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Photos: Dr. Paul & the R3VOLution, and America's REAL Future - R3VOL Kids Greet Dr. Paul!

Okay if your heart don't become a mushy marshmallow after viewing the following set of photographs, you're even too tough for this gun guy.D

Ron Paul, the kids’ choice for president

Ron Paul and America's youth

Throughout the Republican presidential primaries, Ron Paul has done well with young Americans, drawing thousands to his Youth for Ron Paul rallies. However, some of his young fans are still a few years shy of heading to the polls.

(Photo gallery)

I distinctly remember the following one, watching CSPAN meet & greet coverage portion of the event. Can't recall, it's one of the earlier states, either IA, NH, or SC. I'm leaning NH:


As most of y'all know, kids SENSE people and are excellent judge of character. Most, if raised properly, would NEVER allow themselves to be even near some stranger that they sense to be dangerous. But the red-headed girl posing with her mother, reached up to grab the Doc's hand, as if in an outreach gesture of protective Grandpa comfort.

There's no denying. The Doc's good soul simply resonates!

Mushy, mush.)

PS. And, what other POTUS candidate in history can do this and be 1000% genuine and be in good spirits about it?

RP making silly faces with kids:


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