ALL FOREIGN AID TO EVERY COUNTRY before cutting a dime out of programs Americans have been forced to participate in?


OK - so you can drop the rat part of it. Afterall it's not fair of me to insult rats.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

The question I personally

The question I personally would like to ask him would be - What have you learned from Ron Paul? As a fellow Mormon I have often wondered about Romney. Is he just another fool that doesn't get it and is in it for power and gain or does he get it and is in it for power and gain? I truly don't understand Romney because our religion is all about free agency everything that Ron Paul is talking about. The Book of Mormon warns about wars. In fact most of the book is about the demise of two great civilizations over wars and secret combinations.

well, Mormons have had the . . .

Book of Mormon for . . . over a century, and there are many, I am sure, who do not read it.

Mainstream Christians (of all denominations) have had the New Testament for about 1400 years longer (at least in its present form, somewhat, not English, certainly)--

and yet "Christians" like Dobson and Bauer, etc.--continue to ignore the message of peace that is taught by Jesus Christ in the New Testament. Why?

They claim to represent Christianity and to be leaders, yet they reject one of the chief messages of Jesus Christ. Mitt Romney claims to be a Mormon and a leader, yet he rejects not only the chief message of Jesus Christ as found in the New Testament, but the warnings in the Book of Mormon about war.

Therefore, he's not real. He's a wolf in sheep's clothing, like Dobson and Bauer and as Santorum was. The sort of devastation caused by the Crusades, which destroyed the lives of 'everyday' Muslims and the foolish young (and old) so-called Christians who went to the "Holy Land" to wreck destruction--

actually benefited a few 'elite', more than likely, or it wouldn't have taken place, because it did no good to 'ordinary' people of any religion.

Those people will always benefit from war and suffering among 'regular' people--

It's no different now, whatever label a person carries. Romney is no different, but he is definitely a wolf in sheep's clothing, and those who "share" his religious beliefs (though I don't believe the man shares anything with anyone) need to see him as a separate phenomena and not allow him to reflect upon their faith any more than those who "share" religious beliefs with Dobson, Bauer, Santorum, and many, many others--

The wolves are baying. Elitists do not have the same religion, whatever their 'brand' as 'regular' people--

and need not be taken seriously by anyone. Wolves. In sheep's clothing, whatever the 'label'.

These men have sold themselves; Romney has certainly gotten a higher price for his soul, as *we* don't see Dobson running for office, and certainly Santorum has not continued to run.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I would think, dear friend,

...that the church elevating this guy to such an exalted position (High Priest of Melchizedek) might cause you to question LOTS of things.

God bless you as you ponder.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

I seem to remember you are one of those who . . .

purports only individual/personal worship and no organized religion, and that is fine; I will certainly not throw a stone at you for that. :)

But, be aware that evil men come in all shapes and sizes (and women, I might add) and from every possible religious denomination.

While it is so tempting to say that this is one of the benefits of having no ties to an organized religion--and thus no chance of being embarrassed by the 'wolves' found in every possible organized religion . . .--

that is a VERY tempting high road--

try to remember that most people who believe in personal/individual worship without the organized religion . . . have branches now because of the roots from trees others planted.

It is so easy to claim that each person who professes individual spiritual responsibility is, somehow, 'pure' of any organized religious contamination--

(even nonbelievers), but, no man/woman really is an island. All of *us* have been influenced, I believe.

It's fine to claim otherwise; I have no stones to throw, but judging each person on his/her own merits is a wiser course than throwing out an entire religious dogma, especially since few personal religionists would be able to claim any sort of spiritual understanding without some nurturing at some point in his/her life--

and few non-believers can claim any sort of moral compass without the work of past philosophers, many of whom have also not achieved perfection, even in their thinking.

God bless you back.

--an organized religionist who sees the holes but stays inside anyway--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

point of information

All worthy males in the LDS church over 18 are given the Melchizedek priesthood, those that are older and more experienced are usually called to be high priests in the church. They assist in the local administration of the church in their neighborhood congregations and stakes. It's quite common. There's a dozen or so called in every congregation.

But yes I too question, given what Romney knows, or should know, about the teachings of Jesus and our understanding of them, how he could possibly be or advocate for the things he does. How he can be right or wrong at times and then totally reverse his position depending on what audience is in front of him or what office he's running for. Is there some kind of disconnect? Has he really deluded himself into thinking what he stands for is morally right? Is he just trying to be "practical" and sacrifice these principles for a supposed "political reality" in which real change cannot take place? Or does he know what he's doing and willfully ignoring the teachings of the church for political power and establishment acceptance? I believe if he truly believed and followed the churches teachings that when he looked in the mirror he'd see Ron Paul smiling back at him. Figuratively speaking of course... We dont have some weird mirror theology, just to be clear lol. But yeah, Ron Paul is what I imagine a true Mormon candidate would be like. Why Romney is so far off I don't know? It's very frustrating and disappointing that he is our church's most public face right now. I'm hoping in the future more liberty minded Mormons will rise up and follow in Dr. Paul's footsteps, I know there are many out there.

Totally agree.

Totally agree. Thanks.

Mr. Romney.

To most Americans you are a member of the 1%, the wealthy bankers clustered around their piggy bank, the Federal Reserve, who caused the financial crisis. You supported the bailout of these people who caused the crisis and you continue to support them because you are one of them and they are the biggest contributors to your campaign.

Why do you think you are electable by the 99%, the Americans who are now paying the price for the actions of the 1% that you supported bailing out when they gambled too much?

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

I got a few questions

To Romney: You said Corporations are people. Why are you not in prison then for mass murders?

You keep saying your better for the job than Obama, so how do you explain that your donors over lap with Obama, and you would have voted to end our freedom? (NDAA)

How do you intend to explain to God on judgement day that you flip flopped on the abortion issue many times, and that you believe you'd be justified in killing His children in the middle east?

Why would you side step the Constitution and call the lawyers?

If the Buffet Rule goes into effect, will you start paying the full tax instead of just a small percentage? And will you also stop hiding money in other countries in secret bank accounts?

Just like Obamas dad, yours was not born in America. Where in the Constitution does that give you the right to be POTUS?

What do you think of all the election/voter fraud going on, and what will you do to correct it right now?

When will you debate Ron Paul? And would you be willing to allow questions only from those that support yourself and Dr.Paul?

Those are a few things I would love to know.

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

Why don't you do the honorable thing and drop out so a true

statesman could be elected? You ought to be ashamed.


Who mows your grass?


I would ask...

Do you have a belly button?

Humans have belly buttons.



I just spit coffee on my keyboard. L. O. L. !!!

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift



"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

question for Mitt Romney

If you were to be the Republican nominee, what on earth could you do to win over Ron Paul's supporters? And you do see, don't you, that without them, you can't succeed?


100 +


Or...The Republican Party Dies (...and THE TRUTH REVOLUTION EXPLODES and you don't want that, G.O.P.? Hmmmmmm?)

You are VERY AFRAID of anyone knowing anything about this, aren't you?



"Good Luck Trying To Win Without Us"


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