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Jonathan Karl of ABC News has no position on whether we should have gone to war with Iraq!

Jonathan Karl, ABC News TV commentator and reporter, first states that he has no position on whether we should have gone to war with Iraq! Later, it turns out that he has a position, but he will not share it with us. Why do he and other journalists first say they have no position? After 10 years of the USA having made this decision he still feels uncomfortable sharing his reasoning and analysis for this position. How can we learn lessons of history if the people that report, analyze and comment on political events will not share their opinions(at least with me)? Why are they happy to share their opinions in other venues? How can we know what is the right policy if we cannot examine the reasoning they use to support their public policy positions? Part three.


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you know what?

Jan is absolutely right.

the reasoning for the way these 'journalists' think matters because the questions they ask their interviewees are structured in a way as to shape an opinion in the audience's mind.

I would like to thank Jan for doing these interviews.

The slogan press on has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race. No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.

- Calvin Coolidge

Worst Interview

He has SO many better ones. This one is really bad. Yes its slightly funny that the interviewee cannot admit that he has personal opinions but shouldn't disclose them on live television or even to Jan for that matter. If you want to see real political hypocrisy browse through his other videos. He has some REALLY good ones. This is by far his worst interview.

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I think you mean not as good.

I think you mean not as good. Right?

Jan Helfeld

These Jan things always leave me laughing

He can really get some big ones on the hook and keep them there. I think he participates in some mind games, like he puts them in their place. It's obvious that the people he interviews do not stand on principle and it's easy to see - why they get tripped up. If you don't like to see his interviews, just skip it!

I frowned at this the first time I saw it

and having seen this video months before today, I am disgusted that it takes its place on the front page of the Daily Paul once again.

Whatever Karls' or Helferd's views are, this video only shows me that Karl has conducted himself professionally and Helferd, in contrast, has been an unprofessional journalist. While Karl (as a journalist) has a duty to report impartially what goes on, he has no obligation to disclose his personal views to anyone, but he does have the right to choose who to disclose those views to. Frankly, after watching this video, I'd be much less inclined to share MY own personal views with Helferd, and commend Karl for exercising his rights.

Indeed, isn't this what we, the supporters of Ron Paul, are about - to have the freedom to choose our views, and the right to do whatever we want (within reason) with that information, including who to share it with? If, Mr Helferd, you do not understand this concept, then I as a free person would seriously question your contribution to this site.

I believe in the freedom to be what we choose to be.

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You did not see this video months before

You did not see this video months before. Admit the truth. He did give his opinion, he has no position on the war with Iraq. Do you think he lied?

Jan Helfeld

I must confess that I like seeing these videos.

I sure hope I don't offend anyone but I must say that I love seeing these videos. I would not have ever heard about this guy had it not been for the Daily Paul and frankly it is awesome seeing a real reporter post stories about the fake media. He exposes them with such kindness. He is polite to them when they are talking down to him but he always gets his story.

I for one hope these stories continue.

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Thank you for your support and praise.

Thank you for your support and praise.

Jan Helfeld

Get your own website Jan!

WOOPDIE F***kin doo. I'm so sick of seeing jan hanfeld on the front page when there are way more important things happening. For example, Ron Paul will visit an ivy league college...... Cornell university.....in 4 days. Someone who has the authority please put real issues on this website.......PLEASE!!!!!

Don't watch them, if you don't like them.

I like the videos. This is Michael Nystrom's website, and it's between Jan and Michael.

I'm sick of seeing your whining.

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Did you see John King admit the people are tired of the wars ?

Did you see my interview with Wolf Blitzer when I got him to admit the truth about Paul; or the one with John King were he admited the people are tired of the wars?

Jan Helfeld

I agree. We're wasting valuable space with this guy.

Helfeld has a website where he sells interviews for $12 a pop.

We need this space for things that matter and that will lead to a Ron Paul victory.

Ignore the media's lies and propaganda.

That goes for you too.

You made your point more than once.

How about you just not watch the video, if you don't like it?

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I got Wolf Blitzer to admit the truth about Paul

Did you see my interview with Wolf Blitzer when I got him to admit the truth about Paul; or the one with John King?

Jan Helfeld

Quit Jan

Why does the DP keep putting this Jan guy's videos on the front page. It's embarrassing.

Oh, so it's supposed to make us all feel good when Jan thinks he's embarrassing his subject (i.e. enlightening us)? It doesn't. Jan just embarrasses himself. This Jan guy is a flat thinker, a boring thinker, and contributes nothing. I'm embarrassed FOR anyone who likes his tired water-logged line of questioning. Stop highlighting his stuff on this site.

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Would you like to get interviewed?

Would you like to get interviewed?

Jan Helfeld

I despise journalists who

I despise journalists who think they are immune to questions and answers. They have the authority to shove that camera in your face and then manipulate the answers however they see fit, either by editing the clip to take it out of context, or put their own spin on the answers to fit their agenda. People should not be ok with giving journalists a free pass when reporting, because they are never neutral. They can't be unless they're some kind of robotic freak of nature. The public SHOULD know the opinions of those who do the reporting, because it influences their entire message, and in turn, influences the listener. It's a big cop-out to say 'I don't have one, i'm just a reporter'. It's somewhat similar to a message posted on the internet, you never know the real motivation of the person posting it.

I commend Jan for hounding these talking heads to get the truth. Journalistic integrity vacated shortly after journalism began. My only question is, how does Jan continue to get these people to do interviews? They all seem to be pretty agitated by the time it's over. lol

I respect Karl for being a

I respect Karl for being a neutral journalist. There should be more like him.

1. Jan Helfeld is the worst!

1. Jan Helfeld is the worst! He misrepresents Ron Paulers as annoying and intrusive.
2. Demanding an opinion from someone who doesn't want to give it is a waste of time.
3. Does Jonathan Karl's opinion change anything? People who have convictions like John Stossel are self motivated, whores like Karl don't make a difference.
4. I'm still trying to figure out the significance of this interview.

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I don't recall ever representing Ron Paulers as annoying and

I don't recall ever representing Ron Paulers as annoying and intrusive because that is not my view.
Can you cite a single example? I think this is a baseless accusation.

Jan Helfeld

Agree with this quite a lot -

Agree with this quite a lot - He misrepresents Ron Paulers as annoying and intrusive.

I Think he would make his point better by asking once and then maybe commenting with his oppinion on the persons stance.

But I still like him showing that it is very wierd, that all the TV hosts are so afraid of declaring their possition.

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a baseless accusation

I don't recall ever representing Ron Paulers as annoying and intrusive because that is not my view.
Can you cite a single example? I think this is a baseless accusation.

Jan Helfeld

My oppinion

Jan Helfeld can be so anoying, his interviews often remind me of the FreeKeeners activism on youtube.

Nevertheless, I still think it's educational and doing more good them harm. So I thank you for it Jan.

He's Ali G with a PhD

I wish he'd ask a wider variety of questions though.

I think Mr. Karl's responses

I think Mr. Karl's responses are disingenuous at best.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

I always cringe for the

I always cringe for the people at the other end of his mic..
Is that bad?

This is another weak Jan Helfeld interview.

It must be a slow day on the DP when this is a feature. Helfeld has only three questions in his toolbox and he repeats them ad nauseum.

What's next? Are we going to see Jan drinking water after an interview and chatting with bystanders?...Oh wait, we've seen that already.

Jan, if you want to make a difference, why don't you ask the tough questoins about the media's Ron Paul blackout, their support for war with Iran, and their lies and propaganda about the middle east?

Ignore the media's lies and propaganda.

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Did you see my interview with Wolf Blitzer when I got him to adm

Did you see my interview with Wolf Blitzer when I got him to admit the truth about Paul; or the one with John King?

Jan Helfeld

Jonathan Karl is right

1) As a reporter, he is not required to have a political opinion.
2) His personal opinions are nobody's else business. Individual liberty respects privacy.
3) Karl cannot pre-judge his work. It is like asking Supreme Court judges or nominee, what they think about specific issues. Then they cannot rule on them. Similarly, Karl would limit his excess to people.

Can we grow some balls and go after trade unions instead?


He is politically correct thereby giving up his 1st Amendment for a paycheck.

Yet, being a so-called member of the press he has failed his duties and responsibilities to the people and himself and his friends and family imo. May God have mercy on him.

Having no opinion on war, is being in agreement with war from my view.




I am not sure you are dreaming or not. Only public officials have "duty and responsibilities" to public. As a private citizen working for a private company Karl is completely free to lie or say the truth. You are completely free to watch, switch the channel or turn the tube off.

That would be the same under Ron Paul's free-market as well.


That Karl guy could not even look into the camera lol

People like Karl only hurt themselves in the long run by towing the line regarding opinions in such situations. ie. such a mentality always spills over into one's personal life as I have seen from my experiences.


I would be happy with our

I would be happy with our corporate media fully representing the facts and keeping their views and opinions to themselves. When they express an analysis it is always in support of their corporate sponsors. We could use less of there opinions. We can't even get a complete broadcast from a statesman without them interrupting the speech so they can tell you how to interpret your own thoughts about what is being said.

I could care less about Jonathon Karl's opinion

This makes us look desperate and does not help our cause

These interviews don't really make any sense and give Ron Paul supporters a bad name. They in no way help bring a positive perception to the revolution. If I showed this to anyone who is not a bias Paul supporter they would laugh at the guy asking the questions. We should concentrate on winning delegates and not hasseling media pundits with dumb questions. Most of the time it is the producers that come up with the questions and spin anyways. So actually, if you can get on a pundit's good side (as Ron Paul has done through good character and honesty) then you can some times break through the spin. We should treat others and even our enemies as we would want to be treated. If they say something that is wrong or continually leave out something by all means correct them in a way we would want to be corrected. But trying to intrapt them based on what they believe as an individual is wrong. I believe the guy is absolutely justified in not taking a stance on Iraq. His job is to simply report what is happening.


We ARE desperate. Since our bad government (right and left) is a mere reflection of people we have become, we are low on numbers who are truly with ideas of personal liberty and free-market.

As a result, we have a cross over from anti-war progressives, anti-NWO Alex Jones crowd, home-grown & foreign-born anti-Semites, unemployed & students of all sorts. The level of anxiety and intolerance is so high that I have hard time to recruit people for Ron Paul. As soon as they start reading some writings in pro-RP you-tube and media comments section, they tell me "RP supporters are not much better than progressives in their desire to jam their newly discovered 'truth' through throats of others."

Ok, don't everybody attack me at once...

but I truly don't get this. I think Mr Helfeld has been tireless and courageous in his interviews, however I am failing to understand why we keep pressing other journalists on their personal point of views on these subjects? I can see asking questions, about why the questions they asked were asked (... or perhaps better yet, why certain questions were not asked), but I really don't care what their personal opinion is .... is there some reason I should? I am not being a smart ass, perhaps a little slow today.... but just pondering out loud! Your thought's appreciated... by the way, I love the stuff with Michael Steele ....awesome!

"I don't know if the world is full of smart men bluffing
or imbeciles who mean it."


we've only been an infowar with the mainstream media for several years now.

they're all bought and paid for schills.

yes. i'm referring to the people, you described as journalists.

"why keep pressing other journalists"


I am already aware of all this...

My point is/was How many "journalists" or "schills" (if you prefer!), are we going to keep asking the same questions, and to what end?
ie: What is the point? It's not going to change them... we already know they are corrupt to the core (old news). What progress "for Liberty" are we making? It seems an unproductive path to pursue.

"I don't know if the world is full of smart men bluffing
or imbeciles who mean it."

who is we?we the Paul

who is we?

we the Paul supporters? sure. WE know it.

but jeez, if ALL of us know it, all being the good people of this country, then how the hell does the media still hold sway over so many people?

obviously, all of us do not know it. just a tiny group, aka the ron paul supporters.

so in order to reach more people and show them that the media is at best, worthless, and at worst, liars, then we need all sorts of videos exposing this.

while not for everyone, Jan is playing an important role. Some people can appreciate this type of interview.

i send these youtubes from Jan to certain friends, and it gets the dialogue going.

i guess some people prefer cat videos.

to each his own.

if this seems unproductive, then what can i say, what the fuck are you doing? let's shine a light on your accomplishments.

what exactly makes your strategy, or whatever you want to call it, so great?

it's not like we have an over abundance of Jan's running around pinning reporters down.

we all have our roles.

now piss off.


That was harsh! I have not been rude or nasty with you, just having a discussion. Why the "ruthless type" response? I have also pointed out that I like some of the things Jan has done. It seems you are so angry with anyone who dare's to offer a critique, that you go right into attack mode. We are playing for the same team you know.... can't we have a difference of opinion, and discuss it like adults. If you will not use a little diplomacy, and restraint in your anger... please don't bother responding.

"I don't know if the world is full of smart men bluffing
or imbeciles who mean it."

Agree. We're not getting

Agree. We're not getting anywhere with these questions.

When a reporter has an opinion, and it's clearly evident, we get the sense that all his questions are a way to prove his own point, rather than actually listen and consider what the respondent is saying. This is why news reporters don't express opinions. Their goal is to present perspective(S) --- plural. A reporter with an agenda is unable to do this job, because all he can really do is present his singular perspective and use the interview format as a platform.

If reporters all voiced their opinions all the time, they would sound a lot like... Jan Helfeld. He's using his interview subjects as props. Just turn towards the camera and say what you're trying to say, rather than going through this elaborate interview charade.



What Is The Point In Attacking Carl?

Don't we already know what the media pundits are like? Wouldn't our energies be best used to find better and better ways to win people and voters over for the cause of liberty.

However, remember one thing here folks, even though most of us know about the ways of the mass media and their useful idiots like Carl, this site has multiple forums for us to express ourselves and to make comments based on those forum threads.


....Yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk ...wo..wo..wo..wo...wo..

Translation: It's a good

Translation: It's a good thing when I stick a microphone in the face of a public figure and demand to know what he thinks on an issue but it's a travesty when you stick a microphone in my face and demand to know what I think.

Always well done interviews

Jan has such well crafted arguments and questions. He drags out truth kicking and screaming, even if he doesn't get a direct answer. I think of him as a philosopher journalist, and would feel a whole lot better if we had a bunch more like him.

The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. - Heinlein

The philosophic revolution...Jan Helfeld ROCKS!

this is amazing. the main reason society is crumbling, in my opinion, is because of the philosophic contradictions -- the philosophic tug of war between opposing values systems -- that are tearing people apart inside at the individual level, and hence tearing society as a whole apart collectively.

Jan Helfeld's interviews basically just force people to reanalyze the premises of their belief systems, most of which tend to have inherent contradictions that self-destruct their own arguments. For example: a Democrat supporting big government when it comes to welfarism and regulating the economy, but AGAINST big government when it comes to civil liberties. Or a Republican being AGAINST big government when it comes to regulating the economy, but FOR government when it comes to the police state, civil liberties, and policing the world.

The Ron Paul Revolution represents a PHILOSOPHIC REVOLUTION, where people are finally seeing beyond the fog of their contradictory belief systems and seeking a fluid, consistent, and vibrant philosophy for life. We all have philosophies, whether you liked the subject in college or not.

The question is: do the values that define your philosophy create a self-sustaining value system? Or do they comprise a self-destructive, inherently contradicting set of beliefs that lead to the detriment of society?


Take the Red Pill at www.redpillphilosophy.com New Videos, Articles, and More!

You say it best...when you say nothing at all...

This is an excellent example of how the false self of Jon Karl is beating back his true self. Clearly he has an opinion...it's just that his opinion is inconsistant with what the establishment has directed him to promote. The more "journalists" that are captured on camera making such obsurd statements the more people will wake up. Hopefully...

He is so scared, but just

He is so scared, but just doesn't want to admit it.


they desrve to squirm they dont represent HONEST reporting . i like jan hes showin u who they are soon as they off script they flounder