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Nassim Taleb/Mark Spitznagel

I wonder what they're thinking. The fund-raiser is about 3 weeks away. Hopefully Dr. Paul's campaign is still around by then. This election is far too important to just give up now. I know I still plan to donate my money in 3 days.

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Wow. You sound negative and downtrodden

Did you want to re-word that, or are you that negative about the campaign? I think things are looking up. Can't you see that?

Yes But Here's Why

On today's Peter Schiff podcast he basically said that Romney won the nomination due to Santorum dropping out. Basically his point was that our best chance was a brokered convention and that it won't happen if Romney collects all of the remaining delegates from this point forward (which Peter predicted would happen).

Don't get me wrong. I absolutely still will do my best to keep hope alive for Dr. Paul. I plan to donate to the 4/15 moneybomb. And I plan to stay active on the Daily Paul. But I will say that I hope Dr. Paul runs 3rd party if he ends up not getting the nomination.

We've always known our best chance was a brokered convention

That's why Ron Paul is so concentrated on acquiring delegates. That has been the plan from the start. He knew what he was up against. We already have more delegates than Romney in several states. Some of the Santorum supporters are coming over and now the Evangelical preachers are coming over. I live in Texas, and you may not realize how influential these preachers are in the southern states.

Why do you think Ron Paul switched from Lutheren to Baptist?

He was raised Lutheren and when he got into politics, he was no dummy. He switched to Baptist..the biggest Protestant church in Texas...and the south.

Baptists have...

...better cookies.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ