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Media cheers "humiliating" North Korea incident while silent on American drone crashes

Every single DailyPauler is well aware that the American media bombards the public with demented propaganda, but I believe this North Korea missle incident is a good opportunity to demonstrate the perverted agenda of the media to our friends not yet awake. The American public should be downright ashamed of the mlitary actions by our government.

Personally I think the American media has penis envy about the control the North Korean regime has over the people. The 6 media conglomerates and the associated puppet journalists strive every single day to give the Obama regime this control.


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You can't but help feel bad

You can't but help feel bad for North Koreans

An entire populace imprisoned by a government who's main export is threats and main import is free foreign aid

What North Korea says

and what they actually do have always been two different things. I heard there are assumptions that this whole satellite mission was just a cover to test missles able to carry a nuke. Oh well, one more nuclear catastrophy in Japan won't be that much of a deal. What does actually happen if you nuke a nuclear plant? Sounds interesting... #sacrasm
I would actually prefer Iran developing a nuclear bomb over North Korea getting one in striking distance.

I don't think they're thát

I don't think they're thát insane. They'd be wiped off the map even before that rocket hits the plant.

And Japan and the West has ships in the area. For all we know the launch went flawlessly but it was shot out of the air? But it just exploding by accident kind of fits what we know about North Korea.

Well.. it IS pretty Austin

Well.. it IS pretty Austin Powers-type-funny. You mentioning penis-envy makes it even funnier.

But N-Korea is no laughing matter. Insane country. I hope this speeds up the downfall of the regime there.

Of course

the next time gubberment wants to expand the police state or spend billions on new weapons, we will be told how we should fear these guys. I agree that our politicians are jealous of how much control the "ill family" has over the sheeple there.

"Personally I think the

"Personally I think the American media has penis envy about the control the North Korean regime has over the people."

Lot of truth in that!