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National Movement Launched to Impeach Obama

National Movement Launched to Impeach Obama

Thursday, April 12, 2012Video:
Via Infowars.com's "National Movement Launched to Impeach Obama."

Editor's Note: It is important to hold accountable even the puppets of the global corporate-financier agenda. Conversely, by no means would simply impeaching US President Barack Obama, and then allowing his GOP counterparts to simply take his place upon the puppeteer's stage, rectify anything.

It has been made abundantly clear that there is a singular agenda being devised and disseminated across all parties in every government of the growing Wall Street-London unipolar world order, to then be rubber stamped into law and sold to the public.

Image: Some members of President Obama's cabinet - each associated with the corporations and contrived institutions pictured below them. As we can see, this is a fair representative of the corporate-financier elite, who control not only America's government, but the West's government, regardless of what superficial political clique claims to be in control.....

In Obama's case, his cabinet is packed with representatives of the exact same interests lining his predecessor's cabinet as well as the omnipresent think-tanks that churn out US foreign and domestic policy to be rubber stamped regardless of who is in office in either the Congress or the White House. Obama has demonstratively continued and in many cases expanded upon the agenda of his predecessors...Watch video & more>>